Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Suryasiddhaanta defination of Graha

Suryasiddhaanta states that Nakshatra orbit or Bha-kakshaa is 60 times of the orbit of the Sun. Saturn's orbit is 29.47 times of solar orbit, and Uranus has 84 times of solar orbit, in units of time. Hence, according to this definition of Suryasiddhaanta, Saturn is the farthermost Graha, beyond which nothing can be classified as a Graha.
In all ancient nations Grahas were defined not by dint of their physical properties or revolution round the Sun, but on account of their astrological properties. Suryasiddhaanta is the only text which clearly mentions that after Saturn no Heavenly body can be regarded as a Graha because of the Bha-kakshaa which has a period of 60 solar years.

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