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Planets and Health

This below table indicate the relationship between planets and constituent of human body.

The Three Doshas  from Ayurveda
The Skeleton System 
Vata & Kapha       
The Circulatory System     
Bone Marrow
The Muscular System     
Pitta, Vata & Kapha
The Nervous System
The Digestive System
Vata & Kapha
Semen \ ovum hormones
The Reproductive System
The Excretory System

Vedic medical astrology aligns with Ayurveda in its underlying basic principle correlation and understanding of body.
Ayurveda is called the 'mother of all healing' because it embraces all forms of healing including diets, herbs, bodywork, surgery, psychology and yoga. It accepts anything internally or externally [like weather, stars] that promotes health, well-being and happiness.
Ayurveda primarily concerns with the right functioning of gross body [sthula sarir] as well as the impact of subtle [sukshma sarir]  and casual [karana sarir] body as well. It takes account of life forces [Prana] which is connecting to all three bodies.

Ayurveda classifies our life energies into primary biological forces called doshas, meaning 'factors of decay'. These three doshas when out of balance causes problems in body.

First and foremost is a principle of energy, movement or change connected to the wind and the air element called as Vata Dosha, which means 'life-wind'. In physics it is the principle of energy in the universe.

Second it the principle of light , heat or combustion connected to sun and the fire element called as Pitta Dosha, which means 'that which cooks things'. In physics it is the principle of light.

Third is the principle of matter, inertia or preservation connected to moon and the water element called as Kapha Dosha, meaning 'which holds things together'. In physics it is the principle of matter.

The higher forms of these three dosha;
Vata, Pitta  & Kapha which signifies 'well being' are Prana, Tejas and Ojas respectively.

The influence of the planets extends to the tissues (Dhatus) of the body as described in Ayurveda .

Sushruta Samhita, the major vedic medical text states
" Life-essence  'rasa dhatu ' [or chyle \ plasma  is manufactured from food]  produces blood 'Rakta Dhatu', from blood is produced flesh 'Mamsa Dhatu', from flesh originates fat 'Meda dhatu', which give rises to bones 'Asthi Dhatu'. From bone originates marrow 'Majja Dhatu', which in turn goes to generate semen or ovum'Shukra Dhatu' "
These are seven Dhatus which support the life and body.

I have only outlined the basic structure of Ayurveda which is connected to vedic medical astrology.
The birth chart is like a blue print of the subtle or astral body, the matrix or energy patterns for the physical. Vedic astrology is basically astral science, as this body mediates between the physical and casual body, it helps to understand the other two bodies as well.

Best Wishes,
Vijay Goel 
Jyotish Visharad [ICAS]
Astrologer & Vastu Consultant.
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