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Angaraka yoga and Vijayi yoga

Dear Santoshji,
I have read that in Mars + Rahu conj - If the deg of Rahu is more that Mars then it is known as Angaraka yoga.
If Mars degree is more than Rahu ( that means it has already transited Rahu and is not in or approaching its mouth ) then it is known as Vijayi yoga.
Is this wrong? As earlier also in some thread there were dissenting notes on this.
Please let me know.
Thanks & Regards
Chiranjiv Mehta

Respected Chiranjiv ji and members,

Hare Rama Krsna,

I am producing the two chart  from my clientele suitable for the topic .

Chart 1
Natal Chart
Date:          May 29, 1971
Time:          10:45:00
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         75 E 49' 00", 26 N 55' 00"
               Jaipur, India

Karka Lagna:
Mars + Rahu in 7H, Mars 18 deg makar, Rahu 23 deg makar.

Mars is moving towards the mouth of Rahu so Angakarak yoga.

Dasa Running Venus\Rahu : In this dasa he started a new career as advised by me, continuously progressing step wise, crushing all opponents  but  just few days before he had miraculous victory in this business. Presently he is very happy man.
(business is of Industrial nature)
Here i think this Yoga seems like Victory yoga to me practically.

Chart 2.
Natal Chart
Date:          July 25, 1971
Time:          5:38:40
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         76 E 39' 00", 28 N 37' 00"
               Jhajjar, India

Karka lagna :
Mars + Rahu in 7H, Mars retro 27 deg makar, Rahu 21 deg makar.

Here Mars is out of grip of Rahu so it could be Vijayi yoga, Victory yoga.

Dasa Running Mars\Rahu : This person also started a new business as per my guidance 2-3 years back and earned a lot above to all expectation like a lottery win, At that time it was like a U-turn in his life.
Now on the advent of this dasa he is at the stage of total closure of his business. though i warned him many time earlier and to overcome his weakness but fate is fate.
(Business is Industrial in nature.)

Practically it seem like a Angaraka yoga where due to ego, anger and boasting he is at the fall.


Just for inference :
Practically it is not working here.
I have considered this combo while providing my consultation but not as Angakara yoga and Vijayi yoga.
I have interested in these terminology and if more example are provided and we can have some definite meanings to it.

I hope these will help and learned members will put their views.

Vijay Goel


Friday, December 17, 2010

Results of Antardasa of the Yogakarak in the Mahadasa of a functional Malefic

Respected all members,

Hare Rama Krsna,

What happens when the Mahadasa is of malefic planet and antardasa of the Yogakarak (functional benefic) planet Vimsottari dasa is running in the  horoscope. ?
As many time stated by Sri K N Rao in its writing that it is exceedingly bad. There are quotes in Laghu parasari book, now which i am not able to reproduce here.

Here I am posting the example.

Natal Chart

Date:          December 22, 1967
Time:          5:46:00
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         72 E 50' 00", 19 N 11' 00"
               Malad, India

This person faced huge losses in the Vimsottari period Mars Mahadasa Jupiter Antardasa. He is just throw out from his established career and now is in debts.

Vimsottari Dasa:
 Mars MD:  2008-02-13  -  2015-02-12
  Jup AD:  2009-07-29  -  2010-07-05

Here Mars is exalted 6th lord in 3rd House, Jupiter is 5L with 9L Moon in 10th house. Mars and jupiter are in 6-8 axis.

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel

From Senior astrologer Gopal Goel Sahab.

Dear Sir,

Kindly refer to a classic:
Laghu Parasar Verse 37 and 38
" During the Maha dasa of functional malefic , the results are invariably
unfavorable in the Antar dasa of functional benefic if both are unrelated

( that is that they do not have four kinds if relationship)

If this benefic antar dasa lord has Sambandha with malefic dasa lord ,
the results will be mixed -some time good ans some time bad.

If such a antar dasa lord is  yogakarka , and also unrelated to malefic
dasa lord , the results will be very repeat very adverse.

The Sambandha are of four category:
.1 Conjunction 2. exchange 3. Mutual aspect and 4 Ekantar aspect.


[ Vijay : Here Ekantar aspect means one side aspect]

DEAR friends,

Laghu Parasari Verse 32 clearly says :
In the dasa of angular lord ( in this case Mars) , the antar dasa of trine
Lord ( in this case Jupiter) will give adverse results if they are not in
sambandhha (there is no sambandha between Jupiter and Mars).

Over and above :
!. Mars is in debility in Navamsa and placed in 8H
2. 6HL in exaltation is bad
3. Both signs of jupiter is badly afflicted
4. Jupiter is aspected by Rahu and Mars


Saturday, December 04, 2010

Dharmi Tewa or Pious Horoscope In lal kitab

Respected Finn ji,

Hare Rama Krsna,

" This story, if true, is a perfect example of Dharmi Tewa, don't you think?"

Dharmi Tewa don't indicate  enlighten souls, nor a parameter to says that these combination make sure to get enlightenment.

The main theme is very simple in LK:
1) Moon represent heart and emotion and Ra\Ke signifies  excited or depress state of emotions.
So moon + ra\ke makes the person,  who can easily able  to control emotion as per their wish, if they practice for it.
For eg. in a good psychologist charts you can find this yoga easily. But negatively these combination creates fear and phobias.

2) Saturn works as an executor of law of Karma, Jupiter signifies truth. If saturn has relationship with jupiter, person attains very good discriminating power under natural law of justice.
Saturn + Jupiter is Brahma yoga in traditional astrology which means that person has the ability to forsee past, present & future.
In many successful person this i have seen this yoga because they put proper justice to the work they undertake (especially if it is in 10H). If we focus the house and other combination we can know where this Brahma yoga is working. Negatively this yoga creates power seekers.

If both these condition are met in the horoscope, there is a chance that person can attain spiritual enlightenment naturally with less efforts, which is the main purpose of birth.  Person is inherently fit in the qualification required as per Patanjali Sutras.
Even if person is honest and truthful towards its actions, he is sure to rise at soul level.

Horoscope of Sh. Raman Maharashi has controversy over the lagna, Some go for  Kanya lagna and some say it is Tula lagna. The chart you have produced is from Tula Lagna.

