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Srinivasan Iyengar Ramanujan tentative horoscope, the mathematical genius.

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Srinavasa Iyengar Ramanujan
We know his Date of Birth and Place of Birth as :
DOB : 22-12-1887
POB : Erode, Tamil Nadu (77e44', 11n21')

I have deduced the birth time with the help of RP method as well as one more method which comes as

Natal Chart

Date:          December 22, 1887
Time:          9:01:00
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         77 E 44' 00", 11 N 21' 00"
               Erode, India

Vimsottari Dasa:

 Maha Dasas:

 Sat:  1883-12-25  -  1902-12-26
 Merc:  1902-12-26  -  1919-12-26
 Ket:  1919-12-26  -  1926-12-26

Vimsottari Dasa:

 Merc MD:  1902-12-26  -  1919-12-26

  Antardasas in this MD:

  Merc:  1902-12-26  -  1905-05-23
  Ket:  1905-05-23  -  1906-05-21
  Ven:  1906-05-21  -  1909-03-21
  Sun:  1909-03-21  -  1910-01-25
  Moon:  1910-01-25  -  1911-06-26
  Mars:  1911-06-26  -  1912-06-23
  Rah:  1912-06-23  -  1915-01-10
  Jup:  1915-01-10  -  1917-04-17
  Sat:  1917-04-17  -  1919-12-26


An Indian Mathematical genius, who invented more than 3900 theories and formulas, which are not only used in Mathematics but also in Polymer Chemistry, Computer Science and many other branches.

Moon Nakshatra is saturn, lagna lord is Saturn aspecting lagna, for research person requires  infinite patience and endurance, which is clearly visible.
Ketu in lagna gives the ability for focus at MICRO LEVEL, the clear cut sloka from Jaimini Rishi that ketu make clock repairer.
Mars trines to lagna and aspecting moon gives ability to think logically and to solves the problems by dividing into parts.
Jupiter - mercury yuti as well as PAC in D9 supports that person has blessings of Gurus.Lagna Nakshatra is moon , Jupiter aspecting moon and Rahu+Saturn aspecting Lagna gives intuitive powers.
Exchange of moon [4L] and mars [LL & 8L] in D24 indicate lacks in formal education but research attitude to explore.

His Family Back Ground :
He was born to a very poor Brahmin Family. His father was K. Srinivasa Iyengar, worked as Clerk in a Sari Shop for a monthly salary of Rs. 20.

1) 9H is afflicted and sun in 12H, poor family.
1) 6L is mercury in 3H with jupiter indicating father as clerk.
2) D24 : 9L retro saturn in 8H  indicate service and 9H aspected by mercury clerk.

His mother was a house wife, who also used to song at a local temple to earn little money from her side. Ramanujan had a close relationship with his mother. From her he learned about traditions & puranas.

1) Moon in 3H and Moon exalted in D24 indicate mother's boy.
2) In Lagna Ketu is 10th from 4H and In D24 ketu in 4H indicate mother's association with temples as said above.

In June, 1889 his mother gave birth to a son named Sadagopan, who died within three months.

1) Running vimsottari Dasa : saturn\mercury :
  a)In lagna mercury in 11H with 3L jupiter.
  b)In D3, mercury in 3H as 5L.
  c)In both charts mercury is afflicted by rahu and PAC with 12L.

Later in Nov, 1891 and again in 1894 she gave birth, but both children died in infancy.

In Nov 1891 : dasa was saturn\Ven : Venus is D3 lagnesh.

Ramanujan plagued by health problems throughout his life. He lived in extreme poverty and was often on the brink of Starvation.

See lagnesh is retro with rahu and jupiter is afflicted by rahu. Liver is weak and much poisen in body. Jupiter aspecting moon and saturn and exalted in D9 indicating saving grace. But jupiter is also 12L, hence remedies must be continued.

Timeline :
1) Dec, 1889 : had smallpox and recovered by God grace, because at that time thousands of children were dyeing due to same disease.

Dasa Running : Saturn\Ketu, clear cut classical combination for small pox.

2) 1903 : at the age of 16 years Ramanujan obtained a library loaned copy of a book titled "A sysnopsis of Elementary Results in Pure & Applied Mathematics", which generally acknowledged as a key Element in Awakening the "Genius" of Ramanujan.
3) 1904 : was awarded a prize for his Mathematical skills at age of 17 years.

Mercury\Mercury : Mer in 11H as 9L with jupiter, blessing of Shiva is coming.
Mercury is in 11H of awards.

4) 1905 : he ran away from home, due to his failure in getting a scholarship in Govt. College, as he failed all subjects except Maths.

Most probable in mer\mer\saturn.

5) Dec, 1906 : He left college without getting any degree and continued his research work in Mathematics and conducting tuitions to his seniors at the age of 19 years as he was experiencing extreme poverty he had to earn in someway.

Dasa Running : Mercury\Venus : Venus is in 10H in lagna and repeated in D24, amazingly correct !

6) On 14th July, 1909 : was married to a 9 year old bride named Janaki Ammal.

Dasa is Mer\sun : sun which is making 'Saral Yoga' is also 5L in D9 gave marriage under parent's arrangement. I don't think he ever had been asked or given any opinion on it.

7) Jan, 1910 : was operated for Hydrocele Testis Surgery by a doctor without taking any fees as Ramanujan's family can not afford the fee.

Same dasa Mer\sun and sun in 12H.

8) 1st March, 1912 : was joined as Class III, Grade IV Accounting Clerk getting Rs. 30 per month. (At office he was used finish his regular work as early as possible and then start spending remaining time on his research work)

Dasa running : Mer\Mars\Venus :
1) Mars as 4 & 11L in 9H aspected by 7L moon, income started.
2) Mars is in 10H as 11L in D10, got position and income.
3) Venus in 10H in own rasi in D1 and own rasi in 5H of post in D10.

