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Exception rule of Neecha Bhang from LK.

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When we try to understand different system we many times gets hints that for any concept in astrology there has many dimension and way of approach as well as exceptions.
For we all know that Parashara and Phaldeepika clearly defines dictums on Neecha Bhanga yogas. If dispositer of neecha or 7L from neecha planet is in Kendra, neecha bhang happens.

Now lines from page 151, Lal Kitab-42 for Jupiter in 10H.
In Kalpurush Kundli which is basis of LK methology, Jupiter gets neecha in 10H and it bring 'Manda' effects.

"दसवें घर का नीच ब्रहस्पत,४ रवि से चलता है,
खाक से है वोह सोना बनता,४ शनी से गलता है !"

These lines are interesting :
In 10H Jupiter is debilitated and moves with 4th house Sun, than 10H Jupiter will not be malefic person will gain wealth or make gold from ash [khak].

But if Saturn in 4H, gold will be destroyed that will lead to poverty.

It is further written that
"बृहस्पति नं १०, चन्द्र नं ४ तो फकीर को रोटी देकर आशीर्वाद कि जगह जहर देने का इल्जाम मिलेगा !
If jupiter in 10H and moon in 4H, donating food to poor person [fakir also means poor saint represented by Ketu in LK] would result in getting blame of giving poison from fakir itself. Now as per Phaldeepika Moon and Saturn bring neecha bhang but here sun is 4H is bringing neecha bhang. Plz note this.

One more thing is that LK says if Jupiter is with Saturn in 10H, person is very cruel but will be lucky and due to his cruelty wealth will be created.


So all who follow only Parashara astrology must note the above important points and never bind them self in the limited understanding of Neecha Bhang.

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