Vijay Goel


Dear Members,

The text from LK-52 page 43, under heading Dharmi Grah,

"yaani agar rahu ketu khana number 4 yaan chandra ke saath kissi bhi ghar ho Aur (2)(second condition) sanichar khana number 11 yaan brihaspat ke saath kissi bhi ghar mein ho, to aise teve mein paap(rahu ketu) yaan paapi (sanichar rahu ketu) dono ka hi bura assar na hoga aur sab grah dharmi honge"

All paapi will  become Dharmi if both condition satisfies, the word in conjuction in hindi is used 'AUR'.

In Farmaan no. 14 Lk-52 page 227 under heading Tewe ki kisme (Types of horoscopes)

11 sani ho ya saath guru ho  paap chander 10 chauthe ho

Pichle janam ka sadhu hoga  dharmi tewa sukh dewe jo

In the above verse it is clear, 
I) Saturn in 11H or with Jupiter, 
II) Ra\Ke with Moon or in 10-4 house axis.
Person will be saint in past birth hence chart will be Dharmi tewe (pious chart).

Lal Kitab 1942 page 43 :

Rahu-ketu Khana .........AUR sanichar khana number 11........

Agar rahu ketu khana number 4 ya chander ke saath kisi bhi ghar ho AUR agar sanichar khana number 11 ya brishpati ke saath kisi bhi ghar mein ho to uus tewe mein paap ve paapi dono ka hi bura asar na hoga aur saab dharmi grah hoge.

If Ra\Ketu in 4H or with moon in any house AND if saturn in 11H or with jupiter in any house than RKS will be good and all planets will be Dharmi (Religious, truthful, pious).

This above verse very clearly states that both condition must be fulfilled.

I think there could be major misconception among many astrologers that either of the condition will make the chart a Dharmi chart.

But in my understanding it will be NOT appropriate to take 'either condition of rahu and moon or saturn and jupiter' as explained above by me or if you think logically otherwise.

Vijay Goel
Mob : +91 9214502239.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Iyer's Principle: Sthoola and Sookshma lords

Dated 27-28 sep 09,

Dear Manoj ji,

Thankyou for putting one more important Iyer's principle.
// It is Iyer's principle of Sthoola and Sookshma lords of houses. The sthoola lord is the usual Rashi Lord. The Sookshma lord is the Lord of the Star where the cusp of the particular house falls. So in this method each house then has two lords.//
Just my understanding on this principle.
`House' in the horoscope basically indicate two sambhands :
1) Signs and 2) Bhava.
1) Signs : The karak for signs is Sun, as 12 rasis indicate twelve position of sun in a single rotation. Sign will indicate the circumstances native will face and its lord will show up the application of this Buddi (Intelligence), how he applies dharma on that particular circumstances.
This is clearly termed as Sthoola lord by Sri Iyer.
2) Bhava : This means emotions (Chita). Emotion is rules by moon which is infact the lord of Nakshatra. (moon is married to all nakshtras, Rohini is favorite because moon stays much longer period there). The emotional experience of the house can be seen from the nakshtra of the lord of house which is used widely or it can be shown up the nakshatra of the house (cusps) which is termed as Sookshma lord by Sri Iyer.
This principle is very interesting, logically digestable and thankyou for showing up its application also.
I hope the division of bhava is based on the Ascendant degree + 30 degree and its multiples.
Thankyou for sharing :)
Vijay Goel
Dear Chandu Ji,

Let me give you yet another reason for marriage in Rahu-Mars that has not been discussed so far. This is a principle that I have not been trying much, but one of my teachers likes a lot. It is Iyer's principle of Sthoola and Sookshma lords of houses. The sthoola lord is the usual Rashi Lord. The Sookshma lord is the Lord of the Star where the cusp of the particular house falls. So in this method each house then has two lords.
Applying this principle here, we find that the Sookshma Lords of 2H, 7H and 11H are Sun, Mars and Mars, respectively. Hence you can see that Mars is the Sookshma Lord of both the 7H and 11H and he also disposits Rahu as the Sthoola Lord of 8H. So clearly Rahu-Mars has the ability to give marriage.


Friday, September 03, 2010

Dharmi Tewa as per Lal-Kitab

Dharmi Tewa (discussed on 11th nov 2008)

That means any of the following placements makes a chart a Dharmi Tewa i.e. a pious Chart:

(1). Rahu in house no.4
(2). Ketu in house no. 4
(3). Rahu with Moon in any house
(4). Ketu with Moon in any house
(5). Saturn in house no. 11
(6). Saturn with Jupiter in any house

Thankyou, Yograj Prabhakarji for explaining the Dharmi Teva concept brilliantly.

I will like to add more as per tradional astrology.

Person having this combination is either born with spiritual inclination from birth (group one)

or he turns to spirituality and continues thereafter at some point of life (group two).

Group one.

1)Saturn with Jupiter in any house.

Here Devotion of Saturn and wisdom of Jupiter make the person very responsible is also termed as Bhrama yoga, means ability to see past, present and future.

2)Ketu in house no. 4

Person surely takes dips in Ganges.

3)Ketu with Moon in any house.

Here person reject too much materialism and seeks meditation to understand himself.

Now Second group.

4)Rahu in house no.4

5)Rahu with Moon in any house.

6)Saturn in house no. 11.

All above combination makes to person too much attracted to materialism first but he does not gets peace in some or other way. He therefore turns to spiritualism as soon he finds some genuine Guru.

I am sorry to put traditional astrology understanding to Lal-kitab group, just for a thought if it help in anyway.

Thank you

Vijay Goel

Respected Vijay Bhai

Excellent observation indeed. You have beautifully expanded further the concept of Dharmi Tewa. The indication you have provided are just marvellous, this shows your deep study and practical experience. I would like to add a bit in Ketu 4, if it is malefic - the native is often fond of masturbation.

Yograj Prabhakar

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Narad Puran Pg. 62 Gita Press Publisher

Dear M* and all,

I am attaching the page 62 of Narad Puran, which clearly mentions that those surviving by giving the readings based on nakshtras [astrologers] goes to Hell.
Since this version does not contain slokas please somebody find the sanskrit Slokes and make comment on it.

Dev Rishi Narad taught astrology to the world why this type of statement is their.

Vijay Goel
Please download Narad Puran from the link below and read the page 62 of it. It is in HIndi.

Respected B*ji,

Dev Rishi Narad is among the first Guru's who taught astrology to mankind.
I donot have any doubt in Him.

Their is interesting quote from Swami Sivananda Maharaj on the nature of mind.

// You have heard the saying, "The Devil can quote scriptures for its purpose". Similarly the mind can use a virtue to indulge in a vice. It has an inborn inclination to perversion. It can even take the support of a perfectly good principle to seemingly justify the most unprincipled sort of action. Unless it is scrutinised dispassionately, its tricks are never fully discovered. //

This type of mind is born by Kaul type of people. I have no worries nor have any time for these type of people.

