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Sraddha saham n Eros Asteriod

I was browsing through some western astrology sites and i encounter 'Eros' the God of love and desire.
Modern astrologers has related this Greek God Eros with an asteroid # 433.

433 Eros is an S-type asteroid orbiting the Sun mostly between the orbits of Earth and Mars.
        orbit: 172,800,000 km from the Sun (average)
        size:  33x13x13 km

But if we move to old calculation, Greek astrology are based on mid-points calculation of various planets and houses. In our very popular classical text Tajik Neelkanti, Saham are obtained in similar fashion, with the help of adding and subtraction of grahas' longitude. These are 50 in number as identified in Tajik Neelkanti.
The concept of solar return charts has been extensively used by Greek astrologer and Vedic astrologer strongly valued Tithies, [the difference between moon and sun] in seen in Panchanges.
Still, Tajik charts or solar return charts has been used in our Vedic classics extensively.

The inner solar system contains the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, and moon as a satellite to earth.

A major element of our sexuality comes under the domain of Mars. The sign and house position of Mars in our natal charts, as well as the aspects Mars makes with other planets and points, gives us some insight into our personal sexual style. However, Venus, the planet of love, romance, and pleasure, plays a role as well. The Moon, representing our emotional nature, affects our sexuality. In fact, as sexuality is a powerful motivator and is part of our identities, we can safely say that all of our planets and points have something to do with our sexuality in some way.

When exploring the astrology of sexuality, I keep in mind that the entire chart of an individual is involved, but there are some factors that tend to play a larger role than others.
Mars. The sign of Mars shows us the style in which we express our sexual nature.

Venus. The sign of Venus shows us some of the important "trappings" and foreplay that helps us get in the mood for sex.

Moon. The sign of our Moon shows us some of our underlying emotional needs  that may express themselves as sexual fantasies and needs.

Eros. The sign position of the Asteroid, Eros, can reveal some of our erotic turn-ons, as well as the level of our erotic nature.
Modern western astrologer has now related asteroid #433 with Eros as it is between Earth and Mars.

I think that Greek God Eros is more related to Sraddha Saham.

Sraddha Saham is calculated as the difference between Venus and Mars and summed up with Ascendent.

Venus - Mars + Ascendent = Sraddha Saham. [for day\night births]

When our mind reached at Sattvic level this Sraddha Saham is more related to divine cosmic universal love energy, but at Rajasic level it indicate an EMPATH , hence i feel that it is more related to Greek God Eros.
This is more related to sign of 'Girdle of Venus' in palm.

There are more Saham related to love and marriage are:
1) Vivah Saham 'marriage' = (Venus Long)-(Saturn Long)+(Ascendant Long) for day births.
here if third parameter i.e. Ascendant's longitude does not fall between Venus and Saturn's longitude then add 30 degrees, otherwise dont. For night births take, Vivah Saham = Sat-Ven+Asc.  
While for parshana charts, sometimes, Vivah Saham(marriage part) is taken differently.
Vivaha Saham for Parshana = (7th house)-(7th lord)+(Ascendant)

2) Preeti Saham 'Love' = Vidya saham - Punya Saham [ for day and night]

3) Pardara Saham ' extra marital' = Venus - Sun + Ascendent [for day and reverse for night]

All these calculation are available in softwares.

Interpretation of Saham :

A) The Saham are like significant cosmic points in chart. Treat them like special ascendants. They are specifically computed for annual solar return chart (Tajik Varsh parvesh). If they fall into trik bhav(6th, 8th and 12th), they assumed to be weak. Any aspect of benefic planet on it strenghten their status, whereas malefic's aspect afflict them. Transits of benefic planets over them lead to gain with respect to related matters.

B)Note the transit of Jupiter over Saham (say for Vivah Saham sign) or its trine signs, the time of that transit will favour marriage possibilities.

C)Transit of natural malefics Saturn and Rahu over Saham result in delay, losses and troubles.

D) Find, when in the annual solar return chart, "Mantha" falls into saham sign. (or say simply when SuDarshan Dasa of House having Taurus will commence). That year will also prove favourable regarding that Saham.

E) Note the yogas in chart, involved either Saham's lord and its sign of occupation. Good yogas yield favour and arishtas obstruct.

Keeping in mind the above rules one can predict for all Sahams.

