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Srinivasan Iyengar Ramanujan tentative horoscope, the mathematical genius.

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Srinavasa Iyengar Ramanujan
We know his Date of Birth and Place of Birth as :
DOB : 22-12-1887
POB : Erode, Tamil Nadu (77e44', 11n21')

I have deduced the birth time with the help of RP method as well as one more method which comes as

Natal Chart

Date:          December 22, 1887
Time:          9:01:00
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         77 E 44' 00", 11 N 21' 00"
               Erode, India

Vimsottari Dasa:

 Maha Dasas:

 Sat:  1883-12-25  -  1902-12-26
 Merc:  1902-12-26  -  1919-12-26
 Ket:  1919-12-26  -  1926-12-26

Vimsottari Dasa:

 Merc MD:  1902-12-26  -  1919-12-26

  Antardasas in this MD:

  Merc:  1902-12-26  -  1905-05-23
  Ket:  1905-05-23  -  1906-05-21
  Ven:  1906-05-21  -  1909-03-21
  Sun:  1909-03-21  -  1910-01-25
  Moon:  1910-01-25  -  1911-06-26
  Mars:  1911-06-26  -  1912-06-23
  Rah:  1912-06-23  -  1915-01-10
  Jup:  1915-01-10  -  1917-04-17
  Sat:  1917-04-17  -  1919-12-26


An Indian Mathematical genius, who invented more than 3900 theories and formulas, which are not only used in Mathematics but also in Polymer Chemistry, Computer Science and many other branches.

Moon Nakshatra is saturn, lagna lord is Saturn aspecting lagna, for research person requires  infinite patience and endurance, which is clearly visible.
Ketu in lagna gives the ability for focus at MICRO LEVEL, the clear cut sloka from Jaimini Rishi that ketu make clock repairer.
Mars trines to lagna and aspecting moon gives ability to think logically and to solves the problems by dividing into parts.
Jupiter - mercury yuti as well as PAC in D9 supports that person has blessings of Gurus.Lagna Nakshatra is moon , Jupiter aspecting moon and Rahu+Saturn aspecting Lagna gives intuitive powers.
Exchange of moon [4L] and mars [LL & 8L] in D24 indicate lacks in formal education but research attitude to explore.

His Family Back Ground :
He was born to a very poor Brahmin Family. His father was K. Srinivasa Iyengar, worked as Clerk in a Sari Shop for a monthly salary of Rs. 20.

1) 9H is afflicted and sun in 12H, poor family.
1) 6L is mercury in 3H with jupiter indicating father as clerk.
2) D24 : 9L retro saturn in 8H  indicate service and 9H aspected by mercury clerk.

His mother was a house wife, who also used to song at a local temple to earn little money from her side. Ramanujan had a close relationship with his mother. From her he learned about traditions & puranas.

1) Moon in 3H and Moon exalted in D24 indicate mother's boy.
2) In Lagna Ketu is 10th from 4H and In D24 ketu in 4H indicate mother's association with temples as said above.

In June, 1889 his mother gave birth to a son named Sadagopan, who died within three months.

1) Running vimsottari Dasa : saturn\mercury :
  a)In lagna mercury in 11H with 3L jupiter.
  b)In D3, mercury in 3H as 5L.
  c)In both charts mercury is afflicted by rahu and PAC with 12L.

Later in Nov, 1891 and again in 1894 she gave birth, but both children died in infancy.

In Nov 1891 : dasa was saturn\Ven : Venus is D3 lagnesh.

Ramanujan plagued by health problems throughout his life. He lived in extreme poverty and was often on the brink of Starvation.

See lagnesh is retro with rahu and jupiter is afflicted by rahu. Liver is weak and much poisen in body. Jupiter aspecting moon and saturn and exalted in D9 indicating saving grace. But jupiter is also 12L, hence remedies must be continued.

Timeline :
1) Dec, 1889 : had smallpox and recovered by God grace, because at that time thousands of children were dyeing due to same disease.

Dasa Running : Saturn\Ketu, clear cut classical combination for small pox.

2) 1903 : at the age of 16 years Ramanujan obtained a library loaned copy of a book titled "A sysnopsis of Elementary Results in Pure & Applied Mathematics", which generally acknowledged as a key Element in Awakening the "Genius" of Ramanujan.
3) 1904 : was awarded a prize for his Mathematical skills at age of 17 years.

Mercury\Mercury : Mer in 11H as 9L with jupiter, blessing of Shiva is coming.
Mercury is in 11H of awards.

4) 1905 : he ran away from home, due to his failure in getting a scholarship in Govt. College, as he failed all subjects except Maths.

Most probable in mer\mer\saturn.

5) Dec, 1906 : He left college without getting any degree and continued his research work in Mathematics and conducting tuitions to his seniors at the age of 19 years as he was experiencing extreme poverty he had to earn in someway.

Dasa Running : Mercury\Venus : Venus is in 10H in lagna and repeated in D24, amazingly correct !

