Monday, May 23, 2011

Encounter of various system in my journey of astrology.

When i started learning astrology, i probed into all type of system of fortune telling available to me way back to year 1995. Started with Godmen's sun signs, numerology, Palmistry, etc  than jumped to finally Parashara & Jaimini.
In 1997, when i joined ICAS, Jaipur and started having systematic studies under guidance of stalwarts teachers.
I always had deep interest in Parashara and Jaimini system as both these system compliments each other as well as a complete system to study the various complexities of human life. Since Human behavior and karma does not have any boundaries, in these system dept of understanding is also vast, infinite and complex.
I always loved challenges and complexities.
In this Modern Era many researched minded scholars did researched in above subject and for the sake of simplicity and easiness, they came out with various new methods. No doubt their efforts are of great worth.
I started to probe various modern system so that some new researched with respect to modern context could be known.

KP system:
I read KP system as developed by Prof. K.S.Krishnamurty. I found the two things can be picked from this system to get greater understanding for using Parashari techniques.

One is house division known as Placidus system. amoung various house division, this system was very well researced and practiced by the author so i directly adopted this house division and neglecting other till more researched is done.

Second is adding many new significance to Houses. They have classified nearly all aspect of modern events in one's life to houses.
for example their was no interview word in classics, but 3rd house denotes interviews. like wise it is better and easy to learn and understand various significance of houses (bhavas) from this system under modern context.

All other works was irrelevant to me so i didn't had any interest for it.

System Approach of Sri Choudhary :

This system basically give very large importance to Mool rasi like venus mool rasi is tula, sun is leo , moon is vrishav, mars is mesh, mercury is kanya, saturn is tula, jupiter is dhanu. They consider other lordship as weak.

From this system i understood the various in-dept intricacies and importance of Mool Rasi (roots rasi).

Though i don't find interest its methodology as whole.

Krushna's Astakvarge :

The basis of this system is 8th house. This system comsider 8H as the Karak for the house in consideration, for 1H, 8H is karak , for 2H, 9H is karak , etc.
Here i found a very new outlook to understand 8H. This system also give the reasons for the allotment of 120 years vimsottari dasa based on the logic of astakvarge and nakshatra.

It's Ayanamsa which i reject completely in the same way as Raman's Ayanamsa.

Ayanamsa :

I stick to Lahiris's Ayanamsa because one very big reason was attached to it. Sri Yogiraaj Shyam Sunder Lahiri  was Kriya Yoga master and the direct Sisya to Mahamuni Baba.
Secondly my Master Sri K N Rao and Sri Satish Sharma, Sri Shakti Mohan Singh stick to it.

Lal Kitab :

Most confusing and difficult for me in all the system i came across in my short journey till now. Even Ramal is far easy than Lal Kitab.
After putting 6 years in this subject and various interaction with stalwarts of this subject and acquisition of all original five volume transliterated in Hindi, with over 25 books including some rare photocopies and books of Sri Krishan Ashant, late Smt. Amrita Pritam,  i am able to grasp some of its basic intricacies.

This system gives excellent discription on House - Planet relationship. 

Nadi Astrology mainly of Sri R G Rao of Bangalore.

One of the best works on Planet-planet relationships.

There is many similarities with Lal kitab as basics
Still we are moving in this endless journey with the blessings of various scholars. i bow and thanks to all of them.

Vijay Goel
Mob : 09214502239.

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