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Ketu in 12H and Moksha.

/// मोक्ष - आत्‍मसाक्षात्‍कार, तत्‍वज्ञान /// Planets have nothing to offer except they can give oppurtunity only.Ketu in 12H helps the person to get Moksha easily.
But Moskha cannot comes by planets unless one goes through rigid penance and process as mentioned by Patanjali and other sutras.Without Guru it is nearly impossible and Guru must be in state of Nirvan.
Money is something which is offered by planets very easily and i have seen many becoming rich without any efforts. But Moksha is not offered by planets in any way. Only ketu prepares mind and Sun, Jup becomes guides.. rest it is upon the individual to walk on path.
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  • Lalit Joshi wise post..tnx.
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  • Sidhant Sehgal well said-----abhi to jisake 12th me KETU hai wo MOKHSA ka jhnada liye ghum raha hai...aur aisa jahir kar rahe hain ki jaisey ''PUNYATMA'' ho ---bhai mere to 12th me KETU hai---main to moksha ko prapt hone wala hoon
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  • Rahul Singh Some have told me that I am having a Ketu Mahadasha since early last year. How does this effect me?
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  • Alka Goyal If guru is in 12th house tab bhi moksha milta hai Yeh maine kisi se suna hai.
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  • Astrologer Usha Saxena \\\\\Without Guru it is nearly impossible मोक्ष - आत्‍मसाक्षात्‍कार, तत्‍वज्ञान \\\\\ अभी मेरी एक FB मित्र ने मुझसे कहा , '''' कहा जाता है ज्योतिषियों के साथ देवी -देवता रहते हैं , यह सौभाग्य किसी और को नहीं मिलता ''''' उनसे पूछने पर कि किसने कहा , उन्होंने कहा '' एक मेरी गुरु हैं ''' !!!!!!!!!!! वैसे तो हर प्राणी में उस परम शक्ति का अंश है , पर क्या कुछ लोग ऐसी बातें कर के अन्धविश्वास नहीं फैला रहे ??? जब उच्च शिक्षित लोग ऐसी बातों पर भरोसा कर लेते है , तो कम शिक्षित -मासूम लोग '''तथाकथित बाबाओं -धर्म गुरुओं'''' के जाल में फंस जायें तो क्या आश्चर्य ?
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  • Veejay Goel गुरु वोही हो सकता है जो आत्‍मसाक्षात्‍कार, तत्‍वज्ञान को प्राप्त कर चुका हो ।
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  • Veejay Goel Sidhant Sehgal Ji, Other than detachment, Ketu is major karak for Jyotish also. Doing/practicing Jyotish has many many side-effects. Those who are doing Jyotish in a lighter vien, as a hobby or just for entertainment, they are surely to face many side-effects in their own life. Practicing Jyotish is Not for all. This is what i had undertood in my small experience.. Before reading a horoscope think 100 times..
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  • Vikas Varshney rahu in 12th is the karak of moksh... and ketu in 6th is the karak of moksh... to know the unknown with intuition(ketu) in virgo... desire(rahu) to reach unknown(12th) by the use of intuition(ketu) from virgo(6th) house...
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  • Veejay Goel Vikas Ji , // rahu in 12th is the karak of moksh // .... Classical text don't support this view and i don't want to comment further..

  • Veejay Goel Alka Goyal Ji, में यहा यही बात पर ज़ोर डाल रहा हु की ग्रह से मोक्ष नहीं 'मिलता' है । मोक्ष -मिलता- नहीं है , इस को "पाना" पड़ता है ।
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  • Veejay Goel ग्रह से पैसे "मिलता" है , शादी मिलती है , बच्चे मिलते है परंतु मोक्ष नहीं मिलता, "पाना" पड़ता है ।
  • Niva Kanjani Veejay Goel sir i have learnt that planets dont do anything good or bad.. they just indicate good or bad events happen because of our past karmas.. so mokshas chances are fixed... planets just indicate it and dont give moksha.. pl correct me if i am wrong...
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  • Veejay Goel Niva ji, there is slightly difference in understanding of what i want to say and what you are saying...I am saying all events in life are control by planets except Moksha...I hope i am clear..
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  • Veejay Goel AT Highest "Ketu" gives detachment... But not Moksha..