My basic thinking is among the FRAUD and CHEATING in any profession linked with material knowledge (CA, law, etc), is liable for less punishment than those who are doing in the name of Devas and spiritual knowledge.

My basic purpose for quoting this page so that we can get the right sanskrit sloke and have proper understanding of it.

Thanking you,
Vijay Goel

Dhol gawar, Shudra pasu nari, Yeha sab Taran ke adhikari

Dear Dr. Mishraji,

If you just re-align the sentence with proper punctuation mark, we can
have better meaning, without going into much detail.

It should be read as:

Dhol gawar, Shudra pasu nari, Yeha sab Taran ke adhikari.

Now it means that , males who are unintelligent, illerate and live like
animals, females who are unintelligent, illerate and have animal
instinct, they should be kept under control with strict force of fear,
just as we control other animals.
You cannot teach people who are in deep Tamasic attitude like animals.

Secondly it also means that even these tamasic type of people also have the
strong rights under God to have proper guidance to get Moksha (Taran).

Vijay Goel,

what lagna should be taken if lagna of 00:01 degree

Respected List,

Actually i am using the principles as explained by Shri K N Rao in his book "Planet and children".
He has explained how saturn, jupiter, mars and moon transits in native charts brings child birth. In 1997-98 i have attended the lectures of him as our routine studies.

What i have done is reverse engineering ie from the data of child , correct the janma lagna of parents, many articles on this reverse engineering has appeared in journal of astrology.

I never do horoscope reading for my clients unless i get satisfied with the correction of the horoscope.

Just for example , Today i got the birth details from a client who resides in delhi on phone.
Female :
Date: July 11, 1981
Time: 10:35:00
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 77 E 33' 00", 29 N 58' 00"
Saharanpur, India

Her lagna changes in 41 secs.

The birth details of her son is :
Date: November 15, 2005
Time: 7:14:00
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 77 E 13' 00", 28 N 40' 00"
Delhi, India

Now from the chart of her son and by reverse engineering technique as discussed in the book "planet and children"

I corrected the mother chart as

Date: July 11, 1981
Time: 10:34:19
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 77 E 33' 00", 29 N 58' 00"
Saharanpur, India

Than i checked the marriage timings and other incidents as per our parashari teaching and found to to more appropriate when checked with divisional charts.

First fix the lagna than correct the divisional chart is my method.

Shri K n Rao has given many many hints in his writings to correct the divisional chart with incidents.

Vijay Goel


Dear Vijay Goel ji,

Thanks for your explanations.

In the given example, if Lagna was taken as Virgo only transit Moon out of
transit Sa, tr Ju and tr Ma had anything to do with mother's 5H, 5HL, 9H and

If Lagna is taken as Leo, transit Moon was in her 9H. Was this the reason you
rectified the lagna from Virgo to Leo?



Dear Renuji,

Thankyou for exercising the KNR's method on the example charts with their kids data.

You query is perfectly right which i cannot explain now, infact when i struck at some point than i prefer to use other techniques simultaneously like matching marriage date in D-9 chart and also looking at D-12 and D-7 charts.

In this example i didn't devoted much time to it for BT as Bhaskerji had already done it, but my main focus on 'when sudden gains will come from property sell' and presented the snapshot view.

I really appreciate your genuine attempt on this method.

Vijay Goel

Sthana hani karo Jeeva, Sthana Vriddi karo Sani

Dear ** & list,

The complete sloke which is populer in north India is as follows :

"Jeeva Shetre Yada Sani, sani shetra yada jeeva.
Sthana hani karo jeeva, Sthana Vriddi karo Sani "

This sloke has been also discussed in details with examples in the
Magazine Jyotish Manthan August 2002 issue.

Since i have lot of discussion about this sloke with the author of the article (who was teacher of us at ICAS)  in magazine before it went to published.

The conclusion i remember are :
First of all it means that
Whenever jupiter is in Makar or Kumbh
OR Saturn in Dhanu or Meena, (it is not at all the case of parivartana).
Than Saturn can bring 'Vriddi' OR Jupiter can bring  'Hani' of the house but what ?

Jupiter will lose its jeeva properties mainly like in 5th H problems related with children, in Lagna lack of semen, in 12th H cheats others, in 3H miser, etc.

It should be also noted that in north it is very populer that Kumbh rasi is used as the another exalted rasi for jupiter. Suppose Kumbh jupiter in 2H can give lot of wealth but no family happiness.

Similarly saturn will increase normally the material properties of the house.

This principle is very vague in nature and it should be applied with caution though it can be searched in panchangs.

I hope you are more cleared and there is no need for this sloke in advance application of astrology.

Vijay Goel
Mob : +91 8003004666.

Love, Flirtations and faithfullness.


To start with;

1. Ketu represents Thirst. Ketu in 7.

Kulbir Bains

Bhai Kulbir ji,

Please do not talk about my Chart and placement of Ketu in it...

I can find another 500 charts with ketu in 7th , but many of them may be
sanyasis too..

I will close the matter for my case here and itself. I love all the
beautiful women of the world.


//I can find another 500 charts with ketu in 7th , but many of them may be
sanyasis too..//

may be that's why the thoughts / dream about Apsaras haunt them most.

Astrology is the study of tendencies.

Kulbir Bains
Namaste Kulbir ji

My personal thoughts regarding Ketu's placement is one of "detachment" as
opposed from "pyass - thirst" which I feel is more connected with Rahu ..

Best wishes ...

Jai Sita Ram

Dear Sita Ram ji,

You are right, Ketu represent detachment but i doubt detachment is opposite of thirst, we need more understanding.....

What will be the IMPACT of Venus + Ketu (yuti) in the chart.

Does it will give many affairs or vairagya sanyasi \ bachelorhood or normal marriage life?

Can we have any examples of it ? any research of someone on it?

Best wishes,
Vijay Goel
Dear Vijay ji,

Let me give you an example chart where Ketu is in conjunction with Venus. A married man who has many liaisons with other women. He knows that the wife is aware of all this, and doesn't care a tuppence about it.

Natal Chart

Date: October 6, 1951
Time: 0:16:00
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 79 E 50' 00", 6 N 55' 00"
Colombo, Sri Lanka

He is Gemini Lagna, and 5HL Venus, 11HL Mars and Ketu are conjunct in 3H.

