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ASTRO- VASTU: The real application of Vastu, secrets now open for all

ASTRO-VASTU : The real application of Vastu, secrets now open for all
Dated 28th July 2014

Yesterday BK Kumar Ji and Sanjeev Rajan Mishra Sahab, conduction a workshop on Astro-Vastu which is a very big step to open secrets to general people. I have been under oath to guard these secrets under Guru-sisya parampara by my teacher, but now these workshops are doing a great job.

My know-how and their preposition through Nadi astrology has less difference and can be blend together for optimum results.

Today just now i got the call from an old client of RAS cadre to purchase a house and needs my consultancy\advice. Native has two option of the same flat design from the builder. You will see how planets in horoscope compels the natives to get the property and how we can help them better.

One flat is south facing and other is west facing. Both design is same. Native asked me which is more better for him\her.

Map of flat is below :
Now in the Native Horoscope.. Rahu and Venus is in Second House in Simha Rasi.. observe how horoscope compels the native :-

Rahu-Ven : indicate that Bathrooom in South-East direction.

Rahu-Ven in 2H : Indicate Bathroom or Bedroom in East towards North ie East-North. 

Now in above map if it is South facing than we can clearly observe that Bathroom comes under East and North-East direction which will be dire malefic to this native and will bring huge financial losses.. [ Rahu is in Simha Rasi negativity will get activated due to Vastu position. ]

Now if above map is West facing than Bedroom comes in South and South-East which is far better and native may face little health problems but not financial loss. Here master bedroom also comes to East direction and other bedroon in East to North.

Therefore safely we can say than West facing in this particular case of more better.. 

There are more factors to be discuss but this is tip of ice-berg.

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Leo and Aquarius are natural sign for mysticism

Leo and Aquarius are natural sign for likings for mysticism. They have deep interest in mystics and do study over it. This is due to fact that in both signs 5th and 8th lord are same.

Leo have more beleifs in miracles and pychics abilities to fulfill their worldly desire whereas Aquarian are more philosophers, thinkers and in search of practical cause of suffering.

This is due to the facts that Leo Sign have three nakshatra : Magha, Purva Phalguna and Uttara Phalguna whose   Vimsottari lords are Ketu, Venus and Sun.   
Jupiter is 5th and 8th lord exalted in 12H. 
Leo is in Fire Sign indicate righteousness and creative expression. Dharma trikone.

This indicate that they beleive in miracles(Ketu) in Mahants (Jup) , Saints (Jup +Ketu) and Dharmic rituals (Leo fire sign) to keep their desire (Venus) and Power (Sun exalted in lagna) fulfillment. At bird's eye views they take Jiva atma and Paramtama as one and thus support of Advaita siddant.

Whereas Aquarius sign, three Nakshatra are Dhanista, Shatabhija and Purva Bhadprada whose Vimsottari lords are Mars, Rahu and Jupiter.
Mercury is 5th and 8th lord and exalted in 8H.
Aquarius is Air Sign represent Hopes and dreams - Kama Trikone.

They are logical thinkers and researchers (Mars & Mercury) on practical grounds (Saturn and Rahu). They keep making efforts and inventions (Mars as 3L & 10L). They beleive in Mathematics and statistics and then arrive on the mysticism of universe at large. At bird's eye views they take Jiva atma and Paramatma as different hence support Dwat siddhant- principle of dwality

Although both sign are complimentary to each other to understand the complete picture of mysticism.

These are some views which came up in my mind now...


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