Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ravi Yoga Siddi yoga and Tithies

Tithi : The radial distance between sun and moon is measured in tithi, The difference of 12 degree is one tithi.The results of different tithi are mentioned in classics.

The various deities of tithies are as follows:

Pratipada : Agni Devta
Dwitia : Bhrama
Tritia : Parvati
Chaturti : Ganesha
Panchmi : Sarpa
Sasti : Kartikey
Saptami : Surya
Asthmi : Bhagwan Shanker
Navami : Sri Durga
Dasami : Yamaraaj
Ekadasa : Vishvedev
Dwadasi : Bhagwan Vishnu
Trayodasa : Kaamdev
Chaturdasi : Shiv
Amavasa and Purnima : Chandra
Amavasa : Pitra also lords it.

Second group is Tithies is :

Nanda : 1,6,11 [Jala tattwa]     + Friday =  Siddi yoga
Bhadra : 2,7,12 [Prithvi tattwa] + Wednesday = Siddi Yoga
Jaya : 3,8,13    [Agni tattwa]     + Tuesday = Siddi Yoga
Rikta :4,9,14     [Vayu tattwa]   + Saturday = Siddi Yoga
Purna : 5,10,15 [Akash tattwa] + Thursday = Siddi Yoga.

Nanda : 1,6,11 [Jala tattwa]     + Sunday or Tuesday =  Amrit yoga
Bhadra : 2,7,12 [Prithvi tattwa] + Monday or Friday = Amrit Yoga
Jaya : 3,8,13    [Agni tattwa]     + Wednesday           = AmritYoga
Rikta :4,9,14     [Vayu tattwa]   + Thursday              = Amrit Yoga
Purna : 5,10,15 [Akash tattwa] + Saturday                = Amrit Yoga.

Ravi Yoga : The specific nakshatra distance between Sun and Moon is Ravi Yoga, ie when counting from Sun's Nakshatra to Moon's nakshtra is 4,6,9,10,13, 20 [including both Nakshtra in 27 star scheme] is Ravi Yoga.

This removed all evils in Muhurtha.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Venus Mars and Sexercise

Nowadays [14th sep 2011], In transit Venus is debilitated, Mars is debilitated and Rahu-Ketu is moving over Vrishika-Tula Axis, ruled by secret science, lorded by Mars and Venus..

Hence i am writing this article for the married couples to improve their life with patience and understanding.

VENUS is Karaka for Maha Mrityunjaya, for all types of hormones secreted required for the over all metabolism in the body. It is significance for strong immunity, happiness and all forms of love and its expression.

MARS the Karaka for energy and heat. Any movement in body requires energy and that energy is caused by Mars. Any systematic movement of body parts for a purpose is called as an exercise and come under the arena of Mars. Positive significance is sports and negatively for war.

SEXERCISE term is highly popular in west for providing instance relief to many physical and mental illness. Many research has been done by doctors, physiologist, psychologist, physiotherapist and accumulated many series physical step-wise movements now known as sexercise.

An old technique with new name, which is the guarded secret part of Indian culture.
Rishi Vātsyāyana done the extensive work over it and produced the art of love in his works popularly known as Kama Sutra. Traditionally, the first transmission of Kama Shastra or "Discipline of Kama" is attributed to Nandi the sacred bull, Shiva's doorkeeper, who was moved to sacred utterance by overhearing the lovemaking of the god and his wife Parvati and later recorded his utterances for the benefit of mankind. Later text Ananga Ranga and Koka Shastra drew their inspiration from it.

In similar tradition Chinese Taoism teachings specifies this art of balancing Yin-Yang energy.
Therapeutic love-making was the ancient Taoist Science. Through control of rhythms and position of love, vital elements of body become harmonized. The Taoist book of Tang Dynasty lists many teachings.

The advance level of this art known as Tantrik way of Kundalini rise are described by Nigami Path in Kulachudamani Tantra, Kaulavalinirnaya Tantra and various others.
It is one the most sacred technique mostly developed and practiced in 'Kaam-Roop Desh', the eastern part of India [The seven states comprising Meghalaya, Assam, Arunachal Pradash, Manipur,Nagaland etc], the province of 'Mai Kamakhya Devi' situated in Guwahati.

