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Important rule for Dasa delianation from Laghu Parashara.

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I have stressed a very important rule given in laghu Parashari and pointed out many time by Shri K N Rao ji. This rule is ignored by almost all astrologers who do Parashara astrology. I am again re-stressing its importance.
"Antardasa of the functional benefic (yoga karaka) planet in the Mahadasa of functional Malefic is exceedingly bad if both planets does not form any sambandh (relationship)."

Today i am producing more examples :

Date:          September 7, 1984
Time:          23:22:00
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         77 E 13' 00", 28 N 40' 00"  Delhi, India

Vimsottari Dasa:

 Jup MD:  2009-08-04  -  2025-08-04
  Merc AD:  2014-04-05  -  2016-07-11

In this chart , Jupitar Mahadasa is running which is functional malefic and Mercury antardasa is running which is functional benefic (extremely yoga karak). Both Jupiter and Mercury does not have any sambandh of four kind.

This native suffered a paralytic stroke on 15th July 2014 and now suffering from facial paralysis.

One more example :

Date:          December 18, 1965
Time:          4:12:00
Time Zone:     5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place:         77 E 13' 00", 28 N 40' 00" Delhi, India

Vimsottari Dasa:

 Sat MD:  2001-02-20  -  2020-02-21
  Sun AD:  2011-02-12  -  2012-01-25

This native lost his son in Sat\Sun Dasha.
[date of death 04.11.2011]. Here Saturn is functional benefic and Sun is functional malefic aspected by another functional malefic Jupiter. Both Saturn and Sun does not have any Sambandh (relationship) 

I hope this will help.

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Vedic Astrologer Harshwardhan Kulkarni said...

in the second chart according to nadi astrology if we Reckon from rahu it has 49 navmanshas till asc
navmnsha so in 49th year from that point of view also he had to be in such trouble

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