Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Bookworm and Mercury Ketu

Book + Worm = Mercury + Ketu

A person unusually devoted to reading and study.  

Arastu Prabhakar विजय साहब।।।।उपरोक्त combination में बुक worm तो नही हो सकता । हैं एग्रीकल्चर, law से जुड़ा हो सकता है साथ ही प्रेमविवाह की प्रचुर संभावना होती है।

Veejay Goel law ke judna bhi bookworm ki nishani hai :)

Arastu Prabhakar Not essentially so।।।
The word book worm is aptly used for one hitting the nail over book...This combination is often found in mediocre education level.

Veejay Goel yeah... only book-worm tendency is not enough for excellency in education...
Forget-fullness is also the effect of this combo...
This combo in 7- 8th house can give actual worms in stomach... and in upper part of horoscope worms in head...
worm which comes out from egg is denoted by this combo...

Veejay Goel Since many times people with this combo are fond of collecting books.... there is possibilities that books could be eaten by worms... :)

Muhammad Imran (y) "Book + Worm = Mercury + Ketu" this is a great keyword representation.

Veejay Goel This is a multidimensional representation.


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