Venus and Mars are in Ketu's star and Ketu is in Venus's star.

Hope this chart would be helpful.


Respected Renuji,

Thankyou for the example, but this example is not quite fit to my query.

We require those charts where Mars is atleast not involve in any type of association (PAC) with Venus.

Alone Venus + Ketu will be best :)

Vijay Goel
Dear Vijay ji,

Sure...I overlooked the 'Mars' connection.


Dear Vijay ji,

//What will be the IMPACT of venus + ketu (yuti) in the chart. Does it will give many affairs or vairagya sanyasi \ bachelorhood or normal marriage life?//

Really interesting!
!It depends on other factors as well.For example i have ven conj(yuti) ketu in 11th(kama trikona).I am a bachelor and yogi(i practice yoga but dont preach)to the core.Ofcourse this yuti is aspd by Sat in my case.I think this yuti is not interested in yuvati!!..I also know a jivanmukta and also yogi who had a family and divorced.In his chart this yuti is in 12th in tauras.He also had sun,jup yuti in lagna.

Love and regards,

Dear Vijay ji,

///What will be the IMPACT of venus + ketu (yuti) in the chart.
Does it will give many affairs or vairagya sanyasi \ bachelorhood or
normal marriage life?//

This is about a female born on 12th Feb 1981 and a male born on 13th Feb 1981.

Girl: Boy:
Virgo Lagna, Pisces navamsha.
Taurus Rashi -Rohini star
Current V. dasha - Ra/Ve

Virgo Lagna, Aries navamsha.
Taurus Rashi - Mrig star
Current V. dasha -Ju/Me

All the other planets are placed in the same houses in both.

Ve + Ke in 5H [Capricorn] aspected by Retro Ju.

Ve + Ke in Gemini Navamsha.

Retro Ju + Retro Sa in lagna.

The girl got married in January 2010. She is pretty, tall and slim, and well educated.
She is very kind and generous.

The boy is not the marrying type and has no interest whatsoever, no university education but employed well, chubby and short.
He is all out to help anyone at anytime and has a very large circle of friends.

What I want to point out is, whether Ve + Ke got anything to do with marriage/no marriage in these two cases. Dasha plays a major role, no doubt.

For the girl Venus in RKA gave marriage in Ra/Ve period.


Dear Goel Ji,

Saturn + Ketu accepts the governor of Mo(on)rality, Ethics, Prevalent Social norms.

Venus + Ketu Declutches itself from this control..

"Matlab yeh ki Shanichar go badnaam hai; magar Kaamdev ka keeda nahin hai."

Thereby meaning that although Saturn has acquired a bad name for itself But it retains the capacity to be a good judge in matters related to sexual impulsion.

Kulbir Bains

Lalkitab while describing psychology says;-

Part 1= house no. Part 2. = planet responsible/associated/governing. Part 3 =tendency/capacity.

House no.1 - Venus – Tendency to love – = Love for opposite gender, Such tendency raises itself and progresses in age span from 16 to 36 years.

House no.1 - Saturn – Tendency to love = Flirting tendency, only through vocal interactions – benefic Saturn- Sympathy; malefic Saturn – Selfishness.

House no. 2. – Jupiter – Wish for marriage/copultation one after another – Longing for opposite sex in age span 30 to 70-72 years.

House no. 3 – Moon = Innocent Love/friendship + mature Love + longing for love. All three.

House no.3 - Mars –ive = destroyer of all three listed above.

House no.9 – Jupiter = Jovial Flirt.

House no.9 – Mercury = Immature Flirt to such extent that it hurts / pinches.

House no.10 – Jupiter = Tendency to cultivate and maintain good moral character.

House no.7 – Venus = Capacity to Catch the latent streak.

Kulbir Bains
Dear All,

Some very perceptive posts on this topic. Let me add my 2 cents:

I broadly agree with SheevaniJi that 7L/11H combos can indicate multiple relationships. However I would slightly disagree on 7L in 11H means only native has affair. 7H is also house of partner. 11H is house of friends. I have seen natives with 7L in 11H (afflicted) whose husbands have affairs. In short:

11H/11L are multipliers. Any association with 7L/7H can mean multiple relationships for self/spouse.
Especially potent combination for Scorpio Lagna. Why? For Scorpio, Me is 11L and 8L. Me in general is himself a Multiplier.
Me association with Ve or the 7H can cause multiple relationships.
Invariably though you need affliction of Venus by Saturn or Rahu most of the time (there are exceptions).
Another point is that Kama trikon is 3H/7H/11H. So any combination of above need to be kept in mind. 11L in 3H can also produce affairs if Venus is also afflicted.

The Chart below from Renu Ji shows on such combination. This chart clearly shows the signature of affairs in a chart:

Natal Chart

Date: October 6, 1951
Time: 0:16:00
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 79 E 50' 00", 6 N 55' 00"
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Affliction to Venus: Ma/Ve conjunction, Ve in Ra/Ke Axis
Kama trikone association: 11L in 3H aspecting 7L Ju from 3H
Afflicted Venus in Leo can rarely promote Marital harmony
7L afflicted by 8L Saturn

Potential saviours in any chart: Ju, 5H/5L, 9H/9L:
Ju afflicted and retrograde
5L afflicted by both RKA and 12L Ve
9H afflicted by Vargottam Rahu. Rahu also afflicts 5H.

Mo deb in 6H in Jeysta Natksatra. Significant planets (Me, Mo and Ve) in Scorpio is a problem. Here it is also 6H. It is also aspected by Sa.

Navamsha: Navamsha LL Ve is in Cancer Navamsha which is 12 away from its Rashi position.
Rashi 9L Saturn is in deb in Navamsha with no cancellation, indicates individal bereft of moral compass. Notice also Saturn has moved 8 positions from his Rashi position.

This clearly a chart of a person who not only strays from Dharma but may actually enjoy doing so without much guilt. Dasha sequence helped him since he ran Ke-Ve in succession.

To Vijay Ji's question, Rahu amplifies and Ketu dilutes. Ketu - Ve conjunction causes dilution of the postive attirbutes of Venus. Whether it leads to multiple affairs or renunciation, which are both different ways of perverting Venusian attibutes, depends on the overal tenor of the chart. Some times both are possible within one Life time.