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kissing style of various moon signs

Astro Kissing

Aries: Aries, the fiery soul in you dictates hot passion, lust and aggression which are translated into your kiss as well. No one kisses as passionately as you, Aries. It will leave an impact hard to forget. Aries is driven by the desire to please your senses. It’s never enough though. You may end up wanting or even begging for more.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

ASTRO- VASTU: The real application of Vastu, secrets now open for all

ASTRO-VASTU : The real application of Vastu, secrets now open for all
Dated 28th July 2014

Yesterday BK Kumar Ji and Sanjeev Rajan Mishra Sahab, conduction a workshop on Astro-Vastu which is a very big step to open secrets to general people. I have been under oath to guard these secrets under Guru-sisya parampara by my teacher, but now these workshops are doing a great job.

My know-how and their preposition through Nadi astrology has less difference and can be blend together for optimum results.

Today just now i got the call from an old client of RAS cadre to purchase a house and needs my consultancy\advice. Native has two option of the same flat design from the builder. You will see how planets in horoscope compels the natives to get the property and how we can help them better.

One flat is south facing and other is west facing. Both design is same. Native asked me which is more better for him\her.

Map of flat is below :
Now in the Native Horoscope.. Rahu and Venus is in Second House in Simha Rasi.. observe how horoscope compels the native :-

Rahu-Ven : indicate that Bathrooom in South-East direction.

Rahu-Ven in 2H : Indicate Bathroom or Bedroom in East towards North ie East-North. 

Now in above map if it is South facing than we can clearly observe that Bathroom comes under East and North-East direction which will be dire malefic to this native and will bring huge financial losses.. [ Rahu is in Simha Rasi negativity will get activated due to Vastu position. ]

Now if above map is West facing than Bedroom comes in South and South-East which is far better and native may face little health problems but not financial loss. Here master bedroom also comes to East direction and other bedroon in East to North.

Therefore safely we can say than West facing in this particular case of more better.. 

There are more factors to be discuss but this is tip of ice-berg.

Best Wishes
Vijay Goel
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Leo and Aquarius are natural sign for mysticism

Leo and Aquarius are natural sign for likings for mysticism. They have deep interest in mystics and do study over it. This is due to fact that in both signs 5th and 8th lord are same.

Leo have more beleifs in miracles and pychics abilities to fulfill their worldly desire whereas Aquarian are more philosophers, thinkers and in search of practical cause of suffering.

This is due to the facts that Leo Sign have three nakshatra : Magha, Purva Phalguna and Uttara Phalguna whose   Vimsottari lords are Ketu, Venus and Sun.   
Jupiter is 5th and 8th lord exalted in 12H. 
Leo is in Fire Sign indicate righteousness and creative expression. Dharma trikone.

This indicate that they beleive in miracles(Ketu) in Mahants (Jup) , Saints (Jup +Ketu) and Dharmic rituals (Leo fire sign) to keep their desire (Venus) and Power (Sun exalted in lagna) fulfillment. At bird's eye views they take Jiva atma and Paramtama as one and thus support of Advaita siddant.

Whereas Aquarius sign, three Nakshatra are Dhanista, Shatabhija and Purva Bhadprada whose Vimsottari lords are Mars, Rahu and Jupiter.
Mercury is 5th and 8th lord and exalted in 8H.
Aquarius is Air Sign represent Hopes and dreams - Kama Trikone.

They are logical thinkers and researchers (Mars & Mercury) on practical grounds (Saturn and Rahu). They keep making efforts and inventions (Mars as 3L & 10L). They beleive in Mathematics and statistics and then arrive on the mysticism of universe at large. At bird's eye views they take Jiva atma and Paramatma as different hence support Dwat siddhant- principle of dwality

Although both sign are complimentary to each other to understand the complete picture of mysticism.

These are some views which came up in my mind now...


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Friday, July 18, 2014

Important rule for Dasa delianation from Laghu Parashara.

