Friday, September 03, 2010

Dharmi Tewa as per Lal-Kitab

Dharmi Tewa (discussed on 11th nov 2008)

That means any of the following placements makes a chart a Dharmi Tewa i.e. a pious Chart:

(1). Rahu in house no.4
(2). Ketu in house no. 4
(3). Rahu with Moon in any house
(4). Ketu with Moon in any house
(5). Saturn in house no. 11
(6). Saturn with Jupiter in any house

Thankyou, Yograj Prabhakarji for explaining the Dharmi Teva concept brilliantly.

I will like to add more as per tradional astrology.

Person having this combination is either born with spiritual inclination from birth (group one)

or he turns to spirituality and continues thereafter at some point of life (group two).

Group one.

1)Saturn with Jupiter in any house.

Here Devotion of Saturn and wisdom of Jupiter make the person very responsible is also termed as Bhrama yoga, means ability to see past, present and future.

2)Ketu in house no. 4

Person surely takes dips in Ganges.

3)Ketu with Moon in any house.

Here person reject too much materialism and seeks meditation to understand himself.

Now Second group.

4)Rahu in house no.4

5)Rahu with Moon in any house.

6)Saturn in house no. 11.

All above combination makes to person too much attracted to materialism first but he does not gets peace in some or other way. He therefore turns to spiritualism as soon he finds some genuine Guru.

I am sorry to put traditional astrology understanding to Lal-kitab group, just for a thought if it help in anyway.

Thank you

Vijay Goel

Respected Vijay Bhai

Excellent observation indeed. You have beautifully expanded further the concept of Dharmi Tewa. The indication you have provided are just marvellous, this shows your deep study and practical experience. I would like to add a bit in Ketu 4, if it is malefic - the native is often fond of masturbation.

Yograj Prabhakar