Sunday, June 17, 2012

Special rules for retrograde planet from Lomesh Samhita

Here i am posting the Verses from Lomesh Samhita which gives some special rules for retrograde planet which are not found elsewhere in any classical text.

If retrograde then Mars gives the result of the house 4th to it, retrograde Mercury of the house 4th to it, retrograde Jupiter of the house 5th to it, retrograde Venus of the house 7th to it, retrograde Saturn of the house 9th to it. When at the equinox, Sun gives the result of the house second to it and Moon gives its own results.

If Retrograde
Gives Results of
4th House from it.
4th House from it.
7th House from it.
5th House from it.
9th House from it.
If in Equinox
Gives Result of
2th House from it.
Own house result

I request all the astrologers to check this rare dictum.

Sun is in Equinox on 21 March that when Sun is in 6 degree Pisces similarly Moon in 6 degree Pisces.

Applied on one chart  which came to my mind immediately :
Take here the example.
Natal Chart
Date: December 23, 1975
Time: 22:08:00
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 75 E 49' 00", 26 N 55' 00"
Jaipur, India

In this Leo Lagna chart, Mars is alone in 10H and Retro. [so Mars will indicate the results from 4th from it, that is Lagna]

The Mahadasa of Mars is started on 10th June 2012 and this person met a very serious accident on 7th June 2012, 4am. He had serious injury on head and neck and was in ICU for many days. His driving partner got died on spot.
The above person got injury on head n neck only, not in other parts of body not even a scratch. While the person sitting next to him in his car broke his both legs.

it looks that Mars is giving the result of 1H, Injury on head ?

 If, otherwise, use 360 days a year as traditional astrologers used it.
we get
Vimsottari Dasa:

 Mars MD:  2011-12-02  -  2018-10-26
  Rah AD:  2012-04-27  -  2013-05-10
   Rah PD:  2012-04-27  -  2012-06-22
    Ven SD:  2012-06-02  -  2012-06-12

In Leo Lagna
Mars retro 10H.
Venus 3H with rahu.

Just experimenting :)

Thanking You,
Vijay Goel
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astrocrazycircle said...

Lomesh Samhita is an old text and authentic. It availability is also not easy. Vijai Goel ji deserves all kudos for putting it in for reading to public at large. Bhola Nath Shukla

Vijay Goel said...

Thank you Sir,


aarti. said...

This post from lomesh Samhita is good I used it in the prediction of a birth chart and found quite accurate.
Please let me know how to get a copy of this.

satyadev said...

Vijay ji you are very great to put an example of Lomesh Samhita . A very useful informative and knowledge of all astrologers like me. If I want a copy of it would you like to provide its source or please give us all the necessary and important such quotes daily .thanks satyadev.

Vijay Goel said...

Aarti Ji and Satyadev ji.

I have already provided the link at the end of article. please click it you can directly purchase from there.


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the link you provided direct to chevrolet enjoy's website.. i dnot know if it is happening with me only or with others as well :/
kindly provide another link!

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