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Nadi Astrology workshop by Sapta Rishis Astrology team

A lecture was organised by SaptaRishi Astrology team at Mumbai on Jan'14 and class was conducted by Shri A V Sundaram from Chennai.
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AVSundaramsLecture at SANadi Conference

Sound is clear and explanation is Excellent !
Some snapshots !!!

1) Concept of continuity -- basis of Nadi; 1,5,9 H.
2) The concept Kendra ie : life to death of 1 -->7 and Zero (lowest\ rest position ) karma to highest (most active\desirous) Karma of 4 -->10 .
3) From Makar 10H (Saturn - Karma karak) in kalpurush kundli, all kendra and trikone has exalted planets.
4) Prarabhdh Karma - 6H, destined to serve ; is 10H (karma) from past life-9H. (cannot be altered)
5) Any graha sits in house it means it is getting results from its lordship and if lords sits in any house imply seeking gains \ asking help from that house. 

6) Wealth giving houses 2,7,11 (can be altered). Here 7H means 2nd from 6H, wealth from previous birth karma. 
7) example career : Doctors combo -6,8,12H or Kanya, Vrishika, Meena. 
8) For timings : 
8A) All char rasis - Beginning, first third part of life;
All Sthir rasis - end periods, last (1/3) part of life.
All Dwipswabhav - Middle part (1/3) of life.8

8B) Metonic cylce of all planet.
Jup-83, Sun-19,Moon-45, Mars-14, Mer-46, Ven-27, Sat-30.
[ For last few months i have been using this cycles and found very effective.] 

9) Bhrigu system - body,mind,soul, prana or dhram, arth, kaam, moksh - based on 4 padas of Nakashatra.


More by him :

In modern times activities of mind is more than body are soul. activities.
the mental activities of human beings are connected with 
SUN- the ahamkara- MOON- the manas, MERCURY- the buddhi,
and SATURN -chittha.
sun. self realisation. sat. distant realisation. ( father and son)
moon.. inner mind.( vasanas of past life). .mercury. outer mind,( knowledge
gained in this birth)--.( father and son)
in addition to these. the fixed rasis namely Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aguarius are to be taken.. More planets (particularly the above 4 planets) in the fixed rasis, or in 2,5,8,11 houses from lagna show increased mental activities.
if moon is behind mercury(from moon mercury is within 6 rasis) the native is guided by his inner mind. on the other hand if mercury is behind moon the outer mind (what others say) guides him.

By Prof. AV Sundram ji

My query

\\1,5,9,6,8,12 Houses cannot be altered and rest balance 2,3,4,7,10,11 Houses could be altered\\ needs more clarification, introspection and research.

Trine to 7H : 3,7,11H
Chatursaya houses (4,8) from 7H :10,2 H
and Karma house from 7H : 4H.
So alterable houses are mainly focus on 7H, the house of partnerships [?].


All lover of astrology must listen to this audio..
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