Dear friends,

Please go through my earlier notes in the link

I have stressed a very important rule given in laghu Parashari and pointed out many time by Shri K N Rao ji. This rule is ignored by almost all astrologers who do Parashara astrology. I am again re-stressing its importance.
"Antardasa of the functional benefic (yoga karaka) planet in the Mahadasa of functional Malefic is exceedingly bad if both planets does not form any sambandh (relationship)."

Today i am producing more examples :

Date:          September 7, 1984
Time:          23:22:00
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         77 E 13' 00", 28 N 40' 00"  Delhi, India

Vimsottari Dasa:

 Jup MD:  2009-08-04  -  2025-08-04
  Merc AD:  2014-04-05  -  2016-07-11

In this chart , Jupitar Mahadasa is running which is functional malefic and Mercury antardasa is running which is functional benefic (extremely yoga karak). Both Jupiter and Mercury does not have any sambandh of four kind.

This native suffered a paralytic stroke on 15th July 2014 and now suffering from facial paralysis.

One more example :

Date:          December 18, 1965
Time:          4:12:00
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         77 E 13' 00", 28 N 40' 00" Delhi, India

Vimsottari Dasa:

 Sat MD:  2001-02-20  -  2020-02-21
  Sun AD:  2011-02-12  -  2012-01-25

This native lost his son in Sat\Sun Dasha.
[date of death 04.11.2011]. Here Saturn is functional benefic and Sun is functional malefic aspected by another functional malefic Jupiter. Both Saturn and Sun does not have any Sambandh (relationship) 

I hope this will help.

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Some Misconseption in 'Panchak'

 [This article complied by other, original source not known to me, but facts are presented in a good way from Muhurtha chintamani, etc. As i will get the time i will put some more facts on it.]

पंचक में क्या हैं पाँच निषेध कार्य अपने परिपथ भ्रमण के काल में गोचरवश जब-जब चद्रँमा कुंभ और मीन राशियों में अथवा कहें कि धनिष्ठा नक्षत्र के उत्तरार्ध में, शतभिषा, पूर्वामाद्रपद, उत्तराभाद्रपद और रेवती नक्षत्रों में होता है, तो इस काल को पंचक कहते हैं। अधिकांश लोगों में यह भ्रम और भय व्याप्त है कि इन नक्षत्रों में शुभ कर्म वर्जित होते हैं अथवा इन नक्षत्रों में प्रारम्भ किए गए कार्य पूर्ण नहीं होते और होते भी हैं तो पूरे पांच बार प्रयास करने बाद।

यह मान्यता भी चली आ रही है कि पंचकों में कहीं से कोई सगे-सम्बन्धी की मृत्यु की सूचना मिलती है तो ऐसे में पांच दुःखद समाचार और भी सुनने को मिलते हैं। लोगों में
भ्रम तो यहाँ तक व्याप्त है कि इन दिनों में सनातन धर्म के कोई भी शुभ कार्य अशुभता अवश्य देते हैं। सबसे पहले यह मय, भ्रम और अंधविश्वास तो मन से एक दम ही निकाल दें कि तथाकथित यह पांच नक्षत्र सदैव अहितकारी ही सिद्ध होते हैं।

अनेक जातक ग्रथों और विशेषरुप से मुहूर्त चिन्तामणि और राज भार्तण्ड में पंचको के शुभाशुभ विचार का विवरण मिलता है। यदि गहनता से पंचकों के विषय में अध्ययन किया जाए तो हम पाते हैं कि इनका निषेध केवल पांच कर्मों मेंही किया जाता है और उनमें भी स्पष्ट रुप से आवश्यक कार्यों के लिए विकल्प लिखे गए हैं -
पंचकों में जिन पांच कार्यों को न करने का वर्णन है उनके विषय में उनके दुष्परिणाम भी दिए गए हैं। इनको करना यदि आवश्कता बन जाए तो कुछ सरल से उपयों द्वारा उनको सम्पन्न भी किया जा सकता है।

