Thursday, September 11, 2014

Leo and Aquarius are natural sign for mysticism

Leo and Aquarius are natural sign for likings for mysticism. They have deep interest in mystics and do study over it. This is due to fact that in both signs 5th and 8th lord are same.

Leo have more beleifs in miracles and pychics abilities to fulfill their worldly desire whereas Aquarian are more philosophers, thinkers and in search of practical cause of suffering.

This is due to the facts that Leo Sign have three nakshatra : Magha, Purva Phalguna and Uttara Phalguna whose   Vimsottari lords are Ketu, Venus and Sun.   
Jupiter is 5th and 8th lord exalted in 12H. 
Leo is in Fire Sign indicate righteousness and creative expression. Dharma trikone.

This indicate that they beleive in miracles(Ketu) in Mahants (Jup) , Saints (Jup +Ketu) and Dharmic rituals (Leo fire sign) to keep their desire (Venus) and Power (Sun exalted in lagna) fulfillment. At bird's eye views they take Jiva atma and Paramtama as one and thus support of Advaita siddant.

Whereas Aquarius sign, three Nakshatra are Dhanista, Shatabhija and Purva Bhadprada whose Vimsottari lords are Mars, Rahu and Jupiter.
Mercury is 5th and 8th lord and exalted in 8H.
Aquarius is Air Sign represent Hopes and dreams - Kama Trikone.

They are logical thinkers and researchers (Mars & Mercury) on practical grounds (Saturn and Rahu). They keep making efforts and inventions (Mars as 3L & 10L). They beleive in Mathematics and statistics and then arrive on the mysticism of universe at large. At bird's eye views they take Jiva atma and Paramatma as different hence support Dwat siddhant- principle of dwality

Although both sign are complimentary to each other to understand the complete picture of mysticism.

These are some views which came up in my mind now...


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