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Amavasya Birth.

I wrote this article under some discussion on Amavasya births.

Dear All,

Here i am producing some compilation regarding to the topic.

I} Planet + planet combination [i have compiled from R G Rao nadi book]

Sun + Moon : Native mind will be inclined towards self realisation. He will have knowledge of politics.
Disease is Migrane (aspected by Sani\rahu)

Sun + moon + mars :
Native may be interested in Technical subjects or agro technical fields.
Father's brother will stay at distance place.

Sun + Moon + Mercury : native will be learned and may have foreign skills.
Native is intelligent but not stable in his thinking.

Sun + moon + jupiter : Helps parents - Son gets influencial help and earns fame in migrated place.

Sun + moon + venus : Native will have good oppurtunity of beautiful house and plenty of water.

Sun + Moon + saturn :
May live apart from children.

Sun + Moon + Rahu :
Native's family dangers to male progeny.

Sun + moon + ketu :
Native gains through standing green crops in abundant land.
One of his progeny follows either madical practice or preaches metaphysics.

Moon + Sun + mars : Native will have mental unrest due to constant struggle to get name and fame.

Moon + sun + mercury : Native will have change the subject of education or place of education.

Moon + sun + jupiter : Native may have change of place of residence connected with authorities.

Moon + sun + venus : Native will have financial and landed benefits from authorities after change of place.

Moon + sun + saturn : The family had peace and prosperity only after native fixed in profession.

Moon + sun + rahu : Native may have some foreign travel influence either from government or father.

Moon + sun + ketu : Native may get blames and hurdles from authorities and may cause problems to father.

From Sarawali :

SUN - MOON YOGA. One, who has the Sun and Moon together will be at the disposal of his
wife (or females), immodest, be a metallurgist (can be interpreted also, as able to deceive), will be quite wealthy and be an expert in sale of intoxicants.

Conjunctions of three Planets.

Should the Sun, the Moon and Mars be together at birth, the native will be bereft of shame, be sinful, will have knowledge of machinery, will destroy enemies, be brave and will be expert in any kind of work.

If the Sun, Moon and Mercury are together, the native will be splendourous, very intelligent, will be fond of arts, assembly and drinks, be in royal service and bold.

Should the Sun, Moon and Jupiter be in one House; the native will be given to anger, be cunning, expert in service, intent on going to foreign places, be intelligent and fickle minded.

Should the Sun, Moon and Venus be in one House at birth, the native will steal others money, will be a debaucher and be expert in Shastras.

If the Sun, Moon and Saturn be together in one House, the native will be lustful, be expert in arguments, be a dunce, be at the disposal of others and be poor.

II} Planet + House combination [i have compiled from 'LK' Lal-Kitab]

As per LK, Sun governs age and moon governs wealth.

Sun + moon In house No. 1 : A high revenue official. May have sudden death.

Sun + moon In house No. 2 : Exalted effect of both. Respect and promotion in Govt. Woman may cause conflict and cause losses\defeat.

Sun + moon In house No. 3 :
Lucky for himself but selfish. Sudden conflicts with women resulting in losses\defeat.

Sun + moon In house No. 4 : A wealthy king. All wordly conforts including vechicle (if H.NO. 10 is blank). If saturn in H.No. 10, death in day time because of water.

Sun + moon In house No. 5 : Life long comforts. Lucky from the day of conception.

Sun + moon In house No. 6 : If there is no companion evil planet, each gives its own effect. If H.No.2 is blank, discomfort to parents. If rahu\ketu in H.NO.2, life may not be long.

Sun + moon In house No. 7 & 8 : both planet will show their individual effect.

Sun + moon In house No. 9 : Support from mother will be of high order, good results are seen, Religious voyage at the age 20.

Sun + moon In house No. 10 :
Individual effect of each planet.

Sun + moon In house No. 11 :
Age is shorten to 9 years, but if native does not eat meat will have long life.

Sun + moon In house No. 12 : Again result will be of individual planet but sun will be more prominent.