पहला, लकड़ी का सामान क्रय न करना और लकड़ी एकत्रित न करना। विशेष रुप से घनिष्ठा नक्षत्र नक्षत्र में इस कर्म से बचें क्योंकि इससे अग्नि भय का संकट हो सकता है। यदि यह कर्म करना आवश्यक हो तो लकड़ी के कुछ भाग से हवन कर लें। मेरी मान्यता है कि इस ग्रह के स्वामी मंगल हैं और उसके इष्ट देव हनुमान जी हैं। कार्य से पूर्व धनिष्ढा नक्षत्र में उनका स्मरण अवश्य कर लें, अज्ञात भय से अवश्य ही रक्षा होगी।

दूसरा, पंचकों में विशेषरुप से दक्षिण दिशा की यात्रा न करना। दक्षिण दिशा के अधिष्ठाता ‘यम’ हैं, इसलिए भी यात्रा को निषेध माना गया है। अति आवश्यक रुप से की जाने वाली यात्राओं के लिए पूर्व में किसी शुभ घड़ी में ‘चाला’ कर सकते हैं। इसके लिए यात्रा में प्रयुक्त कुछ पैसे,
हल्दी तथा चावल अपने इष्ट देव के सम्मुख रख लें और यात्रा को मंगलमय बनाने की प्रार्थना करें।
यात्रा वाले दिन रखे यह पैसे भी साथ ले लें। हल्दी और चावल किसी वृक्ष की जड़ में छोड दें अथवा जल प्रवाहित कर दें।

तीसरा, भवन में छत न डलवाना। मान्यता है कि पंचकों में भवन में डाली गयी छत उस
घर में कलह का कारण बनती है, वहाँ से सुख और शांति का पलायन हो जाता है। मान्यता तो यहाँ तक है कि इन नक्षत्रों में डाली गयी छत कमजोर होती है और-भवन स्वामियों में अलगाव तक करवा देती है। इन नक्षत्रों में यहि छत डलवा रहे हों तो उससे पूर्व इष्ट देव को मिष्ठानादि से प्रारम्भ करें और प्रसाद स्वरूप वह काम करने वाले लोगों में बांटकर उनकी प्रसन्नता बटोरें।

चौथा, पंचकों में चारपाई नहीं बनवाई जाती इसके पीछे का भाव भी वही लकड़ी के क्रय
करने वाला ही है। पंचको में लकड़ी को विशेष महत्व दिया गया है।

पांचवाँ, सबसे महत्वपूर्ण है कि पंचको में शव दाह नहीं करते। इसके पीछे भी कारण लकडियों का ही है क्योंकि दाह के लिए लकड़ियों की आवश्कता होती है। शव दाह के समय शास्त्रों में कुछ कर्म दिए गए हैं। यदि कुछ नहीं करना है तो आटे अथवा कुशा के पांच पुतले बनाकर शव के साथ संस्कार करवा लेना चहिए ।
मुहूर्त चिंतामणि में स्पष्ट लिखा है कि अति आावश्यक कार्यों के लिए पंचको में भी घनिष्ठा नक्षत्र का अंत, शतमिषा नक्षत्र का मध्य, भाद्रपद का प्रारम्भ और उत्तराभाद्रपद नक्षत्र के अन्त की पांच घड़िया कार्य के लिए चुनी जा सकती हैं।

पंचको में नक्षत्रों के अनुरुप अनेक कार्य शुभ माने गए हैं।
इसीलिए यह भ्रम पालना सर्वथा अज्ञानता है कि धनिष्ठा और शतमिषा नामक नक्षत्र यात्रा, वस्त्र, आभूषण आदि के क्रय-विक्रय के लिए बहुत शुभ हैं। पूर्वाभाद्र नक्षत्र में कोर्ट-कचहरी की ही नहीं,महत्वपूर्ण कार्यों के निर्णय आदि में भी शुभता प्रदान करते हैं। भूमि पूजन के लिए उत्तराभाद्रपद नक्षत्र शुभ सिद्व होता है। इस नक्षत्र में पूर्वनियोजित अधूरी और बड़ी-बड़ी परियोजनाओं का श्रीगणेश किया जा सकता है। विद्या, संगीत, सौभ्य कर्म और गुह्य विधाओं का श्री गणेश रेवती नक्षत्र में करना अति उत्तम रहता है।

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Maharaj Agrasen Horoscope

The following birth-chart of Maharaj Agrasen was found by me in a very old book in my father's library. I am putting it here for the benefit of whole Agrawal community.

