Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Karak for Various Milk forms

 Dear Members,

I am giving the various significance of Milk products\form with respect to planets and house.
This is my original thought and it has never been told anywhere before.
This views are purely mine and houses are taken as per Kal-purush kundli or Natural zodiacal horoscope.

1) Pure Milk ( दूध ) -- Moon in 4th House or Cancer sign
2) Curd ( दही ) --- Venus in 4th House or Cancer sign
3) Pure Butter ( माखन ) - Moon exalted in Taurus sign or 2nd House.
4) Fresh Cheese ( पनीर ) -  Moon in 6th House or Virgo sign.
5) Condensed Milk ( मावा ) - Moon in 10th House or Capricorn.
6) Butter Milk ( छाछ ) -- Moon in debilitated in Scorpio or 8th House.
7) Clarified butter ( घी ) -- Venus exalted in Pisces or Venus in 12th house.

I hope it may help in remedies.
Suppose if any person is suffering mild depression then it means that Moon is weak in horoscope. Astrologer can suggest to consume small quantity of Pure Butter (without salt) for 40 days in early morning. 

if anybody agrees with this concept and want to share my findings then please quote my name for the original source.

Thank you
Vijay Goel
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