9) On 17th, March 1914 : he left from Madras to london on a ship for Research work at Cambridge. All expenses and support was given by a Prof G.H. Hardy of that university, who was impressed with genius work of Ramanujan. He arrived in London on 14th, April 1914.

Dasa Running : Mercury\Rahu\Venus.

Rahu aspected by 12L Jupiter in 7H with retro saturn and rahu indicate foreigners.
Rahu is in 9H in D10 indicating foreignor support.
Venus is Yog karak in D1 as well as D10.

10) March, 1916 : was awarded a B.A. Degree (Now known as Ph. D), for his work on "Highly Composite Numbers".

Dasa Running : Mercury\Jupiter , i think no explanation needed it is clearly visible in 11H. :)

11) 1918 : became second Indian as Member of "Fellow of the Royal Society".(He was youngest of them)
12) 13th oct, 1918 : became the first Indian to be elected a "Fellow of Trinity College", Cambridge.

Dasa Running : Mer\Saturn : here saturn aspected by jupiter is exalted in D9.

13) 13th March, 1919 : was returned to India, as he was living in a country far away, and overly indulged with his mathematical research work, worsened his health (which he was suffering throughout his life) by stress and by scarcity of vegetarian food during first world war.

Mercury \ saturn : health worsened is clearly seen. 7H gives long travels many times.

14) 26th, April 1920 : at the age of 32 this genius mathematician left us, died due to serious health problem, perhaps due to infection of Liver.

Ketu\Ketu : afflicted by saturn and aspected by 22L in D3 and 88L in D12 with no protection was indeed a bad period. Ketu gives boils, ulcers  & infection in stomach.

A Rishi born, went to his abode in this period.


There are many more things which readers can explore themself.

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Combination for Chandala [चंडाल ] nature

 Chandala [चंडाल ]  :

Outcaste persons. Who are outcasted ? Person who is un-ethical in behavior as per norms of society, whose work is not suitable under the norm of society, whose main aim is to cheat and loot others by the skills one possesses.

Condition for snapshot view :

1) Retrograde Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet for ethical conduct, retrogression of Jupiter is worst nearly looses all ethical qualities.
2) Presence of SAKAT Yoga with no cancellation.
3) Rahu in 8H,9H or 12H OR in Scorpio, Sagittarius or Pisces sign.
4) Strong malefic influence on Lagna OR 5H primarily and
5) Strong malefic influence on Moon OR 4H from it secondary.
6) Absence of Maha Purusha Yoga.

All above condition must satisfy than person is definitely a "Chandala" nature.  
Now we can re-confirm by checking more minute details by deeply looking at nakshatra and divisional chart.

These above yoga does not mean that person will be un-successful or a poverty yoga. In today's society these person has been seen to acquire lot of wealth by doing un-ethical work.

In olden days when sectoral division of caste was more profound and Dharma sastra was in the hands of few persons, at that period Rahu conjunct with Jupiter was termed as Guru-Chandala yoga, but this yoga has arrived new meanings in this modern age.

One must restrict from these types of persons, specially spiritualist.

If parents finds this yoga in their children than there is one strong remedy to perform.

I am posting a chart where i have observed all the above psychological traits :
Date:          January 10, 1978
Time:          8:30:00
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         95 E 22' 00", 27 N 30' 00"
               Tinsukia, India

This person is suffering from Schizophrenia for past many years and now he has started taking treatment.He is UN-married till now and uses all his skills [mainly linguistics and astrology] to lure girls and women as well as to abuse others. This is the main problem of above Jatak.
People with Chandala yoga in their horoscope show the following common psychological traits:

1. They are known for a lack of sense of gratitude which is a noticeable mark in their lives.
2. Timid and lacking in initiative they need the support of someone to climb up some ladders in their life, and after achieving some success, betray their mentors (represented by Jupiter).
3. There is no one in the world that they admire. Emotionally warped, they rarely suffer a guilty conscience.

Best Wishes,
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Combination for truthful persons from BPHS

This picture depicts 1H, 5H, 9H trikone.and other four is kendre :)) 

Solve yourself this Mind boggling game above.

I am taking the 10th lord combination as Karma is seen from 10th House from BPHS.

सत्यवक्ता Truthfulness combination in the horoscope.
  • 10 L in 3 H [सत्य भाषी, truth speaker]
  • 10 L in 7 H [सत्य धर्मं कि पालना, follower the path of truth and right conduct]
  • 10 L in 10 H [सत्यवक्ता एवं गुरुभक्त, truth speaker and follower of mentor]
  • 10 L in 11 H  [सत्यवक्ता, truth speaker]
The strength and influence on Lagna and Moon rasi will be the added factor. :)

I have produced those combination where 2H\L and 4H\L is not involved, we can understand how other houses are also related with truth speaking.


“Truth comes as conqueror only to those who have lost the art of receiving it as friend.” – Rabindranath Tagore

“Whenever you have truth it must be given with love, or the message and the messenger will be rejected” – Mahatma Gandhi

Best Wishes,
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History Saga Legend Parashara

[From Jyotish Manthan complied by my Jyotish Guru Sri Satish Sharma]


Parashar was father of Ved Vyas who reconciled one veda in to the four veda’s, Puranas in to 18 Puranas, Upnishadas in to 108 Upnishadas. The place is near Jaipur Rajasthan said to be where Sage Parashar ji had written Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra, the greatest treatise on Hora in the history of Indian Astrology.

This is the place which falls in the heart of ancient Matsya Pradesh. Hindu mythology says that Sage Parashar did a Gandharv Vivah, with Satyavati (Daughter of a fisherman). She held royal Samudrik signs on her body. As a belief, she was a royal girl abandoned by the parents secretly and nourished by fisherman. As a result, she developed a fish smell in her body and had been called as Matsya Gandha. 

She hesitated to marry to Sage Parashar while travelling together on a boat in a river. Sage Parashar assured her that a son as a result of this marriage will be very famous and will be known as a Bhagwan. No one will know about this marriage and she will become Akshat Youvana again. He also blessed her to become Rajani Gandha from Matsya Gandha. 

The Son, so born, was black and ugly. Since he took birth between the to islands, he was called as Krishna Dvaipayan also.
When he wanted an early Sanyanasa, he had to commit to her mother Satyavati to come back when called for by the mother in case of any emergency.
Son of a great astrologer Parashar, Ved Vyas migrated to Badri Van and did a lot of text work at Badri Van which now a days is called Badrinath. When Adi Shankaracharya wrote commentary on Brahm Sutra (Vedanta) and founded four Dhama’s (Badrinath, Puri, Ramashwaram & Dwarika.), Badrinath had been regarded as a Jyotish Peeth of Shankaracharya. Ved Vyas ji was a son of a great astrologer Sage Parashar.

History takes a sharp turn here. Satyavati was married to king Shantanu. From Shantanu and Satyavati two son’s took birth and died early after marriage. Worried too much about the fate of the dynasty, she called her son Ved Vyas from Badri van so that the two widows could be allowed to mate with him (niyog system) in order to run the dynasty further.
According to mythology, one widow who fainted yellow during the mating, gave birth to Pandu, the widow, who closed her eyes during the mating gave birth to Dhrit Rashtra and the 3rd one, who was a personal maid to the queens, gave birth to Vidur. Ved Vyas, son of Parashar could be deemed to be a turning point in the spiritual and geographical history of India.

Pandavas, while during exile, visited the place of Parasharji. They are supposed to had spent their some of the period of Van Vas in this area. Capital of King Virat is adjacent to Sariska Tiger Santuary. Pandu pol is the holy place in this Santuary where Hunmanji taught a lesson of Bhima. As per mythology, the old monkey in the way of Pandavas was abused by proudly Bhima. The old monkey explained about his helpless due to advance age and requested Bhima to shift his tail from the way to other side. In spite of all his attempts, Bhima could not do so. Then Bhima requested the monkey to disclose his identity. To his exclamation, he was lord Hunman. His proud vanished and he sought parden form Hunmanji. Pandu Pol is a famous Hanmanj Temple in the Santuary area.
10 k.m. from Parasharji, you will find holy place of Bhartihari. At this place he wrote Shringaar Shatak, Neeti Shatak and Vairagyashatak. Some other places nearby are Virat Nagar, Taal Vriksha, Neelkanth & Sili-sedh and Jai Samand Dam.
Parashar was follower of Sankhya Philosophy, Ved Vyas founded Brahma Sutra or Vedanta and Gemini followed Akeshwar Vad.
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List of all Ved Vyasa from Shiv Puran

शिव पुराण
  1. बह्मा
  2. प्रजापति
  3. शुक्राचार्य
  4. ब्रहस्पति
  5. सूर्य
  6. यमराज
  7. शतक्रतु [इन्द्रदेव ]
  8. वशिष्ट मुनि
  9. सरास्वत
  10. त्रिधामा
  11. त्रिशिख [त्रिव्रत]
  12. भरद्वाज मुनि [शरतेजा]
  13. अंतरिक्ष व्यास
  14. वर्णी नमक व्यास
  15. त्रय्यारुण
  16. देव व्यास
  17. क्रतुन्जय
  18. जय
  19. भारद्वाज मुनि पुनः
  20. गौतम ऋषि
  21. हयार्तमा
  22. वाजश्रवा मुनि
  23. सोमशुष्मवंसी - त्रिन्बिंदु व्यास
  24. भृगु वंसी ऋक्ष वेद व्यास वाल्मीकि कहलाया
  25. शक्ति [पराशर जी का पिता  , राक्षक खा गए थे ]
  26. पराशर मुनि
  27. जातुकरण व्यास
  28. भगवान कृष्णदैपायन वेद व्यास [Recent last one]
  29. अस्वत्थामा द्रोणाचार्य पुत्र [in coming future]

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Retrograde planets results from classics

Click the above image to understand the retrograde movement.

Now i am posting the results from classics :

Brihat Jataka

Ch.2 Shl.20 The Sun and the Moon possess Chestabala or strength by virtue of their motion when they are in the Northern path, i.e., in any of the 6 signs - 10th, 11th, 12th, 1st, 2nd and 3rd signs. The other five planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn possess it with retrograde, or when conjoined with the Moon, or when they are very brilliant, or when they happen to go northward in planetary conjunction, which is called
here and fight amongst the planets.

Ch.7 Shl.2 The planets, when they run to their lowest detrimental degrees, grant only half the period of life mentioned in the preceding verse, and at places intermediate, grant the number of years proportionately. The number of years granted by the Ascendant is the same as the number of Navamshas of the Ascendant that have risen above the horizon. According to others (Manittha and men of his school) the number of years granted by the Ascendant is the same as the number of signs from the beginning of Mesha to the Ascendant on the horizon.
When the planets are in their inimical houses, they lose a third of their period except for those that are then retrograde. The planets descending and when their luster is obscured by the light of the Sun, lose half their period, except for Venus and Saturn.

Ch.7 Shl. 11 Again the planets, when highly exalted or retrograde, give thrice the number of years (obtained in the Amshayu method in the preceding stanzas) as their periods; and when in their own Vargottamas, or own Navamshas, or own houses, or in their Decanates, give twice the number of years (assigned in the
preceding stanza) as their periods. This is the special feature in Satyacharyas Amshayu method. In other respects it is the same as the Pindayurdaya i.e., the several reductions stated before are to be made here also.

Ch.7 Shl. 13 Amongst these three opinions, that of Satyacharya is the best, but the fault of Satyacharya€  ¢s method is that it involves many multiplications. If any planet be in its own house, multiply the planetary years by two; if that planet be in its own Navamsha, multiply the planetary years again by two; if that planet be in its own Drekkana, multiply again by two; if that planet be in its own Vargottama, multiply again by two, if that planet be retrograde or be in its highly exalted degrees, multiply by three; and so on. These cases are
settled by the statement in the second half off this verse. This is not so: In cases of multiplications by several numbers, only one is to be made, that by the highest number.This is also the opinion of Acharya. Where many
multiplications by two are advised, only one is to be done; where multiplications by two, three are advised, only multiplication by three is to be made. Similarly where subtractions or divisions are both advised, first make the highest division and then make the highest multiplication.  benefic.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shatra
Ch.9 Shl.3-6
If a benefic is retrograde in Ar Randhra, or Vyaya Bhava receiving a drishti from a malefic, Hora Shastra death will occur within a month of birth. This is true only when Lagna is not occupied by a benefic.

Ch.27 Shl.21-23 Motions of Grahas (Mangal to Shani): Eight kinds of motions are attributed to grahas. These are Vakra (retrogression), Anuvakr (entering the previous rashi in retrograde motion), Vikal (devoid of motion or in stationary position), Mand (somewhat slower motion than usual), Mandatar (slower than the
previous mentioned motion), Sama (somewhat increasing in motion as against Mand), Chara (faster than Sama) and Atichara (entering next rashi in accelerated motion). The strengths allotted due to such 8 motions are: 60, 30, 15, 30, 15, 7.5, 45, and 30.

Hora Sara

Ch.3 Shl.7-9 Mangal is strong when he wins a war between grahas, while in retrograde motion, , when brilliant (i. e. not combust), when in Makara, Kumbh, Meen, in his southerly course, during night, in his own amsha, in his own Rashi, on Tuesday, and in the Drekkana ruled by him. He has full strength when on the meridian or Karm Bhava. He is strong in the beginning of a Rashi, weak in the middle portion and moderately
strong at the end.

Ch.3 Shi. 10-11 Buddh regains strength as soon as he is past the combustion belt. He is strong in Dhanu, in Kanya and in Mithuna as Rashi or Navamsha, and by day and night. He is also strong in his retrograde motion except when eclipsed by Surya. Buddh is moderately good, exceedingly strong and weak respectively in the first, second, and third portions of a Rashi. He is strong in his own Drekkana and in Mithuna.

Ch.3 Shl.12-13 Guru is exceedingly strong in Dhanu, Meen, Kark, Vrischika, and during the time preceding mid day, in his northerly course, in his own Drekkana, in his own amsha and when he succeeds in battle between grahas. He has medium strength in the initial part of a Rashi, is quite strong in the middle, and weak at the end. He is considered to be strong in retrograde motion in all Rashis except in the Rashi Makara where he is in fall.
Ch.3 Shl.14-15 Shukra has strength if he occupies Sahaja, An or Vyaya Bhava form Lagna, He is also strong Ch.3 Shl.14-15 when in retrograde motion, when ahead of Surya, during the portion of the day that follows mid-day, when in exaltation Rashi and in the north of grahas. Shukra has no strength in the initial portion of a Rashi, but has it in the middle, while at the end of a Rashi, he is only of medium strength. He is also strong in the company of Chandra or when victorious in war between grahas.

Ch.3 Shl.14-1 : Shukra is strong in his exaltation Rashi, his own Vargas, on Friday, in the middle of a Rashi, in Ar Vyaya, Sahaja, Bandhu Bhava, in the last third part of day time, when victorious in war, while yuti with
Chandra, in retrograde motion, and while ahead of Surya. (Jataka Parijata Ch. II).

Ch.3 Shl. 16-17 Shani is strong during the dark fortnight, and also from sunset to sunrise. He has strength when in retrograde motion, also when in Makara, Kumbh, Tula and in southerly course. Similar is the case with Shani in the rising Rashi, in his slow movement, and when successful in war between grahas.
He is weak in the in first portion of a Rashi, moderately strong in the middle portion and strong at the end. But, some say he is strong in all places.

Ch.3 Shl.16-17 According to Jataka Parijata Ch. II, Shani is strong in Tula, his own Rashi, in Yuvati Bhava, in southerly course, in own Drekkana, on Saturday, in the end of a Rashi, in war between grahas, in the
dark half and in retrograde motion. 

Ch.7 Shl.17 The multiplier is two if the grah is in its own Navamsha, or Drekkana, or Rashi, or Vargottama Navamsha. Tt is to be trebled if it is in retrograde motion or in exalted state. Tt should be halved if the grah is in fall.

Ch. 11 Shl.2-3 The Dasha of Mangal will yield results in a medium way as though in exaltation, notwithstanding him having his face downwards or upwards or his being in retrograde motion or Anuvakr (progressive). Results should be predicted after knowing whether grah is Vakra or Anuvakr. For the five grahas from Mangal to Shani (i.e. the starry grahas) such evaluations should be made.

Ch. 16 Shl.2 During the Dasha of a grah that is in his retrograde motion, one will have prestige and valour and be wealthy. Should the grah be in a good Rashi or good Navamsha, avoiding An and Randhra Bhava, one will acquire a kingdom of his own.

Ch.16 Shl.3 Should a grah be in debilitation or in inimical Bhavas, at the same time being in its retrograde motion, in such Dasha, one will indulge in bad acts; one will be reviled by his relatives; one will live in foreign countries, and one will be dependant upon others.

Ch.22 Shl.16 Should the lord of the said amsha be in retrograde motion money will be acquired in many ways. And one€  ¢s earning will be proportionate to one€  ¢s own luck. The results have already been enumerated in full.  

Ch.32 Shl.8 Pita Maha Siddhanta€  ¢s calculations should be carefully adopted to know the slow and fast motions (preceding and following their retrogressions), retrograde motion, combustion in Surya. (helical) rising, whether at war, etc..

Ch.32 Shl.14-15 To Chandra€  ¢s position, add one eleventh of Surya€  ¢s longitude and one fourth for other grahas. If Shukra and Buddh are combust, or are rising after helical setting or are retrograde, then addition of subtraction should be made by doubling Surya€  ¢s longitude and not otherwise.

Jataka Parijata 

Ch.2 Shl.37 Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, when in their retrograde motion or in conjunction with the Moon, are considered to be victorious (in planetary war).

Ch.2 Shl.63 Mars has abundant strength in his own weekday, in his Navamsha, in his Drekkana, in the signs Meena, Vrischika, Kumbha, Makara and Mesha, during night time, in his retrograde movements, when he is in the southern quarter, and also in the initial portion of a sign. He gives property when he is in the 10th house from the Lagna and also when he is in Kataka.

Ch.2 Shl.66 Venus is auspicious in his exaltation sign, in his Varga, in his weekday, when in the middle of a sign, in the 6th, 12th, 3rd and the 4th houses from the Lagna, in the afternoon, in his conjunction with the Moon, in his retrograde motion and when he is in advance of the Sun.

Ch.2 Shl.67 Saturn is predominant in Thula, Makara, Kumbha, in the 7th house from the Lagna, in his passage to the south of the Equator, in his own Drekkana, weekday and Dasha, in the concluding portion of a sign, in planetary war, in the dark half of a month, and in all the twelve signs when retrograde.

Ch.4 Shl.40 Saturn in his retrograde motion, when occupying a house of Mars, a Kendra position, an inimical house or the 8th house from the Lagna and aspected by Mars in strength, gives a 2 years€  ¢ lease of life to the new born child.

Ch.5 Shl.7 The planets except when their motion is retrograde lose a third of their Ayurdayas when in inimical houses. 

Ch.5 Shl. 19 The Ayurdaya of a planet is to be tripled when it is in the exaltation or in its retrograde motion. The same is to be doubled when the planet is in a Vargottamamsha, in its own Navamsha or in its own house or in its own Drekkana. This is the peculiarity in the method of working out the Ayurdaya according to Satyacharya. All else is similar to what has been already stated.

Ch.5 Shl.21 (1) Where several multiplications crop up, only one and that the highest is to be gone through. (For instance, when a planet is in its own house, and in its exaltation, and in retrograde motion, the Ayurdaya is not to be doubled first and then the result trebled, and the second result further trebled. According to the rule, the Ayurdaya, should be tripled once for all.

Ch.5 Shl.24 When the planet is in its own Rashi, in its own exaltation, in the house of a very friendly planet, or in its retrograde motion, it has its rays doubled for Ayurdaya purposes. When the retrograde motion comes to an end, the rays are diminished by an eighth portion. When the planet is in the house of an enemy, the rays become reduced by a twelfth.

Ch. 10 Shl.46 If a planet be in its exaltation, double the number of years obtained for it by the Ashtakavarga process. If it be depressed or eclipsed, the number of years in its case is to be halved. Obtain by proportion the Ayus when the planet occupies an intermediate position. In the case of Mars when retrograde, the Ayus obtained is to be doubled.

Ch. 11 Shl.58 Note in what quarter the lord of the 2nd bhava is; it is in that quarter chiefly that men will find their prosperity during the Dasha period of the lord of the 2nd bhava; for when moving ordinarily the planet leads to the acquisition of wealth in the region indicated. If it be retrograde at the time of birth, there will be retrograde at the time of birth, there will be acquisition of every valuable thing in all quarters.

Ch.13 Shl.73 If the planet in the 5th bhava or the owner thereof be in an inimical or its depression sign, Ch.13 Shl.73 retrograde or eclipse, the person born will have many sores.



Ch.4 Shl.2 The Moon possesses Cheshtabala when she is full. The Sun gets it when he is in his northern course (uttarayana). Other planets get it when they are in their retrograde motion. Planets posited in the north, possessing brilliant rays, should be considered as victorious in planetary war. Planets in their highest exaltation have their full Uchchabala. So far as the directional strength is concerned, the Sun and Mars are strong in the 10th house; Venus and the Moon, in the 4th; Mercury and Jupiter in the 1st and Saturn in the 7th. Mercury, Saturn and the Moon have their Ayanbala during their southern course (Dakshnayana) and the rest have the
same in their northern course.

Ch.4 Shl.5 All planets are strong when the occupy their exaltation sign. The Moon is strong and auspicious when she has her full Paksah bala and the Sun when he has his full Dibgala (occupying the 10th or the Meridian). The remaining non-luminous planets are strong when they are in their retrograde motion. Rahu in Cancer, Taurus, Aries, Aquarius and Scorpio and Ketu in Pisces, Virgo, Taurus and the later half of Sagittarius, in Parivesha and Indrachapa are strong if they are in association with the Moon and the Sun and the time is night.

Ch.7 Shl.3 Even a single planet, may he be in depression, is capable of making the native a king€  ¢s equal, provided he be with brilliant rays, retrograde and occupies a good house i.e. other than the 6th, 8th or the 12th house. When there are two or three such planets at birth the native will become a king. When there are many such planets occupying auspicious signs and Amshdas, they will usher in a king blessed with all the insignias of royalty such as a crown, umbrella and waving chowries.

Ch.9 Shl.20 If a planet is retrograde in its motion, it produces effects similar to those that arise from its occupying its exaltation sign, even if it is posited in an inimical or depression sign. The results produced by a planet occupying its own house are such as expected when it is placed in a Vargottamamsha.

Ch20 Shi. 14 The effects of the Dasha period of planets, which are retrograde or are in their own, exaltation or friendly houses or occupy good position other than the 6th, 8th or the 12th will be as has been described so far. I shall now deal with the effects of the Dasha of those planets which occupy inimical or depression house or which have been set being invisible or which happen to occupy the 6th, 8th or the 12th house.

Ch.20 Shl.37 Should a planet, whose subperiod is ripening, during the course of his transit at the time pass over his depression or inimical house or become eclipsed, the native will suffer greatly. Should this period pass through his own, exaltation house or be retrograde, the result will be good.

Ch.22 Shi. 18 Convert the signs, degree, minutes, etc of a planet into minutes and subtract as many multiples of 2400 as may be found necessary, from the same. The remainder represents the Ayushkalas of the planet. When this is divided by 200 (Asha Khwasvi, Asha is 10 or 0 and Kha is 0, and Asvi is 2) the quotient gives the number of years, months and days in the Amshayurdaya contribution towards the span of life by a planet according to its degrees, etc., as Satyacharya has defined. Should the planet be retrograde or in exaltation, this quotient has to be trebled. Should it be in its own sign or Navamsha, Drekkana or Vargottama, the Ayurdaya be doubled, if in its depression, it should be reduced by half. Should the planet be eclipsed, then
also the reduction be halved. But this will last not be applicable to Venus and Saturn.

Ch.22 Shl.20 Suppose a planet is in its own house, and in its exaltation and in retrograde motion, Ayurdaya should not be doubled first and then the result be trebled and the second result be further trebled. As the rule is, it (the Ayurdaya) should be trebled once for all.


Ch.4 Shl.36 TEMPORAL AND MOTIONAL STRENGTHS: The Sun, Jupiter and Venus acquire strength during day time while Saturn, the Moon and Mars become strong during night time. Mercury acquires vigour at all times. The Hora bala goes to Hora lord, masa bala (masa = month) to the lord of the month. Dma bala to the lord of the week day of birth and Abda (year) bala is credited to the lord of the year of birth. Malefics get strength in Dark Half while benefics become strong in Bright Half. The planet that is victorious in war, that is in its retrograde motion, or that is not combust become strong. The luminaries get strength in northern course. This is how Satyacharya detailed motional strength. 

Ch.5 Shi. 14 RETROGRESSION IN EXALTATION: If a planet is retrograde while in exaltation, it produces no effect (i.e. nothing good will happen). This is the view held by some. Even if it is in exaltation by its entry in retrograde motion from the next sign, (for example, Jupiter entering Cancer from Leo), the
effect is same, for it takes unduly long time in such traversion.  

Ch.5 Shl.39 EFFECTS OF RETROGRADE PLANETS: A benefic if retrograde is strong and is capable of conferring kingdom. If a malefic is retrograde, it causes grief and purposeless wandering.

Ch.1O ShI.5 If Saturn is retrograde in a house of Mars while the Moon is in the 6th, 8th or an angle, and aspect Mars, the child born lives for two years.

Ch.1O Shl.23-24 Should benefics be in the 6th or the 8th and be aspected or conjoined with retrograde malefic, without the aspect of (another) benefic, the child lives only for one month. If malefics are in the 12th, 2nd, 6th and 8th, without connection of benefics, the child dies in 6 or 8 months.

Ch.36 Shl.7-9 RECTIFICATION OF RAYS: If the planet is in the dwadasamsa of its friend, double the product as obtained above. If it is in its own dwadasamsa, own Rashi, retrogression / exaltation sign the product should be trebled. If it is in its enemy€  ¢s dwadasamsa, 1/16th of the rays will be lost. The same applies to a debilitated planet. A combust planet, excepting Venus and Saturn, loses all the rays. A planet that has just begun to retrograde will have two-fold rays while the one that has just assumed direct motion from retrogression will lose only 1/8th of the number of rays.

Ch.40 Shl.6 RECTIFICATIONS FOR PLANETARY CONTRIBUTIONS: The contribution made by a planet that is in Vargottama, own sign, own decanate, or own Navamsha should be doubled. If it is retrograde or in exaltation the figure should be trebled.

Ch.40 Shi. 16 In the case of Pindayurdaya also, the same multiplications and rectifications apply. Leaving aside a retrograde planet, one in inimical sign loses a third while the one in fall retains only half of the  contribution. The planet in exaltation retains the entire contribution.

Ch.41 Shl.66-68 The Dasha of a retrograde planet will cause wanderings like that of a wheel, evils and enmity. This applies only to malefics in retrogression but not to benefics.

There is an easy method to find out Gati or speed of Mars, Jupiter & Saturn which are beyond Earth with respect to Sun (outer planets).
Whenever these planets are transmitting 2nd or 1st or 12th sign from Sun, these planets will be in - Atichara
In 3rd - Sama
In 4th - Chara
In 5th - Manda & Mandatara
In 6th - Vikala
In 7th & 8th - Vakra
In 9th - Vikala & Forward (Manda)
In 10th - Sama
In 11 th -Chara
(Source - Bhaavartha Ratnakara-Last Chapters-Translated by B. V. Raman ji)

        1 In combust state -excessive motion -indifferent attitude
         2. In normal motion -positive  attitude
         3. In Sthaban - rigid attitude
         4. In retrogression - negative attitude
             a, Benefic planets delays the result of undertaking
              b, Malefic planets- the native opens up many fronts thus meet failure.
                  If dispositer of retrograde planet is also retrograde , success is assured

Some conclusions from John McCormick's "The Book of Retrogrades"
No planets retrograde: expected occurrence 8%. Often found in charts of those required to expend great efforts in pursuit of their goals.
Singleton: expected occurrence 19%. The lone wolf. Works alone, achieves alone, does not need or desire others. Fiercely independent yet friendly.
Doubleton: expected occurrence 29%. Most easily acceptable. Easy
Tripleton: expected occurrence 27%. Natives have sullen determination to succeed.
Quadron: expected occurrence 13%. Native tends to be withdrawn. Most common in writers.
Quinton: expected occurrence 4%. Misunderstood and withdrawn types.
Sexton: expected occurrence 1%. Occurs rarely. Angela Davis, Frank Sinatra, Jr. and Muhammad Ali.
Septon: occurred only two days in 19th century, four days in 20th. True loners, impossible for the rest of us to understand their motives. We are researching to find a notable one.

 The original meaning of a planet is altered when retrograde. The energy is turned inward, felt and expressed differently, reversed, changed. It may be less aggressive, more strategic, more personal, and subjective.

Just siting an important rule from old classic is worth noting about the effect of planet in retrograde and accelerated motion --this is from old issue of Astrological Magazine.

Dr. Suresh Chandra Mishra
Retrograde planet never renders its drishti to the previous house. mentioning a shloka from Parashar Hora, some people argue that it is suported by Parashar. I submit
the original shloka is:
Atichare cha vakre cha--------purva rashi phalam dadyuh.
here Parashar underlines: when a planet adopting Atichari Gati enters next rash and after sometime becomes closer to its previous rashi in its vakri gati, may give rise the effect of purva rashi.
the word originally used in the shloka 'dadyuh' means- may give (not for sure)

hence, this rule is only applicable when any planet obtains both qualities, e.g. Atichaari as well as vakri at once.

when a planet adopting Atichari Gati enters next rashi and after sometime becomes closer to its previous rashi in its vakri gati, may give rise the effect of purva rashi. here the Atichaari gati and retrogression both are required at once. Jupiter never behave so as Parshar states 'Veejyanaam', means sparing Ijya- Jupiter. hence, Jupiter under such circumstances never gives effects of the previous rashi. this is applicable to rest of fouronly, i.e., Mars, Mercury,Venus and Saturn.


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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ravi Yoga Siddi yoga and Tithies

Tithi : The radial distance between sun and moon is measured in tithi, The difference of 12 degree is one tithi.The results of different tithi are mentioned in classics.

The various deities of tithies are as follows:

Pratipada : Agni Devta
Dwitia : Bhrama
Tritia : Parvati
Chaturti : Ganesha
Panchmi : Sarpa
Sasti : Kartikey
Saptami : Surya
Asthmi : Bhagwan Shanker
Navami : Sri Durga
Dasami : Yamaraaj
Ekadasa : Vishvedev
Dwadasi : Bhagwan Vishnu
Trayodasa : Kaamdev
Chaturdasi : Shiv
Amavasa and Purnima : Chandra
Amavasa : Pitra also lords it.

Second group is Tithies is :

Nanda : 1,6,11 [Jala tattwa]     + Friday =  Siddi yoga
Bhadra : 2,7,12 [Prithvi tattwa] + Wednesday = Siddi Yoga
Jaya : 3,8,13    [Agni tattwa]     + Tuesday = Siddi Yoga
Rikta :4,9,14     [Vayu tattwa]   + Saturday = Siddi Yoga
Purna : 5,10,15 [Akash tattwa] + Thursday = Siddi Yoga.

Nanda : 1,6,11 [Jala tattwa]     + Sunday or Tuesday =  Amrit yoga
Bhadra : 2,7,12 [Prithvi tattwa] + Monday or Friday = Amrit Yoga
Jaya : 3,8,13    [Agni tattwa]     + Wednesday           = AmritYoga
Rikta :4,9,14     [Vayu tattwa]   + Thursday              = Amrit Yoga
Purna : 5,10,15 [Akash tattwa] + Saturday                = Amrit Yoga.

Ravi Yoga : The specific nakshatra distance between Sun and Moon is Ravi Yoga, ie when counting from Sun's Nakshatra to Moon's nakshtra is 4,6,9,10,13, 20 [including both Nakshtra in 27 star scheme] is Ravi Yoga.

This removed all evils in Muhurtha.

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Venus Mars and Sexercise

Nowadays [14th sep 2011], In transit Venus is debilitated, Mars is debilitated and Rahu-Ketu is moving over Vrishika-Tula Axis, ruled by secret science, lorded by Mars and Venus..

Hence i am writing this article for the married couples to improve their life with patience and understanding.

VENUS is Karaka for Maha Mrityunjaya, for all types of hormones secreted required for the over all metabolism in the body. It is significance for strong immunity, happiness and all forms of love and its expression.

MARS the Karaka for energy and heat. Any movement in body requires energy and that energy is caused by Mars. Any systematic movement of body parts for a purpose is called as an exercise and come under the arena of Mars. Positive significance is sports and negatively for war.

