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Mars and Rahu Yoga mystical experience

by Vijay Goel on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 9:05am ·

Vijay Goel
I have observed that Rahu+Mars yuti [only this yoga] in the horoscope give rise to spiritual experiences surely once in the native life [mainly this yoga is  in kendra or trikone].
If lagna is strong person accepts its easily as mysticism but if its weak than person may find it as hallucination or illusions. Supernatural support is also seen in these charts.
For e.g. one chart i am producing :
Natal Chart

Date: July 25, 1971
Time: 5:38:40
Place: 76 E 39' 00", 28 N 37' 00"
Jhajjar, India

Bhaskar Jyotish says
///Please note that "Mars" denotes "Nerves" as owner of the Sign "Aries". Rahu beibng attached to it, may bring in certain experiences to native which may definitely be out of normal, call it Hallucinations, Mystical experience, Occult experience, or whatever.'
This would predominantly be confirmed if this Combo is present in the Lagna. Because the Lagna also represents the first House- Head.///


Mar + Rahu is also known as accident yoga in Nadi astrology.

Vijay Goel Natal Chart
Date: November 30, 1952
Time: 4:00:00
Place: 75 E 49' 00", 26 N 55' 00"
Jaipur, India
One more chart example on the above topic thanks

One more :
Natal Chart

Date:          August 2, 1964
Time:          10:24:00
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         75 E 41' 00", 26 N 41' 00"


Vijay Goel : Mystical or paranormal experience means that these people are liable to have experience related to spirits either there own experience or from the external spirits.
First chart person had the short experience of other spirit in his body and fully realizing it.
second chart person has the short experience his own Atma floating out of body .

I means many people even get overpowered by other spirits and become prey to them , if lagna etc are weak otherwise they can have kundlini rising experiences.
The duration or length of period could be short or long.

On the other hand , Mars + Ketu is popularly known as Pisach Dosha.

Vijay Goel : Rahu + Mangal can give accidents or heart attack, Now see if third planet makes yuti with this combination, the person related to lordship of house can undergo heart attack. for ex. 4L+mars+rahu means mother can undergo heart attack or accident.
Check this rule also. :)



k.raja k.raja said...

sir in this chart also have mars and rahu in lagna.. could u check this... 22-01-1987,10:30am, 77e16 , 14n57

Vijay Goel said...

This native [22-01-1987,10:30am, 77e16 , 14n57] has a yoga to get empowered by any external entities.

Kiran Katawa said...

Hi Vijay ji,
I have Mars, Rahu and Jupiter in 8th house, which is Leo sign.
So far I havn't had any spiritual experiences. I am a palm reader and working on improving my intuition. So, does this combination help me?
Thank you,

Vijay Goel said...

Kiran Ji,

Since it is not in Kendre or Trikone you have not felt yet but still when dasa will concide than you can have experiences.

Sunita Joshi said...

Namaste Vijay ji!
The native 15-09-1995, 15:45 Hrs, Nagpur has this Mars+Rahu combination in tenth house. Please explain. Thanks !

Dr.Rajendra Newase said...

Good Morning sir.
My DOB is 13/12/1979 time oo. 35am
I hve also Mangal+Rahu+Guru in pratham bhav (lagna)
Up till I hve not such experince

Globalwriter said...

I have this yoga and have taken an brilliant supernatural experience when I was just 7 years old. Still I realize I am surrounded by supernatural forces. I can discuss in detail to my experiences only with an experienced astrologer. Plz contact 7304532212. Regards

Sunita Rath said...

In my horoscope also, Mars and Rahu are present in Kanya Lagna. Can you help me undertsnd this.

DOB: 27/07/1978
POB: Pune, Maharastra
TOB: 10:03 am

Anjali nathrani said...

Sir, mars+rahu with jupiter in 7th house, and person got a relationship break before marriage which lead her to spiritual path and so much faith in devine power. Does jupiter saved her ? Please have a look 28 february 1980 , jaipur, 7: 40 am. Thanks

jadir cachoeira said...

Hi Vijay ji,this yoga seen in the navamsa also have any influence on spirituality? Or is it indicating some divinity in my grafic?

Christmas Chart

Date: April 16, 1976
Time: 23:31:35
Time Zone: 3:00:00 (West of GMT)
Place: 49 W 01 '32 ", 28 S 36' 54"

sajit said...

What about Mars rahu gulika in Capricorn lagna, DOB 06/06/1971,time 22hrs 41 min,Trivandrum

lambidevi said...

Sunita hws ur experience with this combination?