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Dagdha Rashis and Yoga

We have Dagdha Rashis or burnt Rashis or zero Rashisor Tithi Shoonya Rashis.The planets poisted in these Rashis become weak and will not give auspicious results if the planets are benefic one and if the planets are malefic,they give auspicious results while posited in these Dagdha Rashis.The lords of these Dagdha Rashis are called Tithi Shoonya Planets and such planets if posited in Dagdha Rashis they lose their benefic characters and do bad for the native.
The Dagdha Rashis are based on each Tithi.
1) Prathama Tithi --Tula and Makara
2) Dwiteeya Tithi ---Dhanu and Meena
3) Triteeya Tithi ----Simha and Makara
4) Chaturthi Tithi ---Vrishabha and Kumbha
5) Panchami Tithi ---Mithuna and Kanya
6) Shasti Tithi ------Mesha and Simha
7) Sapthami Tithi ---Kataka and Dhanu
8) Ashtami Tithi ----Mithuna and Kanya
9) Navami Tithi -----Simha and Vrischika
10) Dashami Tithi ---Simha and Vrischika
11) Ekadashi Tithi ---Dhanu and Meena
12) Dwadahsi Tithi --Tula and Makara
13) Trayodashi Tithi -Vrishabha and Simha
14) Chaturdashi Tithi - Meena,Mithuna,Kanya and Dhanu
15) Paurnima Tithi ----None
16) Amavasya Tithi ---None.
Shri H.R.Sheshadri Iyer has used them extensively in analysing the horoscopes.

Dagdha Yoga (combination of days and constellations)

Week days and certain constellations form Dagdha Yoga, which is again malefic and is not desirable for good elections (muhurtha) in general and for journey in particular.

1. Bharani on Sunday
2. Chitra on Monday
3. Uttarashada on Tuesday
4. Danishta on Wednesday
5. Uttarafalguni on Thursday
6. Jyestha on Friday
7. Revathi on Saturday

Dagdha Yoga (combination of days and tithi)

Week days and the tithis form Dagdha Yoga, which is malefic and is not desirable for good elections (muhurtha) in general and for journey in particular.

1. Sunday and 12th tithi
2. Monday and 11th tithi
3. Tuesday and 5th tithi
4. Wednesday and 3rd tithi
5. Thursday and 6th tithi
6. Friday and 8th tithi
7. Saturday and 9th tithi

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