Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shara : A nabhash yoga explained with example

Sara Yoga (arrow) :Naabhasa yoga - 7 planets in 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th houses. Results : throughout life Makes arrows, hunts, tortures, heads prisons.         
Harinder Singh :
As an example of Kaal sarpa Yoga, I am giving birth details of a native. The native is a male born on December 11, 1923 at approximately 21:30 in Quetta, now in Pakistan. He has had an excellent academic record and topped his university in BSc. Medical & BSc Agriculture as well as in MSc. He was a very good athelete too.Then there was a break in further studies due to family compulsions & need to earn. He gets married in 1955. Has a daughter & a son. His major problem was income. He never succeeded at earning money, even though he was highly qualified. He became a teacher in science & later agriculture.Even though, he was a government employee, due to natural causes, his salary would get delayed. Whenever, he got opportunities to get good earning jobs, he would change to new jobs which actually paid less. His family suffered. His marriage was full of arguments & his wife was forced to also contribute, even though she was only 8th class pass. He is short tempered. Has had diabetes & hernia as major afflictions. He got an opportunity to go for further education & finished his Phd in US in 1973 in his 50th year, again with excellent performance. He was offered the job at the university by his teacher. He again refused & came back to a low-paying job. At the end of his working career, he did not have enough to build a place for himself & his family despite being highly qualified. Can we say, this person suffered from Kaala Sarp Yoga & that is the only reason he failed in life? I welcome comments from members here. Happy learning!

Veejay Goel Shara(arrow) Yoga: If all or majority of the yoga occupy from 4th to 7 th houses, Shara yoga is formed. The 4th house represent home & happiness, the 5th intellect, investment & amusement, the 6 th crime, conflict & competition, and the 7th sensual pleasure. The four houses fall in invisible
half of the horoscope. The native tends to earn money at a greater distance away from home. Greater adventure, competition, risk & courage to overcome enemies/ difficult situations are there as 6 th house is involved. There is greater emphasis on sensual enjoyment & material comforts due to the 7th house. So they can not confer very good results.

  • Harinder Singh Veejay Goel Ji, The shara yoga you have mentioned is one of the Nabhasa yogas. As mentioned in BPHS, "will earn money through hunting animals". This part is true. The native was an entomologist by profession (study of insects) & during one of his assignments was successful in eradicating rats which were destroying crops throughout an agriculture belt in India. He is non-vegitarian as mentioned in the yoga. He made many deadly chemical pesticides to eliminate pests. In a modern context, "the maker of arrows" meaning has changed. He also used to go out on hunting animals when it was legal. Thus, he fulfills many conditions of this yoga. The other comments made by you, regarding his earning money from a foreign land would have come true if he had taken the opportunity to work abroad. Yes, as you have rightly said, there is greater emphasis on material pleasure & sensual comforts, but he faced frustration in fulfilling these comforts. Enmity, competition were there. He has courage too, but this courage is not universal, but more self-centered & limited to a small circle of his family. Thank you for your insightful contribution...Regards
  • Veejay Goel Harinder Singh Ji, Thanks for making further clarification. This chart is example chart for 'Shara Yoga'. This types of example makes us to learn the practicals application of these yogas.
    But still i am not able to list out any authentic explanation for not accumulating wealth. Here still confusion persist in my mind as there is no Daridra Yoga in his chart.
    Veejay Goel Jup+Sun in Trines, Strong Moon.. etc is good.. Sat+mar does not makes very powerful daridra yoga.
    This simply means that her wife chart must have Daridra yoga in her chart.

    • Harinder Singh Veejay GoelJi, Wife's horoscope: Taurus Lagna; Jupiter & Moon in Lagna, Ketu in the 6th house, Saturn in the 8th house, Mars in the 9th house, Sun, Mercury, Venus in the 10th house, Rahu in the 12th. Date of birth is 7th March, 1930 at approximately 11:45 at Ambala. The time of birth is an approximation based on general events. Both her brothers helped her a lot throughout her life & she has a good relationship with her brothers. Father was very dominating. Mother passed away when she was 20 or 21. Her elder sisters also died around the age of 32. She also has a younger sister. The rest of the analysis can be done by learned members here.

      • Veejay Goel Exalted Mars aspected by Jupiter in trines generally indicate help from brothers as well as good relations with them.
        This chart has more strong Daridra yoga than her husband.
        1) Jupiter + Moon in lagna in Vrishav rasi
        2) Rahu in 12H and Mars exalted in 9H.
        3) 9L Saturn in 8H with malefic aspect of Rahu.
        4) Dasa sequence is not Dhan yog favorable - Moon-Mars-Rahu-Jup.

        Why husband got this wife in-spite of better Dhan Yoga in his own chart ? Answer is just see Venus is debilitated in Navamsha indicate loss of prosperity after marriage.

        Thank you Harinder Singh Ji for producing this nice examples. This helps us to learn and understand microscopically.

    Harinder Singh Veejay Goel Ji, Thank you for your analysis & valuable comments.

    Best Wishes,
    Vijay Goel
    Vedic Astrologer and Vastu Consultant,
    Cell : +91 92145 02239


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Mr Krios said...

You have taken a cop out. Just Venus debilitated in navamsa and you chalked out the entire financial life of the person? That is bullshit. Firstly, navamsa is not potent to produce physical results, they are governed by lagna chart only. No matter how good the navamsa looks, if the Lagna chart doesn't show promise in a particular area, it's never going to manifest! Only the man's story with Shara Yoga was any good in this entire article.