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The internal guna conflict between Ascendent and Sixth house

The internal guna conflict between Ascendent and Sixth house.

On this Guru Poornima day, this article is devoted to the lotus feet of my Guru Yogiraj Swami Sri Madwanand ji,  and all Jyotish Gurus who guided me, taught me.

Lagna is the personality himself.
Every things in the horoscope rotates around the Lagna.
Individual’s presentation, orientation, will, expression, ideals,  all are seen from lagna. It is the focal point of all matters, whether one will rise or fall.

There six virtues or गुण  (Goodness of creation) as stated in Vedic Sastras which are embodiment of God.

These six virtues are : [Sadak Sanjivini,Gita press, page 42 at reference column] :

ऐश्वर्य, श्री , धर्म, ज्ञान , यश and वैराग्य
Aiśvarya, śrī, dharma, jñāna, yaśa and vairāgya

From another Vedic source :
ऐश्वर्य, सौंदर्य , धर्म, ज्ञान , कीर्ति  and वैराग्य .
Aiśvarya, saundarya, dharma, jñāna, kīrti and vairāgya

The  possession of any one or more virtue comes under the term ‘raj yoga’ in horoscope. If person have all six qualities\virtues than he is called an ‘avatar’ (अवतार ) or incarnation of God.

If lagna is strong, connected with benefic planets, having quadrant – trines relationship  than these virtues to some extent flourish in the human being and becomes an ansh avatar
(अंश अवतार) partial incarnation of God.

Now for any rajyoga which makes the person partial incarnation of God than virtues must be related to Satwic planets.

Hence in my view I had classified these virtue, as per mine thinking among in only three Satwic (सात्विक) planets Sun, Moon and Jupiter in the following way :

Satwic Planet
Aiswarya ऐश्वर्य : Majestic, live and let live, non violence.
Saundharya सौंदर्य : Charm, no hatred for anything, spreading love.
Satwic Planet
Sri श्री: abundance ,there should be only love no hatred.
Satwic Planet
Dharm धर्म: righteous natural universal law.
Satwic Planet
Gyan ज्ञान : wisdom, enlightenment
Satwic Planet
Kirti \ Yash कीर्ति \ यश : glory, fame, brightness.
Satwic Planet
Vairage वैराग्य : Sacrifice for dharma, Detachment.

If kendre, trikone and these planets are strong with respect to lagna and lagnesh their respective virtues will be in-cumulated in one’s life.

Gaj-Kesari  yoga (Moon + Jupiter) which is too much praised, builds the above attributes if this is strong in the horoscope .

Lal Kitab says for first house
यह झगडा है रूह और माया का
Yaha jhagaā hai rūha aura māyā kā “, this line has very deep meanings.

Now, human is born with weaknesses and its main aim as per sastra of it’s birth is to empower all weakness through efforts (कर्म) and to reach final emancipation (मोक्ष).

The weakness of the human being is seen by sixth house in the horoscope. It represent Nija Dosha (निज दोष), i.e. the mistakes and negligence  due to own nature or lack of positive efforts.

There are six weaknesses as per Vedic Sastras known as Sadripu ( षडरिपू : Weakness of creation) also called as six enemies. These are :

काम, क्रोध, लोभ, मोह, मद, मत्सर.
Kāma, krōdha, lōbha, mōha, mada, matsara.

Weakness cannot be Satwik in nature as per its definition [In Bhagwat Gita, chapter 14 verses 5-18. all three Gunas has been completely described].

So, we completely avoid Satwik planets and Rajasic and Tamasic nature planets will play there role.

The list of weaknesses compared with remaining planets are as follows in the table :

काम (Kaama) : Lust
मत्सर (Matsar) : Jealousy. Envy
क्रोध (Krodha) : Anger, Hatred
मद (Mada) : Pride, intoxication, Drunkenness
लोभ (Lobha) : Material Greed.
मोह (Moha) : Attachment, Ignorance \ delusion of mind.

These weakness are the reasons of disease as written in Ram Charit Manas Uttara Khand Doha 120 : (only part is produced here) :

मोह सकल व्याधिंह कर मूला ! तिन्ह ते पुनि उपजहिं बहु सूला !!
काम वात कफ लोभ अपारा ! क्रोध पित्त नित छाती जारा !!
प्रीती करहिं जौं तीनिउ भाई ! उपजइ सन्यपात दुःखदाई !!

Mōha sakala vyādhinha kara mūlā! Tinha tē puni upajahi bahu sūlā!!
Kāma vāta kapha lōbha apārā! Krōdha pitta nita chātī jārā!!
Prītī karahi jau tīni'u bhā'ī! Upaja'i san'yapāta dukhadā'ī!!

“Moha (ignorance) is the root cause of all disease, Krodha (anger)  is the cause for ‘Pitta’ which burns chest , Kaama(lust) is Vata, and Lobha (greed) is exceed Kapha (कफ) . If person has affection with above all three brothers (vata, pitta, kapha) than he will face disease of serious nature, epilepsy, paralysis. (सन्यपात दुःखदाई)”.

Please go through the complete paragraph of this Doha by yourself to know all types of diseases born out of weakness of gunas in human beings.

We can see that in horoscope if sixth house or lord is associated with Lagna or with other combination, person is entangled in these weaknesses and forgets God and it’s prime objective of it’s birth.

Sixth house is also called as Upchay Sthana means that by will and continuous efforts, native can overcome it.

Further in Doha 121 Ram Charit Manas Uttara Khand, it gives the remedy to overcomes these .

राम कृपा नासहिं सब रोगा ! जौं एहि भांति बनै संयोगा !!
सदगुरु बैद वचन विस्वासा ! संयम यम न विषय कै आसा !!
रघुपति भागति सजीवन मूरी ! अनूपान श्रद्धा मति पूरी !!
एहि विधि भलेहिं सो रोग नसाहीं ! नाहिं त जतन कोटि नहिं जाहीं !!

Rāma kr̥pā nāsahi saba rōgā! Jau ēhi bhānti banai sanyōgā!!
Sadaguru baida vacana visvāsā! Sanyama yama na viaya kai āsā!!
Raghupati bhāgati sajīvana mūrī! Anūpāna śrad'dhā mati pūrī!!
Ēhi vidhi bhalēhi sō rōga nasāhī! Nāhi ta jatana kōi nahi jāhī!!

Due to the blessings of Rama, all disease are cured. If due to coincidence one gets healer in form of Sadguru (spiritual master) and has faith in his words, does not get involve in sensual gratification, lives in discipline, follows rules (as said by sadguru). Rama devotion is medicine for all diseases. The intelligence is best with faith only. Only by this method all disease will be cured, all many- many other initiatives will be useless.

Jai Shri Rama.

Vijay Goel
Jyotish Visharad (ICAS), B.Sc(Maths)
Vedic astrologer and Vastu Counselor.
Mob : +91 92145 02239


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