Namaste Manoj ji

I agree with your general comment "Rahu amplifies and Ketu dilutes. Ketu -Ve conjunction causes dilution of the positive attributes of Venus. Whether it leads to multiple affairs or renunciation, which are both different ways of perverting Venusians attributes, depends on the overall tenor of the chart. Some times both are possible within one Life time " though not about
Ketu promoting multiple affairs and diluting "positive" attributes of Venus - I would suggest that is more Rahu's domain. Yes perhaps after sometime the realization of Affairs Not being dharmic hit's home and causes the Native to re-think their thoughts/actions.

Best wishes ...

Jai Sita Ram


Dear Ram Ji,

Yes, infatuation is definitely the domain of Rahu, but Ketu can also produce similar results under the right condition. Infact even when Ketu afflicts Venus by transit very closely in a dual sign (especially Mercury's) and if that Ve is already afflicted in Natal chart, it can create conditions for an illicit affair. Ketu's rashi and Nak dispositors are also important here.

It can be noted right now (7th feb 10) Ketu is transiting Ge, so people having afflicted Ve in Ge, running Ve dasha/antar or Ke dasha/antar should be concious of such possibilities

Dear Manojji,

Hare Rama Krsna,

//To Vijay Ji's question, Rahu amplifies and Ketu dilutes. Ketu - Ve conjunction causes dilution of the postive attirbutes of Venus. Whether it leads to multiple affairs or renunciation, which are both different ways of perverting Venusian attibutes, depends on the overal tenor of
the chart. Some times both are possible within one Life time.//

Yeah i agree with it.
Nice !.

Therefore LK says Ketu is Pyaas (thirst), once quenched, it leads to detachment.

Whereas Rahu represent mirage where thirst is never quenched.

I hope Bhai Kulbhirji got the logic :)

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel
Dear Kulbhir bhai,

//Which planet causes eclipse to moon? = Ketu.//

This is also a good point.

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel
Dear Kulbhir Bhai and all,

Hare Rama Krsna,

Actually my understanding on LK is based on different pitch and your's is different.

Your learning is based on direct application of LK principles whereas mine learning on LK moves through vedic principles route where many things comes to which LK ignores, mine route is bit busy, whereas you are running in a express highway of LK :).


LK says for 7th house Ketu is pyaas (thirst), hence forth i took Venus + ketu yuti to understandd it, which Manojji finely explained it.
The examples given by Gopiji & Renuji on this point was also very convincing.


Every planet represent thirst (yearning) of different type, for eg mercury has thirst to acquire knowledge, sun to acquire power etc.

Prime significator for 'Detachment' is only 'ketu' among all planets as also said by Sita Ramji. Ketu curtails the properties of the house in which it is situated. This 'emptiness' is described as 'thirst' of Ketu in LK. Ketu in 4th house, person always yearns for mother's love, (because he never gets it).
Thirst of Ketu, is based on Jal-tattwa, prime significator of Jal-tattwa is moon and venus.
So weak ketu give strong drive for love and sex but strong ketu curtails it completely by putting varaigya, ecliping the moon.

Hence in Gopiji's own chart, venus + ketu aspected by saturn, make him the Hatha yogi, to observe perfect control over body through penance.
Whereas in other case given by Gopiji, either saturn or ketu was somewhat weak to overcome moon.

[Note: strength of planets is looked in LK by observing the practical manifestation or impact of planet in individual's life, through Makaan Kundli , Palm Prints and Events]


Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel


Application of Ruling planet method of KP for BTR

Respected Bhaskerji,

Hare Rama Krsna.

I thought to test this both birth data on the basis of KP ruling planet method which you have demonstrated many time :), but i don't know that it can be used in the following way or now, just an experiment. :)

[i took KP ayanamsha in following analysis]

Data 1

Natal Chart

Date: April 21, 1973
Time: 18:01:00

Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 72 E 50' 00", 18 N 58' 00"
Mumbai, India

Here Ascendent Details is
sign lord: mercury
star lord : Mars
sub lord : Rahu
sub sub lord : Venus.

Data 2
Natal Chart

Date: April 24, 1973
Time: 16:28:00
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 72 E 50' 00", 18 N 58' 00"
Mumbai, India

Here Ascendent Details is
sign lord: Mercury
star lord : Sun
sub lord : Rahu
sub sub lord :Mercury.

Now Ruling Planets are for the following time :

Date: February 25, 2010
Time: 20:41:20
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 75 E 49' 00", 26 N 55' 00"
Jaipur, India

LSRD method :)
Lagna sign lord Mercury,  Star lord (Rasi) Jupiter, moon sign (Rasi) lord Mercury, Day lord jupiter.
Ketu in mercury sign, rahu in jupiter sign.
so final RP's are Mer, ketu, Jupiter, Rahu [ & SUN].
I have additionally taken SUN also as it is very close conjunct with jupiter within 3 deg.

If we match with data 1, mars and venus does not fit in any way.
but with data 2 all RP's are coming so i think Data 2 could be more correct.

This exercise is just an experiment.

Vijay Goel
Dear Goel ji,

This is a good way to apply the KP Method. Can You kindly give me the
Asc degrees for both the charts ?

best wishes,

Respected Bhaskerji,

//But I am extremely happy that You are making the right use of the RP's and
this is the way they must be used always.//

I have learnt this method from the basic inputs you have provided to this forum
and once personally to me.
If someones understand Basics than he can move forward more conveniently..
Your happiness is the A+ grading for me :)
//24th April 1973 16.21 Bombay. Those who make a Sayana Chart with these details
will get a better idea of the right Lagna.//

In sayan ayanamsha chart automatically gets very strong. but this chart is 'kala
aksar bhais barabar' for me to read.

Vijay Goel


At least 50 dead in western Europe storms

Dated 28th feb 2010.


At least 50 people have been killed in storms that have lashed parts of Spain,
Portugal and France, officials say.

Forty-five of the victims died in France, where many drowned or were hit by
parts of buildings or falling trees.

Winds of up to 140km/h (87mph) caused chaos as they moved from Portugal up
through the Bay of Biscay.

The storm system is moving north-eastwards and areas of France bordering Belgium
and Germany are on alert for heavy rain and high winds.

The death toll from Chile's earthquake has more than doubled to 708 and is
expected to rise further, President Michelle Bachelet has said.

Previously about 300 people were reported to have been killed in Saturday's 8.8
magnitude quake - one of the most powerful recorded.

Massive damage is hampering rescue teams as they struggle to reach those still
buried in the rubble.

However a Pacific-wide alert for a tsunami has been lifted.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Ms Bachelet said: "The catastrophe is enormous.
The latest number I have is 708 dead.

