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Difference in common sense and intuition

I) What is difference in Exaltation and  Debilitation of planets ?

Vijay Goel :

" What the wise seek is in  themselves, what the fool seeks is in others".[Analects]

II) What is the difference between Common sense and Intuition?

Vijay Goel :

At astrological angle :

1) Common sense means to focus on Desh, Kaal,Patra (condition of country, time & native) while deriving results from astrological techniques.
2) Intuition : means the ability of the astrologer to focus on Heart Charkra and deliver unbiased results.

Both are Important equally.

Query by Yogita Ji,

There are generally two type of persons
1. governed by logic
2. governed by heart//

Nice query !
But i have different perspective while co-relating with planets. :)

In the horoscope :

Dominance of male planets means governed by logic.

Dominance of female planets means governed by heart.

Moreover, here Rahu and Ketu plays the major role and can turn the above equation opposite.

For eg if female planets is associated with Rahu, than logic will govern and if males planets is associated with Ketu than heart could be dominant.

Now considering all factors , assessment can be done.


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