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Combination for Chandala [चंडाल ] nature

 Chandala [चंडाल ]  :

Outcaste persons. Who are outcasted ? Person who is un-ethical in behavior as per norms of society, whose work is not suitable under the norm of society, whose main aim is to cheat and loot others by the skills one possesses.

Condition for snapshot view :

1) Retrograde Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet for ethical conduct, retrogression of Jupiter is worst nearly looses all ethical qualities.
2) Presence of SAKAT Yoga with no cancellation.
3) Rahu in 8H,9H or 12H OR in Scorpio, Sagittarius or Pisces sign.
4) Strong malefic influence on Lagna OR 5H primarily and
5) Strong malefic influence on Moon OR 4H from it secondary.
6) Absence of Maha Purusha Yoga.

All above condition must satisfy than person is definitely a "Chandala" nature.  
Now we can re-confirm by checking more minute details by deeply looking at nakshatra and divisional chart.

These above yoga does not mean that person will be un-successful or a poverty yoga. In today's society these person has been seen to acquire lot of wealth by doing un-ethical work.

In olden days when sectoral division of caste was more profound and Dharma sastra was in the hands of few persons, at that period Rahu conjunct with Jupiter was termed as Guru-Chandala yoga, but this yoga has arrived new meanings in this modern age.

One must restrict from these types of persons, specially spiritualist.

If parents finds this yoga in their children than there is one strong remedy to perform.

I am posting a chart where i have observed all the above psychological traits :
Date:          January 10, 1978
Time:          8:30:00
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         95 E 22' 00", 27 N 30' 00"
               Tinsukia, India

This person is suffering from Schizophrenia for past many years and now he has started taking treatment.He is UN-married till now and uses all his skills [mainly linguistics and astrology] to lure girls and women as well as to abuse others. This is the main problem of above Jatak.
People with Chandala yoga in their horoscope show the following common psychological traits:

1. They are known for a lack of sense of gratitude which is a noticeable mark in their lives.
2. Timid and lacking in initiative they need the support of someone to climb up some ladders in their life, and after achieving some success, betray their mentors (represented by Jupiter).
3. There is no one in the world that they admire. Emotionally warped, they rarely suffer a guilty conscience.

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel
Astrologer & Vastu Counselor
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