6) On 14th July, 1909 : was married to a 9 year old bride named Janaki Ammal.

Dasa is Mer\sun : sun which is making 'Saral Yoga' is also 5L in D9 gave marriage under parent's arrangement. I don't think he ever had been asked or given any opinion on it.

7) Jan, 1910 : was operated for Hydrocele Testis Surgery by a doctor without taking any fees as Ramanujan's family can not afford the fee.

Same dasa Mer\sun and sun in 12H.

8) 1st March, 1912 : was joined as Class III, Grade IV Accounting Clerk getting Rs. 30 per month. (At office he was used finish his regular work as early as possible and then start spending remaining time on his research work)

Dasa running : Mer\Mars\Venus :
1) Mars as 4 & 11L in 9H aspected by 7L moon, income started.
2) Mars is in 10H as 11L in D10, got position and income.
3) Venus in 10H in own rasi in D1 and own rasi in 5H of post in D10.

9) On 17th, March 1914 : he left from Madras to london on a ship for Research work at Cambridge. All expenses and support was given by a Prof G.H. Hardy of that university, who was impressed with genius work of Ramanujan. He arrived in London on 14th, April 1914.

Dasa Running : Mercury\Rahu\Venus.

Rahu aspected by 12L Jupiter in 7H with retro saturn and rahu indicate foreigners.
Rahu is in 9H in D10 indicating foreignor support.
Venus is Yog karak in D1 as well as D10.

10) March, 1916 : was awarded a B.A. Degree (Now known as Ph. D), for his work on "Highly Composite Numbers".

Dasa Running : Mercury\Jupiter , i think no explanation needed it is clearly visible in 11H. :)

11) 1918 : became second Indian as Member of "Fellow of the Royal Society".(He was youngest of them)
12) 13th oct, 1918 : became the first Indian to be elected a "Fellow of Trinity College", Cambridge.

Dasa Running : Mer\Saturn : here saturn aspected by jupiter is exalted in D9.

13) 13th March, 1919 : was returned to India, as he was living in a country far away, and overly indulged with his mathematical research work, worsened his health (which he was suffering throughout his life) by stress and by scarcity of vegetarian food during first world war.

Mercury \ saturn : health worsened is clearly seen. 7H gives long travels many times.

14) 26th, April 1920 : at the age of 32 this genius mathematician left us, died due to serious health problem, perhaps due to infection of Liver.

Ketu\Ketu : afflicted by saturn and aspected by 22L in D3 and 88L in D12 with no protection was indeed a bad period. Ketu gives boils, ulcers  & infection in stomach.

A Rishi born, went to his abode in this period.


There are many more things which readers can explore themself.

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Combination for Chandala [चंडाल ] nature

 Chandala [चंडाल ]  :

Outcaste persons. Who are outcasted ? Person who is un-ethical in behavior as per norms of society, whose work is not suitable under the norm of society, whose main aim is to cheat and loot others by the skills one possesses.

Condition for snapshot view :

1) Retrograde Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet for ethical conduct, retrogression of Jupiter is worst nearly looses all ethical qualities.
2) Presence of SAKAT Yoga with no cancellation.
3) Rahu in 8H,9H or 12H OR in Scorpio, Sagittarius or Pisces sign.
4) Strong malefic influence on Lagna OR 5H primarily and
5) Strong malefic influence on Moon OR 4H from it secondary.
6) Absence of Maha Purusha Yoga.

All above condition must satisfy than person is definitely a "Chandala" nature.  
Now we can re-confirm by checking more minute details by deeply looking at nakshatra and divisional chart.

These above yoga does not mean that person will be un-successful or a poverty yoga. In today's society these person has been seen to acquire lot of wealth by doing un-ethical work.

In olden days when sectoral division of caste was more profound and Dharma sastra was in the hands of few persons, at that period Rahu conjunct with Jupiter was termed as Guru-Chandala yoga, but this yoga has arrived new meanings in this modern age.

One must restrict from these types of persons, specially spiritualist.

If parents finds this yoga in their children than there is one strong remedy to perform.

I am posting a chart where i have observed all the above psychological traits :
Date:          January 10, 1978
Time:          8:30:00
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         95 E 22' 00", 27 N 30' 00"
               Tinsukia, India

This person is suffering from Schizophrenia for past many years and now he has started taking treatment.He is UN-married till now and uses all his skills [mainly linguistics and astrology] to lure girls and women as well as to abuse others. This is the main problem of above Jatak.
People with Chandala yoga in their horoscope show the following common psychological traits:

1. They are known for a lack of sense of gratitude which is a noticeable mark in their lives.
2. Timid and lacking in initiative they need the support of someone to climb up some ladders in their life, and after achieving some success, betray their mentors (represented by Jupiter).
3. There is no one in the world that they admire. Emotionally warped, they rarely suffer a guilty conscience.

Best Wishes,
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