For information of those, who do not know about him - Maharaja Agrasen was a legendary Indian king of Agroha, from whom the whole Agrawal community are descent. The Government of India issued a postage stamp in honour of Maharaja Agresen in 1976 on occasion of his 5100th jayanti.

Warm regards
Shyam S Kansal
(Vedic Astrologer)


I am thankful to Sri Kansal sahab for bringing out this prestigious horoscope for all.
Vijay Goel
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Monday, May 26, 2014

Oath Chart of Modi's Prime Ministership

Modi’s PM swearing muhurtha

5-yr chart

Date:          May 26, 2014
Time:          18:11:00
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         77 E 13' 00", 28 N 40' 00"
               Delhi, India

Lunar Yr-Mo:   Jaya - Vaisakha
Tithi:         Krishna Trayodasi (Ju) (23.60% left)
Vedic Weekday: Monday (Mo)
Nakshatra:     Bharani (Ve) (92.73% left)
Yoga:          Sobhana (Su) (84.21% left)
Karana:        Vanija (Ve) (47.21% left)
Hora Lord:     Venus (5 min sign: Ge)
Mahakala Hora: Sun (5 min sign: Ta)
Kaala Lord:    Saturn (Mahakala: Saturn)

Sunrise:       5:29:28
Sunset:        19:07:02
Janma Ghatis:  31.7305

Ayanamsa:      24-03-29.81
Sidereal Time: 10:05:54

Body                    Longitude        Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa

Lagna                   29 Li 12' 50.31" Visa      3    Li   Ge
Sun - PK                11 Ta 08' 07.55" Rohi      1    Ta   Ar
Moon - MK               14 Ar 18' 10.97" Bhar      1    Ar   Le
Mars - BK               15 Vi 13' 37.10" Hast      2    Vi   Ta
Mercury - GK             3 Ge 41' 23.13" Mrig      4    Ge   Sc
Jupiter - AK            25 Ge 15' 36.08" Puna      2    Ge   Ta
Venus - DK               2 Ar 58' 10.59" Aswi      1    Ar   Ar
Saturn (R) - AmK        24 Li 47' 51.45" Visa      2    Li   Ta
Rahu                     3 Li 58' 50.09" Chit      4    Li   Sc
Ketu                     3 Ar 58' 50.09" Aswi      2    Ar   Ta
Uranus                  21 Pi 12' 48.25" Reva      2    Pi   Cp
Neptune                 13 Aq 28' 47.19" Sata      3    Aq   Aq
Pluto (R)               19 Sg 06' 51.69" PSha      2    Sg   Vi
Maandi                  16 Vi 02' 45.26" Hast      2    Vi   Ta
Gulika                   4 Vi 46' 04.73" UPha      3    Vi   Aq
Bhava Lagna             21 Sc 00' 37.56" Jye       2    Sc   Cp
Hora Lagna               1 Ge 23' 36.55" Mrig      3    Ge   Li
Ghati Lagna              2 Cp 32' 33.52" USha      2    Cp   Cp
Vighati Lagna            8 Sg 17' 18.34" Mool      3    Sg   Ge
Varnada Lagna           29 Cp 12' 50.31" Dhan      2    Cp   Cp
Sree Lagna              25 Sc 23' 46.55" Jye       3    Sc   Aq
Pranapada Lagna          8 Le 47' 47.31" Magh      3    Le   Ge
Indu Lagna              14 Vi 18' 10.97" Hast      2    Vi   Ta
Bhrigu Bindu             9 Cp 08' 30.53" USha      4    Cp   Pi
Dhooma                  24 Vi 28' 07.55" Chit      1    Vi   Le
Vyatipata                5 Li 31' 52.45" Chit      4    Li   Sc
Parivesha                5 Ar 31' 52.45" Aswi      2    Ar   Ta
Indra Chapa             24 Pi 28' 07.55" Reva      3    Pi   Aq
Upaketu                 11 Ar 08' 07.55" Aswi      4    Ar   Cn
Kaala                    0 Sc 16' 01.06" Visa      4    Sc   Cn
Mrityu                  17 Ge 19' 57.80" Ardr      4    Ge   Pi
Artha Prahara            9 Cn 21' 07.96" Push      2    Cn   Vi
Yama Ghantaka            1 Le 12' 53.18" Magh      1    Le   Ar
Yoga Sphuta             28 Le 46' 18.52" UPha      1    Le   Sg
Avayoga Sphuta           5 Pi 26' 18.52" UBha      1    Pi   Le

