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Rahu in 8 H: Example with Dwisaptati sama Dasa.

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I am given some brief introduction of this scientist in my message number 23890.
This person is Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Plank, nobel prize winner in Physics.
More you can read his biography from this link :

Here I have written a short write up explaining the role of Rahu in 8thhouse in his CAREER using dwisaptatidasa in his life :
Date: April 23,1858
Time: 12:00:00
Time Zone: 2:00:00 (East ofGMT)
Place: 7 E 49'00", 48 N 35' 00"
Kiel, Germany
Ayanamsa: 21-52-42.33(Lahiri Ayanamsha)

I am using Dwi-saptati sama dasa as it is applicablein this horoscope ( if lagna lord is in 7th or 7th lord is in lagna and365.2425 days solar years) :
Main features of this horoscope:
1) Lagna Lord Moon is vargottama.
2) Sun is exalted and digbali in 10thhouse.
When luminaries are strong in the horoscope, all other rajyogas manifest fully, gives the person name & fame for his works in society.
Strong luminaries imparts free flow of knowledge from all sources to the native, notice here moon is in Leo & Sun in Aries even in D-24, Shiva bestowed full blessing on him and provided needful resources to him to explore.
3) Rahu in own rashi in aquarius in 8thhouse and its co-lord Vargottama Saturn is in Lagna. :
See the serious influence of 8th house in his life, he was the serious researcher and always his intelligence enquiring the unknown phenomenon of nature.
4) Moon is with ketu in 2nd house : Mind always probe into minute details and interested in microscopic level of analysis, tiny things allure him.
5) Jupiter is with mercury within a degree and is combined in all divisional chart. : This clearly shows how Shiva will send him the right guru in any sector of life and he will be guru of many. Good guru-sisya yoga.
6) Retro mars in 5th house aspected by JU-Mer. : Logical approach towards understanding.
There is many raj-yoga in this chart which reader can verify themselves.
Now how rahu dasa antara dasa has strong connection with destiny can be seen through Dwisaptati dasa:
(Here all quotes all from the above mentioned link):
Jup MD: 1865-05-08 - 1874-05-09
Rah AD: 1868-09-22 - 1869-11-07
==>In 1867 the family moved to Munich, and Planck enrolled inthe Maximilians gymnasium school, where he came under the tutelage of Hermann Müller, a mathematician who took an interest in the youth, and taught himastronomy and mechanics as well as mathematics. It was from Müller that Planckfirst learned the principle of conservation of energy.
This is how Planck first came in contact with the field ofphysics.
As soon the first antara dasa of rahu came under Jupiter mahadasa, he came under the influence of Muller (Right Guru) who thought him physics and law of heat.
Ven MD: 1874-05-09 - 1883-05-09
Rah AD: 1876-08-07 - 1877-09-22
==>In 1877 he went to Berlin for a year of study withphysicists Hermann von Helmholtz and Gustav Kirchhoff and the mathematician Karl Weierstrass.
Again after ten years this antara dasa of rahu, he again met new seriously acclaim scientist as his gurus for further research and exploration.
Ven MD: 1874-05-09 - 1883-05-09
Moon: 1878-11-07 - 1879-12-23
==>In October 1878 Planck passed his qualifying exams and inFebruary 1879 defended his dissertation, Überden zweiten Hauptsatz der mechanischen Wärmetheorie (On the second fundamental theorem of themechanical theory of heat).
This moon antaradasa in venus mahadasa gave him the first recognition of what he learnt and experimented with above guru's. Lots of Inspiration came.
Reason are explained in point no.1&2.
Sat MD: 1883-05-09 - 1892-05-08
Rah AD: 1884-06-23 - 1885-08-08
==>In April 1885 the University of Kiel appointed Planck asassociate professor of theoretical physics.<==
Again in Saturn dasa rahu antardasa he got promotion in his research work.
See Saturn is vargottama aspecting 10th house.
Rah MD: 1892-05-08 - 1901-05-09
==>Within four years hewas named the successor to Kirchhoff's position at the University of Berlin— presumably thanks to Helmholtz's intercession — and by 1892 became a full professor.<==
Look how beautifully `the Maharaja Rahu' put him in the `throne' (the successor ) to do research as its Mahadasa started.
In this whole mahadasa of rahu from may 1892 to may 1901, he did lots of experiments and research.
This rahu has put him into lot of labor and hard work.
(Reasons no. 3.)
Sun MD: 1901-05-09 - 1910-05-09
==>Planck revised his approach, deriving the first version ofthe famous Planck black-body radiation law, which described the experimentallyobserved black-body spectrum well. It was first proposed in a meeting of theDPG on October 19, 1900 and published in 1901 (presented to the DPG on 14December 1900).
The various local Physical Societies of Germany merged in1898 to form the German Physical Society (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft,DPG); from 1905 to 1909 Planck was the president.
This is the mahadasa of digbali sun, lord of lords J. Look how his fame travelled with the speed of light across all direction in the universe. The `karma-yog' he done in rahu mahadasa was presented in Rahu-Saturn (Dec 1900) and was put to glittering light by sun in its own antar dasa (published in 1901)
In 1898 various physical societies merges: at this time Rahu-Jupiter was running : This indicate that how he was posed Guru by his students (may be some politics could be there) among all societies.
Again in 1905 it was same Jupiter antara under sun mahadasa when he was made president.
Sun MD: 1901-05-09 - 1910-05-09
Rah AD: 1909-03-24 - 1910-05-09
==>During 1909, as University of Berlin professor, eight of hislectures were used by the Erest Kempton Adams Fund for Physical Research in Theoretical Physics at Columbia University in New York City for a series of lectures translated by Columbia University professor A. P. Wills
In July 1909 wife Marie Planck died.
He retired from Berlin on January 10, 1926
Again this Rahu antara dasa in Sun mahadasa , his works were used practically by various societies and translation was done for many students.
Wife dies rahu is marak for 7th house.
It was this Rahu who laid foundation of career by coming at right age in 1867 now this same rahu is made his journey of career complete and retired him.
Moon MD: 1910-05-09 - 1919-05-09
Sun AD: 1918-03-25 - 1919-05-09
==>It was in recognition of Planck's monumental accomplishmentthat he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.
Highest award surely fits in mahadasa of Vargottama lagnesh moon and digbali sun.
Major weakness of this chart is retro mars in 5th house due to which his children died early for one or other reasons in spite of the aspect of Jupiter, and this 8th rahu gave difficulties on this account in personal life.
I had major a small attempt to understand rahu, hoping all will enjoy it.

 Handprints of Max Plank : courtesy :

Vijay Goel
(This writeup is meant for intermediate to advance level)


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