SEXERCISE term is highly popular in west for providing instance relief to many physical and mental illness. Many research has been done by doctors, physiologist, psychologist, physiotherapist and accumulated many series physical step-wise movements now known as sexercise.

An old technique with new name, which is the guarded secret part of Indian culture.
Rishi Vātsyāyana done the extensive work over it and produced the art of love in his works popularly known as Kama Sutra. Traditionally, the first transmission of Kama Shastra or "Discipline of Kama" is attributed to Nandi the sacred bull, Shiva's doorkeeper, who was moved to sacred utterance by overhearing the lovemaking of the god and his wife Parvati and later recorded his utterances for the benefit of mankind. Later text Ananga Ranga and Koka Shastra drew their inspiration from it.

In similar tradition Chinese Taoism teachings specifies this art of balancing Yin-Yang energy.
Therapeutic love-making was the ancient Taoist Science. Through control of rhythms and position of love, vital elements of body become harmonized. The Taoist book of Tang Dynasty lists many teachings.

The advance level of this art known as Tantrik way of Kundalini rise are described by Nigami Path in Kulachudamani Tantra, Kaulavalinirnaya Tantra and various others.
It is one the most sacred technique mostly developed and practiced in 'Kaam-Roop Desh', the eastern part of India [The seven states comprising Meghalaya, Assam, Arunachal Pradash, Manipur,Nagaland etc], the province of 'Mai Kamakhya Devi' situated in Guwahati.

These sacred yoga principles starts from physical to emotional plane. In advance level, which is still a gaurded secret, rises to Astral planes where many miracles starts to happen in one's life. Osho also has pointed out and explained in his lectures.

I am listing few combination [Minimum three must be present in both couple's horoscope] where sexercise can boost up their life and free them from many mental and physical agonies.
1) Node Rahu\ ketu present in Moksha [4,8,12] or Kaama [3,7,11] Trikone in horoscopes.
2) Venus and Mars combination [any four type] in D-1 or D-9.
3) Venus in D-1 or D-9 in Kaama Trikone for men, in Dustana for women.
4) Mars in D-1 or D-9 in Kaama Trikone.
5) Ketu in trine in D-9.
6) Venus combust or debilitated or in Dustana.
These are few listed above but it will be better for couples to consult an astrologer for the exact combination of yogic remedies.

Sexercise is 'only' based on physical level, which i call it 'gym on bed' and also time saving, provides physical benefits are as follows as provided by the researchers :
[source internet newspapers]

Lovemaking is good aerobic exercise and the sexual response keeps your circulatory system toned. Sexually active people suffer fewer heart attacks.


Sexercise can burn between 600 to 2300 kilojoules, depending on what you're doing and for how long. At the very least, it's a more entertaining way to keep fit than the treadmill! .

Pain relief
Endorphins released during orgasm make us feel "high" and can provide relief of mild to moderate pain from various conditions such as arthritis, backaches and headaches.

Mental and emotional relief
Neurochemicals released from both orgasm and the sensation of touch can alleviate a mild case of "the blues" (serious and clinical depression must be properly treated by a doctor). Hormones released during the sexual arousal response act as dis-inhibitors, ease fears and anxieties, and increase a sense of calm and well being.

Stress reduction
Regular sexual expression, including intercourse but not limited to it, boosts immune cells, reduces physical and emotional stress and helps us fight off illness. Most people turn away from having sex when they are stressed, when in fact having sex is a great stress reliever.

Research is still in development, but studies show that in women, the oxytocin released from orgasm prevents breast cancer tissue cells from developing tumours. Studies have been conducted on women with cancer, and further research on women who do not have cancer is still pending. In men, research shows ejaculation keeps the prostate healthy and helps prevent prostate cancer by halting the build-up of toxins and carcinogens in the prostate.

A long and happy life
Sexercise helps the body last longer, especially the heart and circulatory system, but also our brain, nervous system and muscles. Sexercise can make us feel confident, happy, fulfilled, connected, youthful and vibrant, adding to our desire to live well throughout our lives, and for longer.


Last but not least should be bear in mind that Sushruta Samhita, the major vedic medical text states " Life-essence [or chyle is manufactured from food]  produces blood, from blood is produced flesh, from flesh originates fat, which give rises to bones. From bone originates marrow, which in turn goes to generate semen or ovum" These are seven Dhatus which support the life and body.

If  one controls semen , the life force and vigor are in excess. The body absorbs the energy and all the senses are sharpened.

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Words of Swami Vivekananda and Astrology

Astrologers can be inspired from any source and they just 'dig up' to 'fix' their astrology in it.

Here are the inspirational quotes  of Swami Vivekananda Ji on LIFE [are re-arranged to match with astrological houses] and I linked up with astrological houses. :)

What is Life ?

Life is a spirit: Realise it          : Lagna
Life is a promise: Fulfill it        : 2H
Life is an adventure: Dare it    : 3H
Life is a game: Play it              : 3H
Life is a song: Sing it               : 4H
Life is a love: Enjoy it              : 5H
Life is a challenge: Meet it       : 6H
Life is a struggle: Fight it         : 6H
Life is a beauty: Praise it         : 7H
Life is a mystery: Unfold it       : 8H
Life is a tragedy: Face it          : 8H
Life is a puzzle: Solve it           : 8H
Life is a gift: Accept it              : 9H
Life is a duty: Perform it           : 10H
Life is a goal: Achieve it           : 10H
Life is an opportunity: Take it  : 11H
Life is a sorrow: Overcome it   : 12H
Life is a journey: Complete it   : 12H

- Swami Vivekananda


The above lines has many meanings and can be linked with astrological chart in more different ways :))

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