Effect of debilited mars in water sign???

warmest regards

Dear Shivaniji and all,

//Effect of debilited mars in water sign???//

Mars cannot cause earthquakes, i think it is Mercury which is Pritvi
tattwa and causes earthquakes, it also indicate change in weather. Mars
indicate Wars and Violent death, terrorism in mundane astrology.

Mercury in Kumbha Rasi with sun, jupiter, venus aspected by retro mars
and moon, (opposition\conjuction of sun & moon is important), both rasi
of mercury is affected by saturn and ketu, Moon opposition to Mercury or
Moon in Mercury star is the key factors for earthquake.

We have to see that which sign rules 'Chile' : Kumbha , Mithuna, Simha,
Tula or not ??
Fourth and eight houses should be heavily afflicted ? We can look Sun
ingress in Kumbha rasi Chart of that country's capital also.

I think BVB has produced the article on it in JOB few years back.

Happy Holi to all,

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel

Dear Vijay ji,


Thank you for your imput..

I think the independece chart of chili is given as..
Independence from Spain
September 18, 1810, 9:26 am LMT (02:08:40 pm GMT), Santiago (70w40, 38s27)
Source: dr. Carlos Raitzin

Lagna is scopio rashi, and current dasha period is that of mercury-rahu.

Ketu is transiting the 8H gem,rahu in 2H, mars in 9H cancer with shani in 11H
kanya, sun venus mercury and jupiter in 4H aquarious.

warmest regards

Dear Sheevaniji,

Hare Rama Krsna !

In scorpio Lagna, with mer\rahu\sat\mer at the time of earthquake, is not good
at all. All dasa factors is related to 4th, 8th & 11H houses.

With lagnesh Mars retro for such a long time, jupiter totally combust, 4th and
8th house is heavily afflicted in transits, Tr. sat aspecting Natal saturn and
crossing over Natal sun in Sun's star, bringing great havoc financially to King
(10H) and its people (4H).


These few days transits are very weak for all Jal tattwa lagna and must be very
cautious if any wrong dasa is going on.


Look i do not have any experience in earthquake analysis, this are just post
mortem analysis.

Vijay Goel

Prediction is an Art.

Dear Devi Singh Ji,

Hare Rama Krsna,

Your point
//i will show how it is working with mechanism which modern science says with proof and book reference//

I will love to see it and appreciate it. :)

I believe 'Prediction' is pure Art, it is a beautiful Song where 'Rhythmic Notes', the flow is given by Sun, 'Sweetness' of voice, music is added by Moon, and 'Purity' [of thoughts, natural laws,] of poem is an attributes of Jupiter.
All other acts (like Mars - logical, Mercury - intelligence, etc) are just 'Preparation' for the 'Prediction' like all artist and technician assemble in the recording room. All are important for every final output , action or event [prediction \ song ] in life, is covered by all nine planets jointly.

All sciences ends in Art.

Just a thought thankyou,

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel

Dear Kulbhir Bhai,

Hare Rama Krsna,

The following definition is the result of search from internet.

CRAFT : to make or manufacture (an object, objects, product, etc.) with skill and careful attention to detail.

Here more Mars and Mercury is playing their role.

ART : Human effort to imitate, supplement, alter, or counteract the work of nature.

Here more attributes of Sun, Moon & Jupiter.

So what is better, Crafty prediction or Artistic prediction. ? What you will choose ? :)

Lawyers (infact any other Docter, Engg. etc) should be Crafty ;), else they will be out of profession:-?(:|

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel

Dear Kulbhir bhai,

One more addition :

Craft is basically Commerce.

The sequence is : Science --> Commerce ---> Art.

or we can say : Basic knowledge --> Utility --> Spirituality.

In astrological terms : Astronomy --> Panchanga --> Prediction.

Vijay Goel

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Both ears pierced from birth.

Dear Members,

In classical text 'MANSAGRI', their is a dictum in 14th chapter for pierced ears from birth.

manden drisyte candaro lagane ca ravibhargavo
subhagraha na pacyanti karnachedo na sansya

==>If Saturn aspects Moon and Sun+Venus is in lagna, lagna not aspected by any benefic, native is born with pierced ears with no doubt.

One know a relative of mine is born with pierced both ears.

Date: July 3, 1992
Time: 13:25:00
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 75 E 49' 00", 26 N 55' 00"
Jaipur, India

| \ / \ / |
| \ / \ Ju / |
| \ / \ / |
| \ / \ / |
| \ / \ / Md |
| x As x Me Mo |
| / \ / \ Gk |
| / \ / \ |
| / \ / \ |
| / \ 6 / Ve \ |
| / \ / \ |
| Ra x Su |
| \ / \ / |
| \ / \ Ke / |
| \ / \ / |
| \ / \ / |
| \ / \ / |
|SaR GL x x AL |
| / \ / \ |
| / \ / \ |
| / \ / \ |
| / HL \ / Ma \ |
| / \ / \ |

In Kanya Lagna , Here Moon is aspected by retro Saturn, Sun+ Venus + Ketu is in 10th house, NO benefic aspect on Lagna.
Only venus + sun is not in lagna but in 10th house aspecting lagna by Rashi Dristi.
This dictum is applicable, liberally not literally.

Since this type of combination are rare to find, i have presented this chart to the members for their record and research.

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel

Monday, March 01, 2010

Rahu in 8 H: Example with Dwisaptati sama Dasa.

Respected Members,
Hare Rama Krsna !
I am given some brief introduction of this scientist in my message number 23890.
This person is Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Plank, nobel prize winner in Physics.
More you can read his biography from this link :

Here I have written a short write up explaining the role of Rahu in 8thhouse in his CAREER using dwisaptatidasa in his life :
Date: April 23,1858
Time: 12:00:00
Time Zone: 2:00:00 (East ofGMT)
Place: 7 E 49'00", 48 N 35' 00"
Kiel, Germany
Ayanamsa: 21-52-42.33(Lahiri Ayanamsha)

