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Yogas with adjacent house lords Lomesh Samhita

These yogas are not found easily in other classical text.

Twelve Yogas formed with mutual exhange of adjacent house lords
from Lomesh Samhita.

Yoga Name
Mutual exchange of
Pushkala Labha (enormous gains)
1st and 2nd House
Rajamrityu (death in royal place)
2nd and 3rd house
Amatya (minister ship)
3rd and 4th house
Daruna Karma (harsh deeds)
4th and 5th house
Raja Yoga (kingly combination)
5th and 6th house
Roga (disease)
6th and 7th house
Priya - Mriti  (gain of beloved – death)
7th and 8th house
Bhagyavyaya (loss of luck)
8th and 9th house
Rajyoga (kingly combination)
9th and 10th house
Bhumidravya  (wealth related to land)
10th and 11th house
Rinavyaya (expenditure of debt)
11th and 12th house
Vittahani  (loss of wealth)
12th and 1st house.

When the lords exchange places or are placed together in the same house or if they aspect each other fully or in the same varga then they give rise to these yogas. If weak then they do not give rise to these yogas. If cojoined with enemies or of weak or if aspected or conjoined malefics then they do not give rise to these yogas. If placed in the 12th,8th,6th or 11th houses or if cojoined with their lords or if their lords are in these houses then also the yoga is not created. If retrograde then also the Raja, Amatya etc yoga are destroyed.


Please note the point number 4 that exchange of 4th and 5th house lords does not create Raja Yoga instead it is mentioned for exchange of 5th and 6th lord. 

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Prabodh Purohit said...

Good !!! is it Lomash samhita on SCRIBD?

Vijay Goel said...

No sir.

Syam Pandeet said...

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