These sacred yoga principles starts from physical to emotional plane. In advance level, which is still a gaurded secret, rises to Astral planes where many miracles starts to happen in one's life. Osho also has pointed out and explained in his lectures.

I am listing few combination [Minimum three must be present in both couple's horoscope] where sexercise can boost up their life and free them from many mental and physical agonies.
1) Node Rahu\ ketu present in Moksha [4,8,12] or Kaama [3,7,11] Trikone in horoscopes.
2) Venus and Mars combination [any four type] in D-1 or D-9.
3) Venus in D-1 or D-9 in Kaama Trikone for men, in Dustana for women.
4) Mars in D-1 or D-9 in Kaama Trikone.
5) Ketu in trine in D-9.
6) Venus combust or debilitated or in Dustana.
These are few listed above but it will be better for couples to consult an astrologer for the exact combination of yogic remedies.

Sexercise is 'only' based on physical level, which i call it 'gym on bed' and also time saving, provides physical benefits are as follows as provided by the researchers :
[source internet newspapers]

Lovemaking is good aerobic exercise and the sexual response keeps your circulatory system toned. Sexually active people suffer fewer heart attacks.


Sexercise can burn between 600 to 2300 kilojoules, depending on what you're doing and for how long. At the very least, it's a more entertaining way to keep fit than the treadmill! .

Pain relief
Endorphins released during orgasm make us feel "high" and can provide relief of mild to moderate pain from various conditions such as arthritis, backaches and headaches.

Mental and emotional relief
Neurochemicals released from both orgasm and the sensation of touch can alleviate a mild case of "the blues" (serious and clinical depression must be properly treated by a doctor). Hormones released during the sexual arousal response act as dis-inhibitors, ease fears and anxieties, and increase a sense of calm and well being.

Stress reduction
Regular sexual expression, including intercourse but not limited to it, boosts immune cells, reduces physical and emotional stress and helps us fight off illness. Most people turn away from having sex when they are stressed, when in fact having sex is a great stress reliever.

Research is still in development, but studies show that in women, the oxytocin released from orgasm prevents breast cancer tissue cells from developing tumours. Studies have been conducted on women with cancer, and further research on women who do not have cancer is still pending. In men, research shows ejaculation keeps the prostate healthy and helps prevent prostate cancer by halting the build-up of toxins and carcinogens in the prostate.

A long and happy life
Sexercise helps the body last longer, especially the heart and circulatory system, but also our brain, nervous system and muscles. Sexercise can make us feel confident, happy, fulfilled, connected, youthful and vibrant, adding to our desire to live well throughout our lives, and for longer.


Last but not least should be bear in mind that Sushruta Samhita, the major vedic medical text states " Life-essence [or chyle is manufactured from food]  produces blood, from blood is produced flesh, from flesh originates fat, which give rises to bones. From bone originates marrow, which in turn goes to generate semen or ovum" These are seven Dhatus which support the life and body.

If  one controls semen , the life force and vigor are in excess. The body absorbs the energy and all the senses are sharpened.

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Words of Swami Vivekananda and Astrology

Astrologers can be inspired from any source and they just 'dig up' to 'fix' their astrology in it.

Here are the inspirational quotes  of Swami Vivekananda Ji on LIFE [are re-arranged to match with astrological houses] and I linked up with astrological houses. :)

What is Life ?

Life is a spirit: Realise it          : Lagna
Life is a promise: Fulfill it        : 2H
Life is an adventure: Dare it    : 3H
Life is a game: Play it              : 3H
Life is a song: Sing it               : 4H
Life is a love: Enjoy it              : 5H
Life is a challenge: Meet it       : 6H
Life is a struggle: Fight it         : 6H
Life is a beauty: Praise it         : 7H
Life is a mystery: Unfold it       : 8H
Life is a tragedy: Face it          : 8H
Life is a puzzle: Solve it           : 8H
Life is a gift: Accept it              : 9H
Life is a duty: Perform it           : 10H
Life is a goal: Achieve it           : 10H
Life is an opportunity: Take it  : 11H
Life is a sorrow: Overcome it   : 12H
Life is a journey: Complete it   : 12H

- Swami Vivekananda


The above lines has many meanings and can be linked with astrological chart in more different ways :))

Vijay Goel 
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