I am using Dwi-saptati sama dasa as it is applicablein this horoscope ( if lagna lord is in 7th or 7th lord is in lagna and365.2425 days solar years) :
Main features of this horoscope:
1) Lagna Lord Moon is vargottama.
2) Sun is exalted and digbali in 10thhouse.
When luminaries are strong in the horoscope, all other rajyogas manifest fully, gives the person name & fame for his works in society.
Strong luminaries imparts free flow of knowledge from all sources to the native, notice here moon is in Leo & Sun in Aries even in D-24, Shiva bestowed full blessing on him and provided needful resources to him to explore.
3) Rahu in own rashi in aquarius in 8thhouse and its co-lord Vargottama Saturn is in Lagna. :
See the serious influence of 8th house in his life, he was the serious researcher and always his intelligence enquiring the unknown phenomenon of nature.
4) Moon is with ketu in 2nd house : Mind always probe into minute details and interested in microscopic level of analysis, tiny things allure him.
5) Jupiter is with mercury within a degree and is combined in all divisional chart. : This clearly shows how Shiva will send him the right guru in any sector of life and he will be guru of many. Good guru-sisya yoga.
6) Retro mars in 5th house aspected by JU-Mer. : Logical approach towards understanding.
There is many raj-yoga in this chart which reader can verify themselves.
Now how rahu dasa antara dasa has strong connection with destiny can be seen through Dwisaptati dasa:
(Here all quotes all from the above mentioned link):
Jup MD: 1865-05-08 - 1874-05-09
Rah AD: 1868-09-22 - 1869-11-07
==>In 1867 the family moved to Munich, and Planck enrolled inthe Maximilians gymnasium school, where he came under the tutelage of Hermann Müller, a mathematician who took an interest in the youth, and taught himastronomy and mechanics as well as mathematics. It was from Müller that Planckfirst learned the principle of conservation of energy.
This is how Planck first came in contact with the field ofphysics.
As soon the first antara dasa of rahu came under Jupiter mahadasa, he came under the influence of Muller (Right Guru) who thought him physics and law of heat.
Ven MD: 1874-05-09 - 1883-05-09
Rah AD: 1876-08-07 - 1877-09-22
==>In 1877 he went to Berlin for a year of study withphysicists Hermann von Helmholtz and Gustav Kirchhoff and the mathematician Karl Weierstrass.
Again after ten years this antara dasa of rahu, he again met new seriously acclaim scientist as his gurus for further research and exploration.
Ven MD: 1874-05-09 - 1883-05-09
Moon: 1878-11-07 - 1879-12-23
==>In October 1878 Planck passed his qualifying exams and inFebruary 1879 defended his dissertation, Überden zweiten Hauptsatz der mechanischen Wärmetheorie (On the second fundamental theorem of themechanical theory of heat).
This moon antaradasa in venus mahadasa gave him the first recognition of what he learnt and experimented with above guru's. Lots of Inspiration came.
Reason are explained in point no.1&2.
Sat MD: 1883-05-09 - 1892-05-08
Rah AD: 1884-06-23 - 1885-08-08
==>In April 1885 the University of Kiel appointed Planck asassociate professor of theoretical physics.<==
Again in Saturn dasa rahu antardasa he got promotion in his research work.
See Saturn is vargottama aspecting 10th house.
Rah MD: 1892-05-08 - 1901-05-09
==>Within four years hewas named the successor to Kirchhoff's position at the University of Berlin— presumably thanks to Helmholtz's intercession — and by 1892 became a full professor.<==
Look how beautifully `the Maharaja Rahu' put him in the `throne' (the successor ) to do research as its Mahadasa started.
In this whole mahadasa of rahu from may 1892 to may 1901, he did lots of experiments and research.
This rahu has put him into lot of labor and hard work.
(Reasons no. 3.)
Sun MD: 1901-05-09 - 1910-05-09
==>Planck revised his approach, deriving the first version ofthe famous Planck black-body radiation law, which described the experimentallyobserved black-body spectrum well. It was first proposed in a meeting of theDPG on October 19, 1900 and published in 1901 (presented to the DPG on 14December 1900).
The various local Physical Societies of Germany merged in1898 to form the German Physical Society (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft,DPG); from 1905 to 1909 Planck was the president.
This is the mahadasa of digbali sun, lord of lords J. Look how his fame travelled with the speed of light across all direction in the universe. The `karma-yog' he done in rahu mahadasa was presented in Rahu-Saturn (Dec 1900) and was put to glittering light by sun in its own antar dasa (published in 1901)
In 1898 various physical societies merges: at this time Rahu-Jupiter was running : This indicate that how he was posed Guru by his students (may be some politics could be there) among all societies.
Again in 1905 it was same Jupiter antara under sun mahadasa when he was made president.
Sun MD: 1901-05-09 - 1910-05-09
Rah AD: 1909-03-24 - 1910-05-09
==>During 1909, as University of Berlin professor, eight of hislectures were used by the Erest Kempton Adams Fund for Physical Research in Theoretical Physics at Columbia University in New York City for a series of lectures translated by Columbia University professor A. P. Wills
In July 1909 wife Marie Planck died.
He retired from Berlin on January 10, 1926
Again this Rahu antara dasa in Sun mahadasa , his works were used practically by various societies and translation was done for many students.
Wife dies rahu is marak for 7th house.
It was this Rahu who laid foundation of career by coming at right age in 1867 now this same rahu is made his journey of career complete and retired him.
Moon MD: 1910-05-09 - 1919-05-09
Sun AD: 1918-03-25 - 1919-05-09
==>It was in recognition of Planck's monumental accomplishmentthat he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.
Highest award surely fits in mahadasa of Vargottama lagnesh moon and digbali sun.
Major weakness of this chart is retro mars in 5th house due to which his children died early for one or other reasons in spite of the aspect of Jupiter, and this 8th rahu gave difficulties on this account in personal life.
I had major a small attempt to understand rahu, hoping all will enjoy it.

 Handprints of Max Plank : courtesy :

Vijay Goel
(This writeup is meant for intermediate to advance level)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

House no. 8th, Suicide

Dear Kulbir Bhai,

Hare Rama Krsna,

In short i will only say that suicide, murder, accidents etc is the negative aspect of 8H and
Samadhi, Sahid, body parts donation (like donating kidney) is the positive aspect of 8H.
[8H : primarily Karak is Saturn and secondary Karak is Mars]

Now how one categories Kamikaze (?), Jauhar, Sati Pratha, is totally dependent upon one's thinking & understanding. [Characteristic of lagna and status of moon sign]

I stick to those vedic teachings which consider 'suicide' as a major sin and 'sacrifice' as the great virtue. Both belongs to 8H significance.

I will never accept 'suicide' is an 'act of bravery', 'needs strong nerves', big guts etc etc,... just foolish statements.
As an astrologer i strongly condemn it.