Tara (Lagna) Meaning     Lord    Nakshatra 1 Nakshatra 2 Nakshatra 3
Sahama name        Position         Nakshatra Meaning of sahama

Janma        Birth       Jupiter Visa        PBha        Puna
Bhratru Sahama     29 Ge 40' 34.95" Puna      Brother
Preeti Sahama       0 Pi 59' 04.34" PBha      Love, affection

Sampat       Wealth      Saturn  Anu         UBha        Push
Karma Sahama       10 Pi 45' 04.29" UBha      Activities (profession)
Santapa Sahama      9 Sc 42' 30.79" Anu       Sadness
Apamrityu Sahama   13 Cn 12' 03.52" Push      Untimely death (bad death)

Vipat        Danger      Mercury Jye         Reva        Asre
Labha Sahama       17 Pi 17' 33.08" Reva      Gains
Jeeva Sahama       28 Pi 45' 05.68" Reva      Life
Jalapatana Sahama  19 Cn 24' 58.87" Asre      Crossing ocean
Yasas Sahama       22 Cn 05' 32.66" Asre      Fame

Kshema       Well-being  Ketu    Mool        Aswi        Magh
Matru Sahama       10 Sg 32' 50.70" Mool      Mother
Vivaha Sahama       7 Ar 23' 09.46" Aswi      Marriage
Kali Sahama         9 Le 14' 49.29" Magh      Misfortune

Pratyak      Obstacles   Venus   PSha        Bhar        PPha
Vidya Sahama       26 Sg 02' 46.89" PSha      Learning
Mitra Sahama       25 Sg 50' 52.93" PSha      Friend
Mahatmya Sahama    16 Sg 22' 06.95" PSha      Greatness
Jadya Sahama       24 Ar 07' 08.79" Bhar      Sluggishness
Gaurava Sahama     22 Le 05' 32.66" PPha      Respect
Paradesa Sahama    24 Sg 44' 17.50" PSha      Foreign countries

Saadhana     Achievement Sun     USha        Krit        UPha
Vanik Sahama        9 Vi 49' 38.16" UPha      Trade

Naidhana     Death       Moon    Srav        Rohi        Hast
Samartha Sahama    11 Ta 28' 16.83" Rohi      Enterprise
Pitru Sahama       12 Ta 52' 34.21" Rohi      Father
Rajya Sahama       12 Ta 52' 34.21" Rohi      Kingdom
Bandhu Sahama      18 Cp 36' 02.47" Srav      Relatives
Mrityu Sahama      14 Cp 07' 29.66" Srav      Death
Artha Sahama       13 Cp 12' 03.52" Srav      Wealth
Sraddha Sahama     16 Ta 57' 23.80" Rohi      Dedication
Vyapara Sahama     19 Vi 38' 35.97" Hast      Business
Satru Sahama       19 Vi 38' 35.97" Hast      Enemies
Roga Sahama        14 Ta 07' 29.66" Rohi      Diseases
Paradara Sahama    21 Vi 02' 53.36" Hast      Adultery

Mitra        Friend      Mars    Dhan        Mrig        Chit
Punya Sahama        2 Li 22' 53.74" Chit      Fortune, good deeds
Sastra Sahama       4 Aq 09' 07.77" Dhan      Sciences

