Friday, January 22, 2010

LK Grammar : Aayu Chakra

Date 5th sep 2008 : 1.07 am

Respected Priyaji Sir,

The dasa sequence of 36yrs cycle (2nd one) is quite logical as per LK principles.

It starts from Index finger (jupiter finger),
Aries : 1-3 years
Taurus : 4-6
Gemini : 7-9

than middle finger (saturn),
Capri : 10-12
Aqua : 13-15
Pisces : 16-18

than ring (sun) finger
Cancer : 19-21
Leo : 22-24
Virgo : 25-27

than pinky (mercury) finger.
Libra : 28-30
Scorpio : 31-33
Sagg : 34-36

I think three years are alloted for each rashi to accumulate the result of three phalanges (spiritual, mental, physical).

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The dasa cycle of 35 yrs is unique to Lal-Kitab.
It does NOT have any similar match with traditional astrology.

In traditional astrology, maturity cycle of planets is described below.

Till 16 years of age child is under the supervision of elders.
Four years each of Mother, Father, Guru & Society.

The further cycle is :
Jupiter :16-22: (completes education)

Sun :22-24 (takes independent decision)

Moon :24-25 (understands socialism)

Venus :25-28 (understand marriage and family life)

Mars :28-32 (competes for livelihood)

Mercury :32-36 (Establish himself in 'give take' policy of society)

Saturn :36-42 (Hard work for second rise in society)

Rahu :42-48 (Diplomatic understanding)

Ketu :48-54. (makes some image in society)

This is just my view to look at dasa cycle.

Thanks and regards,
Vijay Goel.

Respected Vijay ji,

Simply superb !

Thak you so much for your input.


Varun Trivedi

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ketu In 6th House : Lal Kitab

Date: Thursday, 21 January, 2010, 3:57 PM

Dear Kulbhir brother, Chetanji and all,


Ketu in 6th house :
1) dog in the skin of lion
2)kutta kya jaane halwe ka swad ya kutte ko ghee hazam nahin hota.
3) jaisa munh waisi chapped

My vedic views to understand it :

A)Ketu is the karak for 6th sense, and all we know that Dogs have highest 6th sense naturally.

B)Ketu one extra leg (in three legs ) is of Jupiter, which means that Ketu is the BLIND followers of Jupiter, it walks as jupiter (Guru) directs him. We know that Ketu does not have head so works blindly based on extra sensory sense, 6th sense mainly is 'intuition', is the matter of 'heart chakra' normally.
For example, 'Jehadis' who are terrorist in name of religion. They blindly follow Guru's direction.

We see that Dogs are most faithful also.
Hence Dogs is represent \ karak of Ketu is rightly said by Panditji.

C)Now Karak of 6th house is majorly Mars for fights and Mercury due to Kalpurush lord.

We see that here Ketu is neecha\debilitated in Kalpurush chart, what does it mean ?
Simple Ketu's 6th sense of perception and spirituality is lost, he gets totally confused in the world of greediness (mercury).

D)Here he gets association with Mars (karak of 6H), prime enemy of mercury.
Mars is anger, mar + ketu is pisach dosha, extreme anger which cannot be controlled easily.

Now ultimately Ketu in this house the persons gets confused over dharma , cannot understand what is right or wrong, hence reacts in a very angry and frustrating manner.

Therefore Pandit says that dog in the skin of lion.
He does not know 'halwa ke swad' simply means that material desires is not suited to him and he rejects it in a frustrating \ roaring way, as he himself is fixed in it and wants to come out of it.

Therefore Panditji says to wear a gold ring, to control mercurial waving nature through gold means pure thoughts.
This will improve the diplomacy tendency (which is lost), hence improve in relation especially with Mother's family, Mamas , Mausis, sister directly and overall improve in social behavior which will help to win over enemies, etc
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Thanking you,
Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel

Dear Goelji,

A very good explanation. Indeed praiseworthy.
But i couldn't understand as to how mars is karak of 6th house.

Kulbir Bains

Dear Kulbir bhai,

// But i couldn't understand as to how mars is karak of 6th house.//

When you will see the significance of 6th house, it mainly indicate fights and diseases.
Therefore , Mars is primary karak and Saturn is secondary karak is as per principles of vedic astrology which has been very well incorporated by Panditji at all appropriate places.

I have seen that at many instance Panditji has explained this House Karak and Planets (sambhand) relationship concept in a very effective, practical and unique way, which is also the foundation base concept of LK astrology.

Thanking you,
Vijay Goel
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