Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Saturn in 4th House

Respected Bhaskerji and other respected members,

Thankyou for sharing your experience.

//will produce detachment in the native....but very good for the latter part of Life, when one wishes to enter the Sanyas ashram. //

This statement is very true, irrespective of any 'Avastha' of saturn and if other condition as you have mentioned is also fulfilled than it is sure.

This is also confirmed by great astrologer Shri H n Katwe. Due to this tendency they become great donors, they donate lands to Trusts and sometimes everything for the cause of humanity and may lead poor life in old age.

Few important inputs which should be kept in mind:

1)As per 'Mansagri' If saturn is in 'Direct motion' he is bad for siblings and friends (Bandu Nashak) and sickly. If saturn is in 'Retro Motion' , it destroyes wife, children even servants and leave his village or motherland.
The important thing is that we must see that Retro saturn is worst and it completetly destroys happiness of 4th house.
What i feel that the values of MOON is completely destroyed but the values of Venus may florish if saturn is in good avastha.
Person becomes cold hearted and he hates (fears) poverty completely and tries to overcome it with all efforts.

2)As per Bhrigu sutra :
if saturn is also Lagnesh than mother will have long age.
If saturn is 8th lord than mother will die early (also same for father).

3) Native can have two mothers or two wifes (one seperates early). (I think we must look moon, venus, 4L,7L, etc also).
Seperation from father could be there or father could be sick. (8th from 9th house and enemy to sun).
Overall sukh from parents is lost.

Example of One famous cinema star Marylyn Monroe am producing :
Female :
Date: June 1, 1926
Time: 9:30:00
Time Zone: 8:00:00 (West of GMT)
Place: 118 W 14' 34", 34 N 03' 08"
Los Angeles, California, USA

"Exalted Retro Saturn in 4th house"

Her Statement :
Femme fatale :
" I knew I belong to the public and to the world, not because i was talented or even beautiful, but because i had never belonged to anything or anyone else. Only the public can make a star. It's the studios who try to make a system out of it"

This is a very good chart to understand saturn in 4th house.

Step parents, multiple marriage, huge publicity, No children, disease at old age, everything , all masala of sani is present :)

(In this kaliyog we are not looking for Sri Ram Horoscope atleast from west)

Link is :

The words from Shri Katwe fits well here, native is unhappy in his childhood and in old age. Only in middle part of life he flourishes.

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel


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