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History Saga Legend Parashara

[From Jyotish Manthan complied by my Jyotish Guru Sri Satish Sharma]


Parashar was father of Ved Vyas who reconciled one veda in to the four veda’s, Puranas in to 18 Puranas, Upnishadas in to 108 Upnishadas. The place is near Jaipur Rajasthan said to be where Sage Parashar ji had written Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra, the greatest treatise on Hora in the history of Indian Astrology.

This is the place which falls in the heart of ancient Matsya Pradesh. Hindu mythology says that Sage Parashar did a Gandharv Vivah, with Satyavati (Daughter of a fisherman). She held royal Samudrik signs on her body. As a belief, she was a royal girl abandoned by the parents secretly and nourished by fisherman. As a result, she developed a fish smell in her body and had been called as Matsya Gandha. 

She hesitated to marry to Sage Parashar while travelling together on a boat in a river. Sage Parashar assured her that a son as a result of this marriage will be very famous and will be known as a Bhagwan. No one will know about this marriage and she will become Akshat Youvana again. He also blessed her to become Rajani Gandha from Matsya Gandha. 

The Son, so born, was black and ugly. Since he took birth between the to islands, he was called as Krishna Dvaipayan also.
When he wanted an early Sanyanasa, he had to commit to her mother Satyavati to come back when called for by the mother in case of any emergency.
Son of a great astrologer Parashar, Ved Vyas migrated to Badri Van and did a lot of text work at Badri Van which now a days is called Badrinath. When Adi Shankaracharya wrote commentary on Brahm Sutra (Vedanta) and founded four Dhama’s (Badrinath, Puri, Ramashwaram & Dwarika.), Badrinath had been regarded as a Jyotish Peeth of Shankaracharya. Ved Vyas ji was a son of a great astrologer Sage Parashar.

History takes a sharp turn here. Satyavati was married to king Shantanu. From Shantanu and Satyavati two son’s took birth and died early after marriage. Worried too much about the fate of the dynasty, she called her son Ved Vyas from Badri van so that the two widows could be allowed to mate with him (niyog system) in order to run the dynasty further.
According to mythology, one widow who fainted yellow during the mating, gave birth to Pandu, the widow, who closed her eyes during the mating gave birth to Dhrit Rashtra and the 3rd one, who was a personal maid to the queens, gave birth to Vidur. Ved Vyas, son of Parashar could be deemed to be a turning point in the spiritual and geographical history of India.

Pandavas, while during exile, visited the place of Parasharji. They are supposed to had spent their some of the period of Van Vas in this area. Capital of King Virat is adjacent to Sariska Tiger Santuary. Pandu pol is the holy place in this Santuary where Hunmanji taught a lesson of Bhima. As per mythology, the old monkey in the way of Pandavas was abused by proudly Bhima. The old monkey explained about his helpless due to advance age and requested Bhima to shift his tail from the way to other side. In spite of all his attempts, Bhima could not do so. Then Bhima requested the monkey to disclose his identity. To his exclamation, he was lord Hunman. His proud vanished and he sought parden form Hunmanji. Pandu Pol is a famous Hanmanj Temple in the Santuary area.
10 k.m. from Parasharji, you will find holy place of Bhartihari. At this place he wrote Shringaar Shatak, Neeti Shatak and Vairagyashatak. Some other places nearby are Virat Nagar, Taal Vriksha, Neelkanth & Sili-sedh and Jai Samand Dam.
Parashar was follower of Sankhya Philosophy, Ved Vyas founded Brahma Sutra or Vedanta and Gemini followed Akeshwar Vad.
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