Monday, April 09, 2012

Venus significator for Palmistry

I have noticed in the horoscope of professional Palmist; are having strong Venus trines to Lagna (ascendent) or Lagnesh (lord of ascendent) or Moon.
Venus aspecting Lagna or Moon shows very good interest in palmistry.
I feel Venus has prime role making a palmist and other planets support it to make one successful.
If Mercury is connected with above combination, than its intensity increases many folds.

Examples of expert and professional Palmists :

Natal Chart
Date:          December 26, 1950

 In the above chart Lagnesh Mercury is with Venus. This person has some rare mystics sign in his palm. Professional palmist and scholar.

Natal Chart
Date:          March 2, 1942

 Venus+ Mercury trines to lagnesh Mars. Palmistry teacher and professional counselor.

Natal Chart
Date:          December 6, 1949

Venus as Lagnesh aspected by mercury and trines to moon. Expert and passionate in palmistry. Professional palmist.

Natal Chart
Date:          March 11, 1968

 Venus +  Mercury with Lagnesh Sun, Teacher and professional in palmistry.

Natal Chart
Date:          May 29, 1931

 Lagnesh Venus + Mercury,  expert palmist as well as attained the Siddi of Panchaguly devi with the guidance of great master.

Female :
Date of birth , 18 March, 1940.
Washington, USA

Lagnesh Mars is with Venus and Mercury is aspecting Moon. She is professional palmist and teacher.


Vijay Goel
Vedic astrologer & Vaastukar.
Mob : 92145 02239


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