Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine day : what planets indicate.

Dear all

Hare Rama Krsna,

Astrologically let see what planets express on this occasion on this valentine on 14th feb 2011 :

Two Jal Tattwa planets, Venus and Moon represent Love at Rajasic and Sattvic Level respectively.

Jupiter is significator of Truth and Mars is significator of Valor.

Sun is the protector of Dharma, indicate religious & country laws which protect customs & norms of society.

Mercury is power of money.

Gemini and Virgo indicate gardens and supermarkets.

Observation :


1) Venus is in Saggitarus with Rahu and in Navamsha Division it is debilitated in Virgo with Mars.

2) Moon is in Gemini with Ketu and in Navamsha division it is in Capricon aspected by Saturn.

3) Venus dispositor Jupiter is in own sign Pisces, Moon dispositor is mercury with exalted Mars within 5 degree in Capricon.

4) Sun is debilitated in Libra in Navamsha.

Conclusion :

The expression of love will be full of pomp and show, with lot of freedom and free from restrictions of society & customs (Venus+Rahu). Love will be expressed through power of money, the valorness will be shown through the power to purchase (Mars + Mercury). Sensual love will be at peak.

New definition like "Living Relationship" will be endorsed and accepted at large in this valentine day in India.

At the end of day, at one corner of heart, releasing all energy at outer expression, will feel emptiness and voidness in their life (Moon+ketu), searching for cool and true love, which give them peace (because of point no.3).

"Truthful and valorous person can only understand the true meaning of love."

सच और सहस जिस में है वोही प्रेम को समझ सकता है.


with lot of hugs & Love,

Vijay Goel

Vedic astrologer & Vastu Consultant.


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