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significance of body part flickering \ shivering ; अंग क्यों फडकते है ?

The above picture depicts shivering of body due to low temperature but what i am speaking is of something else. The shivering or flickering of any body part area has lot of significance in pointing out some forecast related to native. This system is also systematically developed by our Rishis.

I have seen that there is many astrological significance on the shivering or flickering of body parts.
I have got some slokas or doha on this system and am putting up few Dohas explaining the reasons why body parts shiver.
The commentary of these dohas is exclusively done by me hence its my responsibility for any mistake or wrong selection of words.


स्वयं शरीरा जल गया, जेहि मन इच्छा जार !
अनुभव स्थल संत है , बुद्धि मते संसार !

With continuous Sadhana via meditation and yoga, all desires of Mann (Mind) get eloped, that even body gets dissolved in self. Gross body, subtle body, casual body;  all three bodies , the material attachment and all previous imprints or ordination of mind gets dissolved.
 The saint is dependent on the experience at micro level of understanding where worldly scholars are dependent on application of intelligence (buddi) [on worldly affairs].
प्रभु तुष्टत ही यन्त्र, सब तन आदि व अंत !
संशोधन शुभ योग में, नख शिख साधे संत !!

When saint gets self realized due to extreme devotion and blessing of  Supreme Lord, his own body turns into yantra (device). Because of awareness, his body tunes automatically from head to toe, all ten sense organs (five cognitive, five cog native) with the consciousness of Supreme Lord.

भक्त हेतु नर तन धरे, जन कि पावन रीत !
परम भक्त तन में हरि, अन्य भरम परतीत !!

For a pure devotee ; their bodies (nar tan) are taken over \ empowered by Holy lord, hence they are  called incarnation. All else defination is delusion or misconception.

अंग फड़कन से देत हरि, जन को शुभ सन्देश !
सो विधि हरि सन्देश कि, कथा सुनवाऊ लेश !!

Due to complete dependency on supreme lord, devotees gets continuous signals from Holy Lord in form of various shivering or intuition in body parts to guide them in the questionable situation taking shape in immediate future.
I am explaining this system.
[end of above doha\ sloka]

Now many slokas are there about the significance for example :
Twitching in palm :
अर्थ -विछोही काल में, फरकि गदेली बाम !
अर्थ - प्राप्ति सुचना, फडकहि दायाँ ठाम !!

If in right hand from thumb to middle area of palm shivers ; soon one will receive financial inflow or benefit information whereas in left hand it indicates the financial outflow or loss.


For flickering or blinking of eyes, the sloka is :

दाहिन नेत्र दरस सुधि सुंदर !
या प्रत्यक्ष संत सुख मंदिर !!
वाम चलत शुभ दर्शन नाही !
पथ विरोध बहु रूप लखाही !!

....many more..

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Physics and astrology

Note : The below is the copy paste material and i don't know its real source.

Astrology is an ancient divine science based on astronomical facts and its effects on human life's on earth.

All the planets are just solid masses with some Gravitational effect. 

Nowadays Radio Waves plays a major role in communication .Radio waves comes under electromagnetic spectrum which includes light waves also.

Light waves can be told as sustainer of life on earth by giving energy for photosynthesis. Are light waves the only rays which can be told as sustainer of life?

Some of the radio waves also can affect the life of human beings. This article is trying to explain that aspect.

Following are some of the known or proven concepts which can be used for the further discussion.       

·                    DNA and RNA are NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance imaging) active.
·                    Earth has a magnetic field of about 1/10000 Tesla.
·                    Radio waves come from outer space (especially from sun, Jupiter, Venus, etc).
·                    Frequency for NMR spectra is given by
∆E/h= | g βn Bz | / h, where
ΔE is energy
βn is Bohr magneton
Bz is magnetic field
h is Planks constant
g=G m p/M, where
G is a numerical factor known as Lande splitting factor
m is the protonic mass
M is the mass of nucleus
p is the number of protons
g is the characteristic of each nuclei, and this factor has values up to about six and is positive for nearly all known nuclei.