Parama Mitra Good friend Rahu    Sata        Ardr        Swat
Putra Sahama       10 Aq 10' 15.43" Sata      Children
Bandhana Sahama     6 Li 47' 52.61" Swat      Imprisonment
Karyasiddhi Sahama 16 Li 37' 54.49" Swat      Fructification of projects

Asha Sahama         8 Cp 47' 04.66" Abhi      Hopes, desires

Body       In Pushkaramsa? In Pushkara Bhaga? From Pushkara Bhaga Center

Mars       Yes             -                  1.7264 deg
Jupiter    Yes             -                  1.7586 deg
Saturn     Yes             -                  1.2982 deg

Title    Planet in this chart Longitude

Yogi     Sun                  28 Le 39' 51.34"
Sahayogi Sun                  -
Avayogi  Saturn                5 Pi 19' 51.34"

Planet  Longitude   Lon Speed      Latitude   Lat Speed      Distance  Dist Speed

Sun     41.128 deg  0.961 deg/day  -0.000 deg -0.000 deg/day 1.0131 AU 0.000180 AU/day
Moon    14.203 deg  13.120 deg/day -0.923 deg -1.171 deg/day 0.0026 AU 0.000023 AU/day
Mars    165.226 deg 0.080 deg/day  0.540 deg  -0.037 deg/day 0.7615 AU 0.005782 AU/day
Mercury 63.683 deg  0.887 deg/day  1.904 deg  -0.119 deg/day 0.8040 AU -0.019063 AU/day
Jupiter 85.259 deg  0.189 deg/day  0.326 deg  0.001 deg/day  5.9250 AU 0.011314 AU/day
Venus   2.961 deg   1.166 deg/day  -2.000 deg -0.007 deg/day 1.1665 AU 0.006930 AU/day
Saturn  204.798 deg -0.071 deg/day 2.463 deg  -0.002 deg/day 8.9365 AU 0.004640 AU/day
Rahu    183.981 deg -0.020 deg/day 0.000 deg  0.000 deg/day  0.0026 AU 0.000016 AU/day

Features of this chart :

For longetivity of the chart :

1.     Movable lagna with exalted retro Saturn with Rahu.
2.   Lagna is aspected by own lord Venus and another pious planet Jupiter.
3.   Longetivity as per Jaimini System :

       Lagna lord and 8th Lord is in movable sign – long life.
Lagna and Moon : Both are movable  – long life.
Lagna and Hora lagna (mercury): one is movable and other is common - short life.

All these above factors indicated that this session will be full term of 5 years.

1.     Three planets are in Pushkaramsa : Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.
2.   9th lord Mercury in own house.
3.   Mars is stationary.
4.   Lagna lord and 10th lord together with strong lagna and strong 9th House, is Shankya yoga, very powerful rajyoga.

This clearly indicate that this muhurtha for government is blessed by saints and pious peoples. After facing all struggles, results will be very positive for the party. The decision made by this party will NOT be influenced by any external sources at any cost (no foreign influence) . They had the strength to tackle all problem in-house itself. Very Strong 9th house indicate that 'Constitution of India' will be at top priority and it's true sacredness will be maintain by the Prime Minister at best intentions for country. Law and divinity will rule the country.

Negative influences :
1.     The placement of malefic planets in lagna.
2.   7th lord Mars in 12th house.
3.   2,12,6,8th houses has malefic influences.
4.   Mars is stationary in 12H.

This indicate firmness and adamant in executions of polices. The weakest point is that due to this foreign polices will suffer and relation with other countries especially inimical countries would be worsen to large extent and cold war would exits. Hard action against terrorist is indicated.

Asha Saham comes under Abhijeet which means that resident of country has many hopes with the government in coming five years which is protected by Brahma itself.

Vimsottari Dasa compressed 5 year dasa taking seed of Lagna spustha:

 Maha Dasas:

 Jup:  2014-05-26  -  2014-08-09
In star of Jupiter consists of two Sahams; Preeti and Bratru Saham. Jupiter is in 9H with Mercury and is in Pushkaramsa.
This period indicate support from friends. Due to blessing of divinity this period will turn out to be very positive and rivals will turned to friends.