Here i am producing the results of sign-wise placement of Eros.
We can experiment and observed with similar fashion by taking the sign of Sraddha Saham and applying the results.

Eros or Sraddha Saham in your Chart is Placed in Aries

The placement or Eros in this cardinal fire sign is really exciting. If Eros is placed in Aries, you are likely to be a very passionate lover. Without much thought or consideration, you thrust yourself almost blindly into a relationship. Sensual and quickly aroused, you are some of the most dreamed about partners. On the down side, your passion may blow out swiftly just after a flash. Watch out or this attribute of your sexual nature can get the better of you. You can make your partner feel like an object of sexual desire. Your partner must realize your emotional intensity and sexual ardor for a healthy love life. You take much delight in dogged persuasion and relish your success after the conquest.

Eros or Sraddha Saham in your Chart is Placed in Taurus

Dominated by the goddess of love, Venus, Taurus is steeped in beauty, amorousness and a daydreaming. When your Eros is placed in Taurus, it's a real turn-on for passion and love. Getting intimate and finding some way to express your wildest ideas is the main driving force behind you. When aroused, you can be as romantic as the god of love. But your sexual desire is tinged with a strong wish to control your partner. You make one of the most possessive partners on earth and your partner may feel stifled. Simple and straight forward in matters of love, you are shorn of any kind of complication or superficial intricacy. Stick to a steady partner for optimum happiness in life.

Eros or Sraddha Saham in your Chart is Placed in Gemini

When Eros is coupled with Gemini, the sign of communication and complex thought process, you may pay heed more to intellectual compatibility than anything else. You would like to express your own views about love, passion and sexual experience rather than trying those in real life. You are curious and possess a strong yearning to know all about love matters. You would be articulate when talking about romance, a consummate writer when sending a note of love to your fiancé and never overlook any detail while experiencing physical pleasure. There is a sharp contradiction between your apparent flirtatious playfulness and your liking for idealized love.

Eros or Sraddha Saham in your Chart is Placed in Cancer

A person with Eros in Cancer is eager to share the joy and grief of his partner. You can be very giving in your relationship but at the same time will ask for a lot of attention. Nurturing some archetypal feminine qualities, you are capable of deep emotional as well as erotic intimacy. Supporting your partner through the ups and downs of life makes you one of the most coveted lovers. When threatened with insecurity, there is a chance to treat your lover just like an object of lust to fulfill raw passion. For you, sexuality is a viable way to awaken spirituality from the deepest realm of your being. You will want your partner to be chaste and loyal but might not uphold the same ideals for yourself.

Eros or Sraddha Saham in your Chart is Placed in Leo

When Eros, the God of love occupies this fiery sign, fireworks follow as an inevitable consequence. You would like to be the center of all attraction and seek humble submission from your partner. Majestic and dramatic as you are, you would radiate a lot of energy and warmth in your sexual life. You would like to be adulated or even worshipped as the hottest person. You get infatuated by the opposite sex very fast and easily indulge into romantic liaison. Despite all these drawbacks, you can be committed and loyal lovers sticking to a steady relationship. Your partner must not hurt your immense ego or the mesmerizing fireworks can turn into a blazing rage.

Eros or Sraddha Saham in your Chart is Placed in Virgo

Whimsical and moody at times, you are a fine combination of unsophisticated earthiness and quick wit. The same aspects are reflected in your relationship. You are prone to detailed analyzing before going for any kind of romantic affair. No doubt, this discriminating approach helps you a lot to choose the right partner but at the same time can leave your partner confused. You may appear to be critical and squeamish to others. You crave for tactile sensations. A soft touch, a kiss or just holding hands mean much to you. Sensitive, emotional and a shy lover, you can work wonders with your words. You do not like to plunge into the murky depths of physicality or try anything wild. You like to envisage love and even sexual love as pure and pristine

Eros or Sraddha Saham in your Chart is Placed in Libra

Taking part in many activities with your partner is essential for Eros in Libra. You feel closely attached to your lover this way. Enjoying all that is beautiful in this world together and sharing your feeling top the list. Being an airy sign, you feel a strong need to communicate, to ask, being enquired about your own experience and giving tips or advice are important for you. With an ardent desire for romantic involvements, you can be quite flirtatious. You can give total attention to your partner's sexual needs forgetting your own. Restless and easily bored, you may feel trapped after entering into a relationship. Sociable and sensual, you are highly seductive to the opposite sex.

Eros or Sraddha Saham in your Chart is Placed in Scorpio

The most intriguing position of 12 zodiacs, Eros is all set to sear and bewitch you with this position. Nothing superficial can appease your immense appetite for love and sexuality. When you get attached to someone, your ardent emotions and all consuming passion may make the other one feel uneasy. The light-hearted, frivolous partner is surely not the best choice for you. When you seek heart and soul attachment with your love, social dogmas and taboos seem to be meaningless to you. You are not afraid to reveal your darker side and delve into the unknown realms of your psyche. You can attract the other sex like a magnet without much effort.

Eros or Sraddha Saham in your Chart is Placed in Sagittarius

If you have Eros in Sagittarius, you are keen to try something new or event eccentric with your partner. You would like to explore new horizons, face challenges and set targets to achieve in your love life. Beaming with exuberance and enthusiasm, you are a playful and happening lover. Sexuality is considered as any other game that can be played and won. You never hesitate to talk about your ideas and fantasies about sex. Openness and a lot of space are pivotal to you for a healthy relationship. You prefer having fun and a good laughter rather than indulging into passionate and amorous affairs. These lovers have an enthusiastic and exuberant appeal. Sex is meant to be fun and some roughhousing and plenty of hearty laughs are turn-ons. No matter however flirtatious or playful you may be, you want your partner to be absolutely loyal and honest.

Eros or Sraddha Saham in your Chart is Placed in Capricorn

Judgmental in your attitude towards others, you will never indulge in an affair without considering the pros and cons of your partner. You are opinionated and a partner who can help you in your daily affairs is likely to win your admiration. Nonetheless, you are sensual and adopt a simple approach while dealing with your sexuality. You have a strong urge for physical intimacy but that can not outweigh your rationality or calmness. Balanced and controlled you never think in abstract terms. Practical and real-life solutions are more appealing to you than obscure or distant ideals. You do not let your heart known to others easily, but when you do, your sexual life becomes a joy-ride for your partner.

Eros or Sraddha Saham in your Chart is Placed in Aquarius

Following the same well-trodden path is not your way of love. You have a strong desire to experience the bizarre, quirky and weirdness in your partner. Others tend to misunderstand you as unfeeling and dispassionate. You just find attachment and sensuality in most unlikely situations. You like elaborate discussions and inspire your partner to travel beyond known territories. Filled with charm and enthusiasm, you can always find a way out while others feel embarrassed. Playful and open-minded, you do not mind crossing the border to have fun and ecstasy in love. Your partner should be innovative and creative in sex otherwise you may feel bored and disinterested.

Eros or Sraddha Saham in your Chart is Placed in Pisces

In this sign, Eros loses his self assertive ego even to the extent of dissolving his own being and empathizes completely with the partner. Seeking utmost pleasure and heavenly delight, you want to take your fiancé back to the Garden of Eden where you can live happily ever after. Union to you is a sacred bond that must be sanctified and protected carefully. Physical love is not distasteful for you, but that is only a means to than the aim itself. Sensitive and mysterious, you can conveniently handle emotional baggage while others may consider that disgusting. You have a legendary mystic ability to realize the deep psychic dynamics of a sensitive partner.


I hope that this article with help in opening new thoughts and new way of interpretation.

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Nadi astrology Brighu Saral Padathi

This series is Brighu Saral padathi is produced by e-magazine Saptharishi Astrology in various issues. Link is

Saturn :

1.      Wherever Saturn sits he creates Ups & Down in the 4th house from it, in minimum any one signification of that house. This becomes his Karmic House called as Shani’s Previous Lives House. He will first create up & then down in the significations of the house or at times even the reverse, basically he will create Fluctuations.
2.      Wherever Saturn sits, he becomes Judge Dread or Emperor and he shouts ‘I Am the Law’.
a)      It is that house where
b)      Karma is unfinished & you ‘Need’ to finish it.
c)      You will or can make mistakes concerning significations of that house
d)      You will be judged for your mistakes – there is no 99% in this.
e)      If the Universal Law is not followed in that house, Saturn will destroy that house as He is the Law.
3.      Wherever Saturn sits he spoils/destroys/activates, one of the significations of the 2nd house from it: That   He passes on the judgment of this house (where he is placed) on to the 2nd house from it.
4.      Saturn implements its energy in the 6th house from itself in the 28th year.
5.      Saturn’s 3rd aspect implements itself in the 20th year.
6.   Saturn's where it sits, it gives result in 51th year.
7.   Where Saturn 3rd aspect in 51th year, it gives results in 51th year.
9.   Saturn implements in the 4th house from itself in the 24th year and\or 48th year.
10.  “When Saturn and Mars are conjunct in any house, at least one signification of the sign of Aries, whichever house it occupies, will be Spoiled/Activated/Topsy Turvy”

Jupiter :
1.      When Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct in any house, at least one signification of the sign of Aries, whichever house it occupies, will be spoiled/activated/destroyed or for the prosperity of that house to manifest, lots of efforts need to be put in.     
2.      Wherever Jupiter sits he creates Ups & Down in the 10th & 6th house from it, in at least one significations of that house. This becomes his Karmic House called as Jupiter’s Previous Lives House. He will first create Up & Down in the significations of the house which means fluctuations. He will destroy at least one signification of that house.
3.      If Jupiter is exalted, then it implements its sensitive strongest energy in the sign of Aquarius & it might even destroy one of the significations of the house hosted by Aquarius.
a)      Jupiter in Cancer implements its strongest energy in the mooltrikona Rasi of Saturn that is Aquarius
b)      It sometimes ends up destroying very badly one of the significations of the house represented by Aquarius Rasi.
4.      BSP rule is where Jupiter sits its 9th aspect gives effects in the 22nd year of one’s life
5.  Jupiter will implement itself in the 9th house from the place it is located in a chart and/or the house where it is located in the 40th year of a native’s life.
a)      Jupiter’s 9th aspect rule – 40th year:
b)      Jupiter will implement its 9th aspect in the 9th house from the place it is located in the 40th year of a native’s life.
c)   Jupiter will implement itself in the house where he is located in the 40th year of a native’s life.
6.  Jupiter 5th aspect rule in 32nd year: Jupiter will implement its 5th aspect in the 5th house from the place it is located in the 32nd year of a native’s life.
a)      At ‘Times’ it has been observed that this 32nd year implementation also can happen in the same house.
b)      Jupiter’s 5th aspect has a Special ‘Unlocking’ characteristic & a ‘Purva Puniac Characteristic’ (Previous Life Results). This must not be ignored.
c)      The 3rd house from this 5th house (aspect) of Jupiter i.e. 7th house from Jupiter, will ‘Control’ or ‘Influence’ the results of this 5th aspect. In effect one can say that Jupiter’s 7th aspect can also be implemented in the 32nd year.
d)      Jupiter is karaka for children, prosperity (Vriddhi) is to be kept in mind & also can be the worst malefic at times irrespective of lordships.
7.  BSP rule is where Jupiter sits it also gives effects in the 69th year of one’s life for that house.

8.) ‘If Jupiter is placed in Dual Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) it would spoil/destroy/delay One of the results of the 7th house from it’.

9) “Jupiter in Moveable Sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) will spoil/destroy/weaken/delay the
results of 12H from it”.
10) It states that ‘2nd from Jupiter’ something unshastriac or not the right code of conduct will happen,      whatever be the state/sign of Jupiter.
11)  ‘Jupiter implements its energies in the house it is posited in the 37th year’.

  1. Rahu implements itself in the 6th from itself in the 38th year of a native.
  2.  BSP rule is where Rahu sits it gives effects more in the 37th year of one’s life for that house (at times) and its 9th aspect implements itself in the 37th year.
  3.  Rahu’s 5th aspect implements itself in the 22nd year.
  4. ‘Rahu implements its energy in the house it is posited in the 30th year’.

