Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some thoughts for coming new year 2011-12 for India : Mundane astrology.

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Today, i am trying to explore the mundane astrology using principles taught by my teachers in my early days in schools but i never gave any importance to it. These are the authentic tools and can be properly re-searched at modern context.

This year entry of Chaitra Sukla Pratipada at Delhi [77E13,28N40], India will be on 3rd April 2011 at 20:04:09 hours.

The chart is:

List of Cabinets for this new Samvatsar :

1) King : Since this new year start from Sunday so the king should be Sun [one school stick to this day] but at morning the tithi is Amavasya therefore as per panchang rules whole day is considered amavasya , therefore next sunrise Pratipada tithi will rising on Monday so finally the King is Moon. [Another school consider this hence controversy]

Results of Moon as King : Normally there will be plenty of rains and abundance of all kinds of crops, vegetation and milk. [all karaks of moon]. Lakes and dams will be full. People will be happy, prosperous and religiousminded.
But Moon is placed in 6H in above horoscope indicate fights over water resources, floods and calamities due to heavy rains, Destruction of crops and vegetation and due to practice to black marketing by greedy peoples there could be shortage of food and rise in prices. Challenges for the government machinery in controlling above Mal-practices by capitalist business empires. It can indicate spread of water borne disease.

Moon is 10th lord with number of planets in 6H, Ministers will have to face many challenges at every matter of country.

King is akin to Lagna therefore moon placement in 6H will bring over-all poor health of the country, loans will increase and fear from enemies, disease and natural calamities will come to pass. In above chart Lagna Lord Venus is in 5H shows that due to blessing of wise people, especially economists (Venus indicate economist and tax advisers) and of past experience they can manage the challenges. Many forewarning will be provided by them but Venus 2-12 from Moon, indicate delaying of decision and implementation by the government.

Vehicle of the King : The vehicle is 'Deer' for Moon, it indicate peaceful, adequate rainfall, swiftness and increase in production (GDP) in country.
As moon is in 6H , industries will rise with caution and fear of terrorism within the country. Swiftness [like deer] in actions for internal as well as external security will be highly needed to meet out the challenges.


Minister : The daylord when sun ingress in Aries is the minister. On 14th april 2011, 12.53.00 on Thursday sun will enter in Aries, Rising Lagna is Cancer. Hence Jupiter is minister of the year.
Aries is natural karak for any start and first rasi of zodiac.

Results of Jupiter as minister : Happiness, plenty of corn and vegetation, contentment, good cattle and plenty of milk.

In above horoscope Jupiter in 6H is in own rasi. Hence new policies regarding import-exports will be made to control finances and resources of the country. Sincere attempt will  be made by the government to control prices (like Rations shops, Kishan shops etc), to increase agricultural yield and help general public.

Minister is akin to 10H,  in above horoscope 10L moon in 6th house indicate that ministers who are involved in scams and could get prosecuted as Jupiter and moon conjunction is present. Laws and supreme court could play the major role in shaping the future of the country.
Mars + retro mercury + moon + sun + jupiter in 6H indicate that greedy large business empires to fulfill there greediness they can loot the country with the help of government policies.


Lord of grains : When sun ingress in cancer, the day-lord is lord of grains. This year on 17th July at 3:14:01 hours on Saturday sun will enter in cancer, the natural rasi karak for for food, peace and longevity. Therefore lord of grains is Saturn.

Result of Saturn as lord of grains: This indicate shortage of grains and anxiety. black soils proves fertile, scanty rainfall.

Saturn is retro and in 12H in sign if mercury above horoscope. This indicate black marketing created by large business groups, losses of grains due to lack of storage or wastage of grains in large cold or open storage.

Lord of Grains is akin to 4H matters : In above horoscope 4th lord is also Saturn and lord of grain is also Saturn. 4th lord in 12H indicate the general people will strive in scarcity, people could immigrate from one place to other in search of livelihood and food. 
Foreign influence will increase.

Lord of fort : The day-lord when sun ingress in Leo sign is lord of fort. Sun will enter in Leo rasi on 17th aug 11 at 11:41:41 hours on Wednesday. Therefore Mercury is Fort lord.

Results of lord of fort as Mercury : People have all type of material benefits and standard of living increases. Traders fearlessly move across the country with there goods.

Now in above horoscope Mercury is retro and debilitated. The Karak for security is mars aspected by saturn. All these planets in 6H is creating fear amoung traders class. Un-ehtical trading will rise to highest level. Government will fail in foreign policies and fear for war is present.


Lord of finance : Dhanesh will be the day-lord when sun will ingress in Virgo. On 17 sep 11 at 11:40:36 hours on Saturday, sun will ingress in Virgo, the natural rasi karak for business. Therefore the Lord of finance is Saturday.

Result of Saturn as lord of finance : This indicate scarcity in finance, people will be bereft of liquidity, government will have shortage  of funds and peoples and ministers could be sick.

Since Saturn is retro in Virgo, in 12H in above chart, it simple indicate that lots of funds will be put off for modernization and construction of hospitals. New vaccination campaign could be started at large level all over the country. New fund allocation could be made for natural calamities and tragic management. Since there will be scarcity in govt. fund, lot of donation and loans could be raised from foreign countries and world organizations.
Since Virgo is inflicted so average business class people will be at problems and strange fear will be prevailing among them, may be due to failure of govt. policies and at security matters. Stock exchange could crash very badly, reviving many sour memories of past.

Lord of finances is akin to 7H matters : Mars is 7L in above horoscope and karak for business people is mercury is retro and debilitated, aspected by Lord of finance Saturn from 12H. Unethical business will flourish and basic commodities with be forcefully put to scarcity by these rich class people by hook or crook.


In this way we can calculate more factors with sun ingress in every 12 sign.

Eclipse should be studies for natural calamities in the country.

Now in above chart all planets are in dual sign except Venus. These eight planets aspect each other with Rasi Dristi. This is the major indication for natural calamities. Now if these indicate verified with eclipses in the country than prediction for natural calamities can be done.

Overall this coming year is only full of challenges for government as well as for people.

Thankyou ,
Vijay Goel,
Vedic astrologer & Vastu consultant.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Nadi astrology and Profession

Saturn is main significance of  Karma in Nadi astrology hence signify profession \ career.

The PAC (position,aspect,combination) relation of planets with Saturn in the horoscope says about the nature of profession of the native.

The success and failure in the profession is seen from the tenth lord from Saturn.

1) If the tenth lord from Saturn is well placed (kendra and trikone) with respect to Saturn then there will be success, growth and huge potential to earn money.

2) 10L poised in 6,8,12H from Saturn will bring difficulties and obstacles.

3) Planets which are poised in 6,8, and 12H from natal Saturn will give an insight about the fall in one's profession.

Dasa and Bhukti lords when they are placed in 3,6,8,12 Houses from natal Saturn will bring in fall.


These methods are fantastic for quick readings.

More additions :
Considering Saturn house as ascendent... it shows past life deeds \ details.., therefore it manifest in our present as impediment or success.
Therefore :
1) 10H\L from Saturn indicate success in career.
2) 3\6\8\12 indicate failure or impediments.
3) Planets in quadrant and trines support the positive events.

What i feel that Houses from natal Ascendent which involves 3\6\8\12 from Saturn, those activities should be avoided in career term. The planets in this houses will gives insights for failure in career.
If 10L from Ascendent is Not 3\6\8\12 from Saturn, native is destined for huge success.


Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel,
Vedic astrologer and Vastu Consultant.