Monday, September 03, 2018

Muhammad vedic horoscope

The birth details are taken from below site and thus i have casted the Vedic horoscope of Shri Mohammed \ Muhammad.

Here with Aquarius ascendant and Retrograde Saturn with Ketu in 10H and Retrograde Jupiter in 10H, shows that person will head of sect or founder of religion. Both retrograde Saturn and Jupiter connected with Nodes shows that he was predestined born to finish his Karma of previous births.

Exalted Sun and Mercury in 3H aspecting Jupter in 9H indicates receiving of messages (Ayah) from powerful \ divine source. (Sarva-atma + intelligence + Jeeva-atma at 3/9-axis)

Venus is with Rahu aspecting Lagna lord Saturn shows that for 'rights of women' he would be having different mental thought process. This combo in 4-10 axis also indicates luxurious life.

Moon in Leo in 7H: indicates dominant presence in public.

No Planets in 6,8,12H and strong relation of 1,5,7,9H indicates that he was destined to have large following and blessings from God. Strong Raj-yoga and other yogas in horoscope.

The final dispositer of all planets are Mars and Venus, which indicates that religion was spread through Jihad and Material attachments (concept of heaven) respectively.
These planet indicate the Karmic result of previous births and cause of prenatal and post natal habits.

This is just for study.

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