In last fortnight of dec 09, one client came to me, who was the owner of prestigious share brokerage firm having good turnover and many offices. He incurred huge losses and now his business is out of his control, he worriedly said to me " Baar baar izzat bazaar mein karab hone se accaha hai ki ek baar mein hi maar jao"

He was totally engulf in fear [Karak : debilitated moon, i.e. moon in scoprio in rasi of mars of 8H]
and mental anguish [Karak : Vish yoga of Saturn + Moon] that his wife too worried of him.

As an astrologer [Jupiter] we are here to show the path\teaching of SUN, the major karak of HOPE, not malefic part of saturn of 8H [s

So that person over-comes the weakness of moon and does not perform suicide, "the act of cowardice",[Karak : debilitated Mars, see mars is delibilated in 4H of mother, impulsive act out of frustration, devoid of Happiness]

Those person who perform suicide dis-respect & de-grace their physical mother, who give birth after lot of pain and Mother Jagat Jannini.

I hope i have cleared my view on suicide.

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel

Dear Goel Ji,
Impulsive act of suicide is governed by RAHU.
Suicide for a purpose/cause is governed by - Guess! ?
Kulbir Bains

Dear Kulbhir Bhai,

Hare Rama Krsna,

//Impulsive act of suicide is governed by RAHU.[also ketu]//

Partly correct...

//Suicide for a purpose/cause is governed by - Guess! ?//

Suicide itself is purpose,
We can say the Karak of death (in any manner) is Saturn.

Basically Saturn is Karak for longetivity, when ayu finishes, death take place.

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel

Respected all,

Hare Rama Krsna,

Sri Krsna says, INTENTION is more important behind every Karma\ action than
karma itself, as intention is gati\force to meet its destination.

Now if someone jump into river for suicide and another one jumps into river to
save him, and due to circumstances and destiny both dies.

Both person perform the act of 8H.

Now its one's understanding over teachings who is right or wrong ?, who is brave
or cowardice ?

Vijay Goel

Respected Bhaskerji,

//Suicide and the act of saving cannot be delegated to the same house. If on one side you say that the person who committed "Suicide" is a coward, and relate this to the 8th house, then how can you also out the person who is "Brave" enough to save him, also to the 8th house.

What astrology is this ?//

Look in both cases Death took place, so 8th house has come into force in both the chart in different manner.

In 'suicide case', Lagna, moon and sun is weak and person's consciousness is over powered by debilitated mars and weak malefic saturn.

In 'saving case', Lagna, moon and sun is strong and person's consciousness is over powered by exalted mars (look mars is exalted in saturn sign Makara) and exalted ketu.

In simple astrology we don't need charts everytime.

Vijay Goel

Respected Bhaskerji,

//A man is drinking liquor in a bar. Another man drinking sharbat in a
wedding reception. Now the 2nd house is active in both cases. //

Man who is drinking liquor has involved saturn and moon combination related to second house,
whereas man drinking sharbat, Venus for juices , moon for water, jupiter + moon for sweet-water ... is more related to 2H.

//Or a husband and wife having sex, and two lovers having sex. The 8th house is activated in both cases. //

In formar case of husband and wife , venus is exalted in pisces, (sex within dharma, absorbing the positive energy of jupiter).
lover having sex means that Venus is more destined towards scorpion energy, working at tamasic level.


Its already too late, i have to go now ...

Vijay Goel

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Saturn in 4th House

Respected Bhaskerji and other respected members,

Thankyou for sharing your experience.

//will produce detachment in the native....but very good for the latter part of Life, when one wishes to enter the Sanyas ashram. //

This statement is very true, irrespective of any 'Avastha' of saturn and if other condition as you have mentioned is also fulfilled than it is sure.

This is also confirmed by great astrologer Shri H n Katwe. Due to this tendency they become great donors, they donate lands to Trusts and sometimes everything for the cause of humanity and may lead poor life in old age.

Few important inputs which should be kept in mind:

1)As per 'Mansagri' If saturn is in 'Direct motion' he is bad for siblings and friends (Bandu Nashak) and sickly. If saturn is in 'Retro Motion' , it destroyes wife, children even servants and leave his village or motherland.
The important thing is that we must see that Retro saturn is worst and it completetly destroys happiness of 4th house.
What i feel that the values of MOON is completely destroyed but the values of Venus may florish if saturn is in good avastha.
Person becomes cold hearted and he hates (fears) poverty completely and tries to overcome it with all efforts.

2)As per Bhrigu sutra :
if saturn is also Lagnesh than mother will have long age.
If saturn is 8th lord than mother will die early (also same for father).

3) Native can have two mothers or two wifes (one seperates early). (I think we must look moon, venus, 4L,7L, etc also).
Seperation from father could be there or father could be sick. (8th from 9th house and enemy to sun).
Overall sukh from parents is lost.

Example of One famous cinema star Marylyn Monroe am producing :
Female :
Date: June 1, 1926
Time: 9:30:00
Time Zone: 8:00:00 (West of GMT)
Place: 118 W 14' 34", 34 N 03' 08"
Los Angeles, California, USA

"Exalted Retro Saturn in 4th house"

Her Statement :
Femme fatale :
" I knew I belong to the public and to the world, not because i was talented or even beautiful, but because i had never belonged to anything or anyone else. Only the public can make a star. It's the studios who try to make a system out of it"

This is a very good chart to understand saturn in 4th house.

Step parents, multiple marriage, huge publicity, No children, disease at old age, everything , all masala of sani is present :)

(In this kaliyog we are not looking for Sri Ram Horoscope atleast from west)

Link is :

The words from Shri Katwe fits well here, native is unhappy in his childhood and in old age. Only in middle part of life he flourishes.

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel

Re: doubt regarding saadhe-saati

Dear Manoji,

Then in the same manner, why cannot we consider planets in adjacent signs, close to each other, as conjunct?//

The reasoning of +- 45 from moon in sadesati and the principles of conjunction is different.

Sri H N katwe and Sri K n Rao when speaking of sadesati they are basically providing the average distance from moon which impact most {which comes under house division concept and the karak is sun.}

When we consider planetary conjunction it comes under nakshatra principle.

1) Planets in same nakshatra in same pada will follow same AIM and will have same direction ( dharma, artha, kama, moksha for four padas respectively).

2) Planet in same nakshatra but different pada mean the influence on chita(mind) will be similar but its reactions on mind will generate different aim.

3) Planets in different nakshatra but same pada, then these planets will have same aim or direction in life but with different emotional impacts. You will see that all planets in same pada are in trines in navamsha.

4) But if planet are in different nakshatra and in different padas that the conjunction will have very less impact jointly and they will show their own behaviour independently.

I hope i have able to convey the message.

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel