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शनि ग्रह को क्यो तामसिक कहा है

शनि ग्रह को ऋषियों ने "तामसिक" category मे रखा है ।

पहले यहा समझना है की सात्विक, राजसिक और तामसिक क्या गुण है॥ इस का विवरण गीता में बहुत अच्छे से समझाया है और भी बहुत ग्रंथो में बताया गया है । मन चित इंद्रिय आत्मा बुद्धि शरीर के संबंध की जो भी ग्रंथ ने चर्चा की है वहा इस गुण की चर्चा अवश्य हुई है ।

मूल प्रश्न है की शनि ग्रह को क्यो तामसिक कहा है ? ? जबकि जहा भी शनि देव की कहानी में जो भी चर्चा आती है वहा कोई तामसिक व्यवहार नहीं दिखता है ।

मेरा मत है की 'शरीर' द्वारा जो भी 'चेष्टाए' होती है उस कर्म का कारकतत्त्व शनि को प्राप्त है । 'परिश्रम' शब्द शनि का 'पर्याय' है । शनि प्रधान व्यक्ति अथक परिश्रमी होता है ।मेरा अनुभव भी यही है की शनि प्रधान व्यक्ति को शरीर रक्षा और निर्वाह की विशेष मनन होता है । इसलिए दुख,आयु, रोग, का मूल कारक शनि है। 'रोटी कपड़ा मकान' शनि प्रधान व्यक्तितव का ही मूल नारा है ।

मूल प्रश्न पे लोटते है ; शरीर की 'चेष्टाए' मूल रूप से 'इंद्रियो' के आधीन रहती है और 'स्वा' कल्याण का अति बोध है । जो कर्म इंद्रियो के आधीन है वो कर्म सात्विक तो नहीं कह सकते । यहा एक मूल कारण है शनि को तामसिक में रखने का ।

जब शनि का संबंद बृहस्पति से होता है तो 'स्वा' का अति बोध समाप्त हो जाता है 'सर्व कल्याण' की तरफ बुद्धि का रुख होता है । इस प्रकार के लोग समाज में बहुत उच्चाइयो को छूते है , उद्योगपति , ठेकेदार, समाज के ठेकेदार (नेता) बनते है ।

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Day Nakshatra Anandadi Panchang Yogas

Dear Readers,

I am producing the list of Panchang yogas which are very important for Muhurtha as well as in Natal chart.
These yogas are formed with Nakshatra and Day combination known as Anandadi yogas.

On 12th June 2019, there is Anand Yoga. Wednesday + Hasta Nakshatra which gives Siddhi.

Additional 12th June 2019, it is known as Ganga Dusseraha festival. Tithi is 10th and many other Panchang yogas like Karan, others yogas are very favorable.
As per Skandpuran, as writen in Ganga dusseraha stuti verse 23, if Ganga Dusseraha comes with Anandyoga, then it is considered as Rare yoga as this was the actual combination when Mata Ganga got incarnated on Earth.

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Sunday, March 03, 2019

Fate and freewill


This topic is always under discussion with many scholar specially with astrologers.

Here i am providing the statements on this topic from Matsya Puran chapter 221, where Lord Matsya (Avatar of Lord Vishnu) is explaining to King Manu.
There are only 12 verse which explains the superiority on fate and perseverance (efforts).

English Translation :

Manu said : Lord , which is superior, fate or one's own exercise and efforts ? I have got the doubts on this, kindly solve them. -- Verse 1

Lord Matsya said: The actions of past life are know as fate* or Daivya, consequently the wise have always hold one's own effort and perseverance as superior. A man who every day performs righteous and auspicious deeds turns even his ill luck into a good one.
Those who has performed good deed in past life and are filled with SatvaGuna do get their desired fruits without there personal efforts and exertions.

Rajuguna class of men get fruits accordance to their perseverance and efforts and Tamoguna Class of men attain their desire with difficulty and hard efforts. - Verse 2-5

O King! That men get their desires fulfilled by efforts and energy and those who are incapable of perseverance and efforts regards fate as supreme.

Consequently at all times (past, present and future) fate conjoint with perseverance are successful. Perseverance and fate give desire result in its own time thus
Fate, Perseverance and Time all three conjointly bear fruit to the man. - Verse 6-8

Agricultural prospects thrive by rain which again depends on fixed time and not otherwise. - 9

A man should therefore persevere righteously he then gets high fruits during adversity  and even if he does  not get fruits in this life, he is sure to get them in the next world. - Verse 10

Lazy people and those that only depend on fate do not ever gain their objects, so one should always persevere in the path of righteousness. - Verse 11

Prosperity forsakes those who always dream of fate and favours those who persevere, one should therefore always be active and alert - Verse 12
* Positive Fate means blessings. Negative fate means curses.

This the basis of horoscope.

We try to read fate by analysis the quality of time (personal calendar) and guide native to perform righteous and required efforts to get desired results.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Pt Roop Chand Joshi KalaNidhi Yoga

As i have discussed earlier on KalaNidhi Yoga.

The great scholar and author of Lal Kitab (late ) Pt Roop Chand Joshi has perfect KalaNidhi Yoga.

Lal Kitab is unique variation of Nadi astrology not found elsewhere. One of the most popular system of astrology in Punjab.

More about him from this link

I am producing his Moon's Horoscope and birth time is not known.

Just check the exchange of Mercury and Jupiter in 2-11 House and the perfect #KalaNidhi Yoga.

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