Monday, January 17, 2011

Nakshatra Transit rule from KP astrology

I am providing the very important transit rule from KP system with a example for getting a loan:

In Transit any planet passing through the nakshatra of the planet placed in 6th House will bring him approval and timing of loan.
eg. Suppose Jupiter is in 6H, any planet in Transit passes through Punervasu, Vishaka, Purva Bhadra (stars of jupiter) will get him loan.

Now if this planet is in 4H, get through mother, if 11H than friend, etc.

If there is no planet in 6H check the lord of the house.

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel.
(The above rule i got directly from a famous KP expert and used by many many KP experts)

This principle is mentioned in Advanced Steller Astrology Volume II by Jyothish  Marthand Sri K.S.Krishnamurti. (1960 edition) Page 6-7 is the following :

Suppose there is the planet in the sign.Then, the planet is the source of light. It indicate the source of result which the native enjoys by its nature, ownership, etc.

If the planet is lord of  1, he gains by its own efforts and influence. If it is the lord of 3, through brother or publication, he gains or losses, depending on the sub. If it is the lord of 4, through mother or matters signified by the 4th house, he has that result. If it is lord of 5, through speculation, music or children , he enjoys the result. Thus the planet who transits or the planet whose period is running, shows how one gets the result, how a result is brought about., etc.

The sign and its lord indicate the extent to which one can enjoy as it shows whether the planet is strong or weak.

The lord of constellation is that which shows the nature of the result, i.e. to which house the lord of constellation is the owner. Then the matter signified by those houses will manifest.

Suppose the lord of the constellation owns the house 3 and 10 i.e., Mars to Aquarius-borns or Venus to Leo- borns.

Then the planet in Mars constellation [Mrigshira, Chitra, Dhanista] to Aquarius-borns or in Venus constellation [Bharni, Purva Phalgun, Purva Shada] to Leo- borns shows that one corresponds, interview [3H]  or make a short journey [3H] for a job [10H]. 
Then the favorable or unfavorable  SUB denotes whether he will be successful or not.

When ? It will be in the co-joined period of planet, star lord and sub lord.

Further, a planet in the Sub of an evil planet indicate loss, difficulty or failure whereas the same planet in the same star in the Sub of benefic promises success, gain and pleasure.

The lord of constellation may indicate the matter of 7th house.
The planet in the Sub of a malefic causes enmity whereas that in the Sub of benefic brings in harmony and happiness. Also the planet in the Sub of a evil one threatens loss in litigation whereas that in the Sub of benefic denotes victory even though the constellation lord denotes litigation.
If the planet indicates business, the start governs by this planet shows business, the planet in the beneficial Sub promises profit whereas that in the Sub of evil one threaten loss.

The lord of constellation may show any one walk of life to the native. It is the Sub which decides whether the areas is advantageous or not and thereby indicates whether the planet occupying or transiting therein will offer desirable results or adverse ones.


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Unknown said...

Hi, Can you please clarify whether transit of any planet brings about the result of the constellation being transited or its only the transit of dasha planets through the constellations that actually gives the result indicated by constellation lord