Ketu :
  1. Ketu implements itself in the 12th from itself in the 24th year of a native’s life.
Venus :
1.  The house where I am given shelter or the lord I conjoin with or the lord of the house I represent will show where I can, I repeat I can & not will (100 %) contribute to the
a)      Medical expenses or Diseases
b)      At times Death
c)      Peeda (Dramatic Troubles)
d)      If I am in mood then the 12th from where I am placed could be hit by me & you would be forced to get the Sanjeevani (Miracle Herb) Bhuti for the problem but if my blessings are not there then you would not get it. All the above results will no doubt depend on other conditions but still would affect it out at least mildly irrespective of the conditions.
e)      Observe the position house of Venus or the Lord it combines with and that lord’s house ownership or the house Venus is lord of.
f)        This Venus will indicate the diseases or medical expenses that you would spend in this life.
g)      At times it can also indicate the nature of death.
h)      At times it can also indicate the ‘Dramatic Troubles - Peeda’ that you would face in your life.
i)        Irrespective of the sign it is placed in whether of friend or enemy or exaltation or dispositor well or ill placed or Nakshatra lord well or ill placed still this Venus can give results if it wishes.
j)        Venus can also afflict the 12th from it.
k)      Karakas in both cases of Venus and/or the conjoining lord must be used effectively.

1.  Wherever Mars sits in the natal chart, it implements itself in the tenth house from itself in the 27th year of the native.
2.  The house where I am given shelter where I can, I repeat I can & not will (100 %) contribute to the following
a)      Marriage life of ‘One’ of the relative represented by that house will be spoilt or challenged or difficulty in getting married.
b)      Dowry taken or given by that relative or used as a tool to score points/revenge.
c)      Some evil done in respect to money by that relative i.e. tax evaded or unethical means of money possession.
d)      Some aspect of that house will be hidden and possibility of it to come out in the open later
e)      That relative can also have sexual disfunctionality/abnormality/obsession.
f)        Chronic diseases or bad end to life.
g)      Of course all this will depend and heightened/modified if I am in my friend’s house or enemies house and if I am under influence (aspect) of enemies or krura (harsh) graha or position in Vargas.

3. Mars implements its 4th aspect in the 32th year.
4. ‘Mar’s implements its 8th aspect in the 36th year’.
Mercury :
1.  Where Mercury sits :
a)      The 5th from it, Mercury will create ‘Ups & Downs or Obstacle or Supreme Troubles’ in minimum one signification of that house
b)      Mostly it will be Downs
c)      Mercury in the 5th from itself will cause a lot of free will and at the same time separation, travel or fights.
d)      It will also at times show the bad karma of free will that was exercised depending upon the aspects and signs.
 2. Where mercury sits :
                  a)  Mercury implements its energy in the 7th house from itself in the 40th year.
                  b)  In some cases, it is observed that Mercury implements the energy of 7H from itself in                                     the house it is placed in the 40th year.
3.  Mercury implements its energies in the 10th house from itself  in the 24th year.
Sun :
           Where Sun sits :
                 1) Sun implements its energy in the 6th house from itself in the 10th year.
                 2) Sun implements itself in the house it is seated in the 25th year.

Moon : 
      1)  Moon's Door Mat House technique : There are three results indicated by this rule.
                  a)  Trouble to one of the relatives indicated by the 12th from Moon, and / or
                  b)  Physical problem to the said relative, and / or
                  c)  Attitudinal problems to that relative.

Some pointers as collected by Shankar Hedge Ji:
1. Venus vibrates 12th from it at the age of 15.
3. (Given by admin of SA to me) Ketu implements itself in the 12th house at the age of 32 years.
4. If some jatak has the dasha chiddra on 21st year of his life (ie. After completion of 20 to beginning of 21) then on 32th year of his life he will get mritu or mritu tulya kashta.
5. If Mars & Ketu are conjunct in an angle or trine either the father or brother/sister will work for Police or Defence forces. Mars+Ketu anywhere can give troubles related to lord Ganesh. Which I learnt from my guru ji of native place. My modification is that if not related to lord Ganesh some problems in the area of spine or around that area as Mooladhara chakra is related to lord Ganesh. Many times the same combination can give litigation related to immovable assets if reflected in D-4 & D-30.
6. According to Banarasi Pundit ji, the 10th aspect of Sat is always destructive. 7th can give mixed results. The 3rd aspect always hides some hidden blessings.
7. When Jupi&Sat are together sign Aries will spoil at least 1 siginification of that house whichever the house it becomes from Lagna. My modification is, sign aries becomes sensetive if Sat is with jupiter, sign Taurus becomes sensetive if Sat is in 2nd from Jupi, Sign Gemini if Sat is in 3rd from Jupi & so on. 
8.  KNR ji's theory of, Dara Karakas attract. In case of love marriages DK of both the lovers either aspect each other or are in trine/angle to each other


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