Sunday, March 06, 2011

Nadi astrology and Profession

Saturn is main significance of  Karma in Nadi astrology hence signify profession \ career.

The PAC (position,aspect,combination) relation of planets with Saturn in the horoscope says about the nature of profession of the native.

The success and failure in the profession is seen from the tenth lord from Saturn.

1) If the tenth lord from Saturn is well placed (kendra and trikone) with respect to Saturn then there will be success, growth and huge potential to earn money.

2) 10L poised in 6,8,12H from Saturn will bring difficulties and obstacles.

3) Planets which are poised in 6,8, and 12H from natal Saturn will give an insight about the fall in one's profession.

Dasa and Bhukti lords when they are placed in 3,6,8,12 Houses from natal Saturn will bring in fall.


These methods are fantastic for quick readings.

More additions :
Considering Saturn house as ascendent... it shows past life deeds \ details.., therefore it manifest in our present as impediment or success.
Therefore :
1) 10H\L from Saturn indicate success in career.
2) 3\6\8\12 indicate failure or impediments.
3) Planets in quadrant and trines support the positive events.

What i feel that Houses from natal Ascendent which involves 3\6\8\12 from Saturn, those activities should be avoided in career term. The planets in this houses will gives insights for failure in career.
If 10L from Ascendent is Not 3\6\8\12 from Saturn, native is destined for huge success.


Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel,
Vedic astrologer and Vastu Consultant.


Vidit Jain said...

What if 10L from Saturn is Saturn himself?

Vijay Goel said...

This is possible when Saturn is in Aries or Taurus sign. This means that 10L (Saturn) is in Kendre position from Saturn. This is positive for upliftment in career.

omendr said...

sir 10 rashi from sat is kumbh but place is ashtam so which type result indicate in profession

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