Lk says that moon is active in H.No. 1 to 6th house and dormant(sleeping) in 7 to 12th house.
Still in all cases sun will be in more strength and more benefit to males.
If venus, or (rahu, ketu or saturn) is in H.No.4 or 5 than there will be opposition from female sex,Discomfort and adversity in day and night even native is rich. [here 4th is moon house and 5th is sun's house so presence of enemy planet has ruin this yoga completetly]

Sarawali :

1) If the Sun and Moon occupy the Ascendant, the native will suffer grief regarding parents, will be devoid of honour, sons and wealth, be insulted and miserable.
2) If the Sun and Moon join in the 4th Bhava, the native will be deprived of relatives, happiness and sons, will suffer penury and will be a great dunce.
3) If the Sun and Moon join in the 7th Bhava, he will be devoid of friends and sons and be insulted by females.
4) If the Sun and Moon join in the 10th Bhava, he will possess a beautiful physique, be an Army chief, be endowed with the quality of Rajas, or passion, be unkind, crooked and will destroy his enemies.

5) If the 9th House is occupied by Jupiter and aspected by both the Sun and the Moon, he will be blessed with plentifulness (of all things), be devoted to his parents, be famous, be equal to a king and will have plurality of wives.

6) If the Sun and the Moon are together in the 9th, the native will have a short life, will
be afflicted by eye diseases, be rich fortunate and fond of quarrels.

7) Should the Moon be in the 7th along with the Sun, or the Moon being in the 5th in aspect to, or in the company of the Sun, one will obtain issue through an unmarried girl.

III} Lagna Based combinations:

Bhavarth Ratnakar:

1. A Sun-Moon combination confers rajayoga.
2.When Sun is in lagna and Moon in Cancer, the native enjoys a rajayoga.
3.Sun will become a yogakaraka when aspected by Jupiter; the same can't be said
for Venus when she is aspected by Jupiter.

1.)Moon is capable of producing a yoga when posited in Leo and aspected by
either Jupiter or Mercury.
2.)Moon in lagna isn't very auspicious, and will afflict other dhana yogas present
in the chart.

Despite being the lord of 2nd, Moon isn't a maraka.

When Moon is in lagna, rajayogas are produced when either Mars is in Capricorn, Saturn is in Libra, or Sun is in Aries.

A Sun-Moon-Venus association will bring in lots of wealth during the Sun dasa.

When Sun, Moon and Mercury are in lagna, with Mars and Venus in Sagittarius, the native will be replete with wealth.

For other Lagna there is no reference in 'BR' related to this topic.

IV} Tithi :
From Mansagri:

Chaturdarshi (14th) : Wealthy, Religious, Veer, Popular and has honour in king's court.

Amavasya : Jeolous, secretly disposed, wise & Kutil.

Pratipada :Having Bad company, poverty, black spot to the family lineage.

V} Remedies for Amavasya Birth.


1-9. The Sage Parasara said. O Maitreya! The person, born on Amavasya, is always poverty stricken. It is therefore essential to adopt remedial measures to obtain relief from the evil effects of such births, which are, as follows. Take a Kalash (water vessel) and then put in it fresh leaves of Goolar (wild fig), Vata (banyan), Pipal, mango and Neema (mango) trees and cover it with two pieces of cloth. Then install the Kalash in the South-West direction after reciting … etc. and … etc. Mantras. Then worship the idols of Sürya and Candr, ruling deities of Amavasya, made of gold and silver, mixed with copper, respectively, by recitation of … etc.
Mantras for Sürya and … etc. Mantras for Candr 16, or 5 times. Thereafter perform Havan
with 108, or 28 oblations of the mixture of prescribed fuels (…) and cooked food (Charu) with recitation of Mantras of Sürya and Candr. Later sprinkle the water on the child, that is born and his parents and offer in charity gold, silver and a black cow together with feeding the Brahmins, according to ones means. By performing these remedial rites the child born gains freedom and protection from the evil effects of the birth on Amavasya.

Vijay Goel


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I have one question , what is the effect to husband if a boy marries a girl born on amavasya day ,boy was born on purvashadha 4 padam it is a sandhi Nakshatram between purvashadha and Moola

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hi ,
i born in amavaysa wednesday deepavali swathi nakshatra is their any effect ?

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I was born on Nov9th 1969 I.e Sunday deepavali amavasya when I am going to settle in my life

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Hey,I was born on 26th september 1992 ,Saturday amavas.I really want to know when I m going to get a job and whether there is any chances of going out of india or not

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Hello sir, I was born on 28 January 1998 at 8 am amavasya, friday in jabalpur MP, it was also raining. I want to know Whether I will gain more success or fall in my life also at what age


I born on Thursday. 16/03/61 at 3.20 am tithi was Chaitri Amvasya.Next day was Gudhi padwa I got my exact birth date at the age 57.Birth at Mumbai.