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Ketu in 12H and Moksha.

/// मोक्ष - आत्‍मसाक्षात्‍कार, तत्‍वज्ञान /// Planets have nothing to offer except they can give oppurtunity only.Ketu in 12H helps the person to get Moksha easily.
But Moskha cannot comes by planets unless one goes through rigid penance and process as mentioned by Patanjali and other sutras.Without Guru it is nearly impossible and Guru must be in state of Nirvan.
Money is something which is offered by planets very easily and i have seen many becoming rich without any efforts. But Moksha is not offered by planets in any way. Only ketu prepares mind and Sun, Jup becomes guides.. rest it is upon the individual to walk on path.
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  • Lalit Joshi wise post..tnx.
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  • Sidhant Sehgal well said-----abhi to jisake 12th me KETU hai wo MOKHSA ka jhnada liye ghum raha hai...aur aisa jahir kar rahe hain ki jaisey ''PUNYATMA'' ho ---bhai mere to 12th me KETU hai---main to moksha ko prapt hone wala hoon
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  • Rahul Singh Some have told me that I am having a Ketu Mahadasha since early last year. How does this effect me?
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  • Alka Goyal If guru is in 12th house tab bhi moksha milta hai Yeh maine kisi se suna hai.
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  • Astrologer Usha Saxena \\\\\Without Guru it is nearly impossible मोक्ष - आत्‍मसाक्षात्‍कार, तत्‍वज्ञान \\\\\ अभी मेरी एक FB मित्र ने मुझसे कहा , '''' कहा जाता है ज्योतिषियों के साथ देवी -देवता रहते हैं , यह सौभाग्य किसी और को नहीं मिलता ''''' उनसे पूछने पर कि किसने कहा , उन्होंने कहा '' एक मेरी गुरु हैं ''' !!!!!!!!!!! वैसे तो हर प्राणी में उस परम शक्ति का अंश है , पर क्या कुछ लोग ऐसी बातें कर के अन्धविश्वास नहीं फैला रहे ??? जब उच्च शिक्षित लोग ऐसी बातों पर भरोसा कर लेते है , तो कम शिक्षित -मासूम लोग '''तथाकथित बाबाओं -धर्म गुरुओं'''' के जाल में फंस जायें तो क्या आश्चर्य ?
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  • Veejay Goel गुरु वोही हो सकता है जो आत्‍मसाक्षात्‍कार, तत्‍वज्ञान को प्राप्त कर चुका हो ।
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  • Veejay Goel Sidhant Sehgal Ji, Other than detachment, Ketu is major karak for Jyotish also. Doing/practicing Jyotish has many many side-effects. Those who are doing Jyotish in a lighter vien, as a hobby or just for entertainment, they are surely to face many side-effects in their own life. Practicing Jyotish is Not for all. This is what i had undertood in my small experience.. Before reading a horoscope think 100 times..
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  • Vikas Varshney rahu in 12th is the karak of moksh... and ketu in 6th is the karak of moksh... to know the unknown with intuition(ketu) in virgo... desire(rahu) to reach unknown(12th) by the use of intuition(ketu) from virgo(6th) house...
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  • Veejay Goel Vikas Ji , // rahu in 12th is the karak of moksh // .... Classical text don't support this view and i don't want to comment further..

  • Veejay Goel Alka Goyal Ji, में यहा यही बात पर ज़ोर डाल रहा हु की ग्रह से मोक्ष नहीं 'मिलता' है । मोक्ष -मिलता- नहीं है , इस को "पाना" पड़ता है ।
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  • Veejay Goel ग्रह से पैसे "मिलता" है , शादी मिलती है , बच्चे मिलते है परंतु मोक्ष नहीं मिलता, "पाना" पड़ता है ।
  • Niva Kanjani Veejay Goel sir i have learnt that planets dont do anything good or bad.. they just indicate good or bad events happen because of our past karmas.. so mokshas chances are fixed... planets just indicate it and dont give moksha.. pl correct me if i am wrong...
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  • Veejay Goel Niva ji, there is slightly difference in understanding of what i want to say and what you are saying...I am saying all events in life are control by planets except Moksha...I hope i am clear..
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  • Veejay Goel AT Highest "Ketu" gives detachment... But not Moksha..

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kissing style of various moon signs

Astro Kissing

Aries: Aries, the fiery soul in you dictates hot passion, lust and aggression which are translated into your kiss as well. No one kisses as passionately as you, Aries. It will leave an impact hard to forget. Aries is driven by the desire to please your senses. It’s never enough though. You may end up wanting or even begging for more.

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