Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Those who teaches never seizes to learn.

Those who teaches never seizes to learn.

Group Photo : I am with my aspiring student of Jyotish.
I am giving Jyotish Lectures in the class.

It is like that : sometimes Jupiter (teacher), other time Mercury (student)....

Mercury matures to become Jupiter and again Moon (new random thought due to restlessness or fickleness ) enters in Jupiter's domain, New Mercury is born, matures to Jupiter and cycles goes on and on...

The story that wife of Jupiter abducted by Moon and than Mercury is born is crystal clear now....

To stop this cycle complete 'Bhramcharya' is needed, No new thought no more mercury :)). 
Hence MahaYogis moves to solitude place and whenever they are seen, never teach,  they only bless...

It is like when Mercury rises from Rajasic Guna to Sattwik Guna matures to Jupiter at Rajasic Guna and teaches and transfer the digested knowledge to new mercurians but when Jupiter rises up to Sattwik level He only blesses.

I think this is the evolution process of thought and final dissipation in the mother's nature. 

Just a random thought take care before picking it up :))

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