Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Variation in Vimsottari dasa as per Lomesh Samhita

There is some variation regarding Vimsottari dasa in Lomesh Samhita which is as follows.

Vimsottari dasa I : starting from Kritika Nakshatra : condition :- Lagna in Moon's hora and Shukla paksha.

Vimsottari dasa II : starting from Ardra Nakshatra : condition :- Lagna in Sun's hora and Krishna paksha.

Shodasottari Dasa : Starting Pushyadi Nakshtra : condition :- Moon's hora krishna paksha or sun's hora shukla paksha.

This all facility of computing is present in Jhora.
we can check these dasa working practically for 10 different charts for marriage dates, child born dates, job joining date mainly at initial level.
This is my humble suggestion.
Members can post charts where above condition is present with dates of events.

Best Wishes
Vijay Goel