Sunday, July 10, 2011

Combination for Apologizing in astrology.

Query :
Plz share,discuss What r the house, planetary combination that makes a guilty person to realise his mistake n say sorry to the other person for his own behavior?

Answer by me :

Clean heart is the first requirement for such attitude. So 4H should be free from maleficence influence.
10H or Lagna should be strong so that step can be taken by him easily without hesitation.
Dharma-karma Adhipathi yoga or Satwic planets in trines or aspecting lagna can be the additional strong reason as person acts as per Dharma rules.

Apologizing is the Dharmic act, it should be kept in mind.

Intention behind apology is more important.
Real apology is only the spiritual one, other types of apology are due to fear or due to greediness. There combination will differ.

Apology due to fear means transit at that moment 6L will be powerful and Moon or 4H will be weak and afflicted by malefics.

Apology due to greediness comes when Rajasic Planets like Mercury or Venus are more influencing moon or 4H.

Various Combination

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