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Dharmi Tewa or Pious Horoscope In lal kitab

Respected Finn ji,

Hare Rama Krsna,

" This story, if true, is a perfect example of Dharmi Tewa, don't you think?"

Dharmi Tewa don't indicate  enlighten souls, nor a parameter to says that these combination make sure to get enlightenment.

The main theme is very simple in LK:
1) Moon represent heart and emotion and Ra\Ke signifies  excited or depress state of emotions.
So moon + ra\ke makes the person,  who can easily able  to control emotion as per their wish, if they practice for it.
For eg. in a good psychologist charts you can find this yoga easily. But negatively these combination creates fear and phobias.

2) Saturn works as an executor of law of Karma, Jupiter signifies truth. If saturn has relationship with jupiter, person attains very good discriminating power under natural law of justice.
Saturn + Jupiter is Brahma yoga in traditional astrology which means that person has the ability to forsee past, present & future.
In many successful person this i have seen this yoga because they put proper justice to the work they undertake (especially if it is in 10H). If we focus the house and other combination we can know where this Brahma yoga is working. Negatively this yoga creates power seekers.

If both these condition are met in the horoscope, there is a chance that person can attain spiritual enlightenment naturally with less efforts, which is the main purpose of birth.  Person is inherently fit in the qualification required as per Patanjali Sutras.
Even if person is honest and truthful towards its actions, he is sure to rise at soul level.

Horoscope of Sh. Raman Maharashi has controversy over the lagna, Some go for  Kanya lagna and some say it is Tula lagna. The chart you have produced is from Tula Lagna.

Vijay Goel


Dear Members,

The text from LK-52 page 43, under heading Dharmi Grah,

"yaani agar rahu ketu khana number 4 yaan chandra ke saath kissi bhi ghar ho Aur (2)(second condition) sanichar khana number 11 yaan brihaspat ke saath kissi bhi ghar mein ho, to aise teve mein paap(rahu ketu) yaan paapi (sanichar rahu ketu) dono ka hi bura assar na hoga aur sab grah dharmi honge"

All paapi will  become Dharmi if both condition satisfies, the word in conjuction in hindi is used 'AUR'.

In Farmaan no. 14 Lk-52 page 227 under heading Tewe ki kisme (Types of horoscopes)

11 sani ho ya saath guru ho  paap chander 10 chauthe ho

Pichle janam ka sadhu hoga  dharmi tewa sukh dewe jo

In the above verse it is clear, 
I) Saturn in 11H or with Jupiter, 
II) Ra\Ke with Moon or in 10-4 house axis.
Person will be saint in past birth hence chart will be Dharmi tewe (pious chart).

Lal Kitab 1942 page 43 :

Rahu-ketu Khana .........AUR sanichar khana number 11........

Agar rahu ketu khana number 4 ya chander ke saath kisi bhi ghar ho AUR agar sanichar khana number 11 ya brishpati ke saath kisi bhi ghar mein ho to uus tewe mein paap ve paapi dono ka hi bura asar na hoga aur saab dharmi grah hoge.

If Ra\Ketu in 4H or with moon in any house AND if saturn in 11H or with jupiter in any house than RKS will be good and all planets will be Dharmi (Religious, truthful, pious).

This above verse very clearly states that both condition must be fulfilled.

I think there could be major misconception among many astrologers that either of the condition will make the chart a Dharmi chart.

But in my understanding it will be NOT appropriate to take 'either condition of rahu and moon or saturn and jupiter' as explained above by me or if you think logically otherwise.

Vijay Goel
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