NMR is a spectroscopic technique. The NMR experiment consists of the measurement of the intensity of absorption (or emission) of electromagnetic radiation at each frequency over a specific range. The electromagnetic radiation corresponds with the spin of the atomic nucleus in a magnetic field.  If the value of the spin quantum number is a half –integer of a nucleus, for example the nuclei of hydrogen, phosphorous, carbon 13...etc, the electromagnetic radiation will correspond with those nuclei.

Experimental observation shows that DNA is NMR active.

In the case of living beings on Earth, they are in a magnetic field of 1/10000 Tesla. In this magnetic field if an electromagnetic wave of frequency | g βn Bz | / h reach on Earth the DNA in the living beings on earth would correspond with this much frequency.
That is a transition of nuclear spins between energy levels may be associated with the absorption of energy from the electromagnetic waves in the above said frequency.

Giving values in the equation for frequency,
βn = 5.05*10-27
Bz=10-5 Tesla, the earth’s magnetic field.        

Then ΔE / h=|g βn Bz| /h.

For ΔE / h, we would get the corresponding frequency in kilo hertz range. This is a low frequency radio wave.


If radio waves with this much frequency reach on earth, the DNA of living beings would correspond with this wave. That is nuclear spin energy of DNA will change. This change in DNA of living beings can affect its characteristics.  The energy or frequency with which nuclei correspond depends on chemical shift and spin-spin coupling. Spin-spin coupling is interaction of nuclei nearby. Chemical shift is due to diamagnetic property of molecule. That is the corresponding frequency depends on the chemical compound and chemical structure of molecule (DNA). That is the inherited gene. That is the resonance frequency depends on chemical compound and the direction of magnetic field (that is the place where the living being lives). For a radio wave, it will not take much time to change from one longitude to other. But at each place declination is different. That is the direction of earth’s magnetic field changes from place to place.

This change of energy of spin does not happen to all the nuclei in a molecule. According to the radiation energy available and the direction of earths magnetic field and the chemical structure of DNA molecule (inherited gene) this change in spin energy happen to certain nuclei (whose frequency correspond or resonate with the radio frequency field outside).

This changes the characteristics of the living being. According to that its life builds up because DNA bears all the characteristics of living being.

It is known from human genome map, of the three billion letters, only 1.5% of our genome is associated with protein synthesis. The function of the rest is not clearly known. It is believed that genes act as a bio computer. The function of junk DNA was not known clearly for years. It is known from the experiments of Russian scientists that they interact with radio waves. 99.9% of all the people have same nucleotide bases in our DNA. Then why we are so different?


Other than man made sources of radio waves the main source of radio waves is planets, stars, nebula etc. moon is a good reflector of radio waves. Sun and Jupiter are strong radio sources. Saturn is also a strong source of radio waves. Radio waves come from the constellation of Sagittarius also. From this region for the first time radio waves from space was detected.

This argument can be ended like this.

When a living being begins its life, it begins to absorb radio energy. It continues to receive this energy as long as it lives.

Following are the two things a living beings life depends on:

·        Inherited genes
·        Radiation energy available when he begins life and when he lives on earth

In the case of inherited genes, the change in spin energy happens to nuclei of the gene in the DNA. Some inherited genes become active based on the change in spin energy. 

The latter case can be explained with an example. Sometimes earth will be in the cone of Jupiter and its satellite, at that time receives radio waves from Jupiter. Radio waves coming from Jupiter can be divided into two, long bursts and short ones. They appear when particular parts of Jupiter are aligned with its moon Io. The emissions are not dispersed in all directions, but flow in the shape of a hollow cone. Earth should be precisely positioned in the narrow edge of the cone to receive radio signals.

This is how the planets and stars influence living beings. By this, we can say that the basic concept of astrology is true, we are interacting with the radio waves from space, That we are part of this universe ….

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