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LK Grammar : Aayu Chakra

Date 5th sep 2008 : 1.07 am

Respected Priyaji Sir,

The dasa sequence of 36yrs cycle (2nd one) is quite logical as per LK principles.

It starts from Index finger (jupiter finger),
Aries : 1-3 years
Taurus : 4-6
Gemini : 7-9

than middle finger (saturn),
Capri : 10-12
Aqua : 13-15
Pisces : 16-18

than ring (sun) finger
Cancer : 19-21
Leo : 22-24
Virgo : 25-27

than pinky (mercury) finger.
Libra : 28-30
Scorpio : 31-33
Sagg : 34-36

I think three years are alloted for each rashi to accumulate the result of three phalanges (spiritual, mental, physical).

* * * * * *

The dasa cycle of 35 yrs is unique to Lal-Kitab.
It does NOT have any similar match with traditional astrology.

In traditional astrology, maturity cycle of planets is described below.

Till 16 years of age child is under the supervision of elders.
Four years each of Mother, Father, Guru & Society.

The further cycle is :
Jupiter :16-22: (completes education)

Sun :22-24 (takes independent decision)

Moon :24-25 (understands socialism)

Venus :25-28 (understand marriage and family life)

Mars :28-32 (competes for livelihood)

Mercury :32-36 (Establish himself in 'give take' policy of society)

Saturn :36-42 (Hard work for second rise in society)

Rahu :42-48 (Diplomatic understanding)

Ketu :48-54. (makes some image in society)

This is just my view to look at dasa cycle.

Thanks and regards,
Vijay Goel.

Respected Vijay ji,

Simply superb !

Thak you so much for your input.


Varun Trivedi

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