 Sat:  2014-08-09  -  2015-05-26

In star of Saturn consists of three Sahams; Karm, Santap and Apamrityu. Saturn is retro exalted with Rahu in Lagna and is in Pushkaramsha.
In this period decision will be taken for the improvement of in-house production in country. Many policies will be made for welfare of residents and improvement of infrastructure of country. This period will lead to major constructions and civil works in country. Infrastructure related to security in country will be also improved. Hardships in path could be overcome due to blessing of Brahma.

 Merc:  2015-05-26  -  2016-02-08

In star of Mercury consist of four Sahams ; labh, jeeva, jalpath and yasas Sahams. Mercury in own rasi in 9H and 12th lord, jaimini hora lord and Indu lagnesh.
This period indicate dominance in SAARC countries and very good relations with all neighboring countries. Foreign travel of prime minister and many cabinet ministers will increase. This is the period when  foreign policy could be reframed. In this period capitalist could be favored, they will influence the government to large extent. Many big industrialist from all over the globe could make huge investment in the country. Value of rupee could be strengthen against dollar. Share market could rise.  There could be development and change in import and export policies. Middle class resident and small entrepreneurs may not be satisfied with the policies of the government.

 Ket:  2016-02-08  -  2016-05-25

In star of Ketu consists of three Saham; matru, kali and vivaha saham. Ketu is in 7H with Venus and Moon.
This is the period for rectifying all previous agreement with neighboring countries related to security matters. Terrorist and internal security, border related security will be main issues in the country. New line of action and strict measure will be framed and executed in this period and this may lead to more inimical relations with those neighboring countries who are supporting terrorism of any kind.

 Ven:  2016-05-25  -  2017-03-25

In star of Venus consists of six Sahams ; vidya, mitra, gaurav, mahatma, paradesa and jadya Sahams. Venus is also day hora lord.
This is one of the most difficult situation.Country could face direct war or war like situation and due to this GDP will fall and a temporary recession could be there. Bomb explosion, fire accidents are indicated. Here opposition party will have the opportunity to counter-react with the government. Government may be defamed due to foreign policy. War like situation could hamper the growth of the country. Government may revamp the major tax structure which could bring relief to the residents of the country.
This period is acid test for the government to acquire mahathma and gaurav among residents.

 Sun:  2017-03-25  -  2017-06-25

In star of Sun consist of  Vanik  Saham. Sun is in 8H and exalted in Navasmha. With no aspect and in ubaychari yoga, and yogi planet.
This is the major period of economic recession and government subsidies could bring temporary relief to residents. There could be big loss or retirement of major political leader of the presiding government.

 Moon:  2017-06-25  -  2017-11-24

In star of Moon consists of ten Sahams; pitru, samartha, mrityu,artha,sraddha,vyapar,satru,roga, pardara and bandu Saham. 
This is mix period, fame of government will rise in this period. Reconciliation with enemies could be there. There could be increase in fate in the government. GDP would start rising. Production of country would increase and bring many new opportunities and hopes.

 Mars:  2017-11-24  -  2018-03-10

In the star of Mars consists of two Saham; punya and sastra Saham. It should be noted that Mars is stationary hence it is bound to give strong results.
This is the period of victory over the matter related to internal and external security of country. Army will be at high alert and terrorism could be nearly wiped out substantially. Many scandals will open up and culprits could face imprisonment. Government will more focus on technology advancement,  knowledge and scientific explorations, development of research centers and education sector.

 Rah:  2018-03-10  -  2018-12-09

In the star of Rahu consists of three saham ; putra, bandhana and karya siddhi Sahams. Rahu is in lagna with exalted Saturn.
This period indicate victory and solutions over many unsolved matters of past. Political shrewdness would bring complete crushing over enemies.
The results of many project will fructify in this period which could make strong political ground of the government whole over country.


Conclusion : Although this muhurutha is not good but still this will bring lot of struggle but finally success to the party, due to the blessing of Brahma and could emerge as the biggest party of Bharat in coming years.

Vijay Goel
Vedic astrologer and Vastukar
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