Thursday, October 08, 2009

Vaivarta Puran, Prakriti Khand & planets relationship.

Dear All,

In Bhrama Vaivatra Puran, (Pg 85 Gita press Gorakhpur) in Prakriti Khanda, Bhagwan Narayan says to Narada that on five Devi is called Prakriti in which this Universe is dependent.
These five Devi are :
1)Durga (who is mother of Ganesh)

I think these are referred as Five Tattwas and just a though came to my mind to relate these with five planets as following:

1)Durga : Planet is Mars.
2)Laxmi : Planet is Venus.
3)Saraswati : Planet is Mercury.
4)Savitri : Planet is Jupiter.
5)Radha. : Planet is Saturn.

Though Rahu\ketu and sun\moon are excluded in basic scheme of tattwas still we can classify by putting Rahu and ketu with Durga, Sun with Saraswati & Moon with Savitri.

This is just my thought and shared with all, if you find appropriate than discuss it else leave it.

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel


Dear Sunilji and all,

I have heard of the story you are mentioning, it is right.

Basically mine classification is based in tattwa concept and the kind of feminine energy associated with these five Devis as mentioned in Puran, which is the basic entity on which Universe is dependent.

If you will see Sri Radha's life was full of sorrow in the view of Sansara to the extent that she was not even married to Krsna. She was the complete epitome of saturn, she can feel the slightest pain of any and has the capacity to uplift from that pain. See how vayu tattwa (sani) was dominant in his life giving her great internal strength.

Reciting Gayatri mantra, Sri Savitri gives wisdom and knowledge, just see the relationship of Savitri and jupiter. Akash tattwa in the body will increase and become prominent.

You can seek help from Sri Durga for the protection of Dharma, main philosopy of mars is to protect from Adharma. Agni tattwa will get prominent, Agni is Dharma.

Sri Laxmi and venus needs no explaination.

Sri Saraswati with mercury also needs no explanation.


We can say Shiva has many form, we can consider as jupiter in context like Param Guru, and Sun as Shiva in another context for example their is a sloke in jaimini where sun+ketu is considered as Shiva worshiper [as per my memory]. Even saturn and mars are also taken as the Rudra form form Shiva. I think Bhatuk Bairav form is Shiva is considered to uplift from the sorrow of saturn. Hanuman another rudra form for mars.

We can put all nine planets within the Shiva Parivar (family) under different classification,Like Lord Kartikey for mars, Lord Ganesha for mercury, etc.


We have many ways, at different context, to consider the deity and planet relationship.

Thankyou for reading.

Vijay Goel

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