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Wine, Women, Wealth : Basic vices of human nature

History says that all problems in this world is due to three things Wine, Women, Wealth (जड़, जोरू, जमीन). Infact these are the basic reasons to live for a man in this materialistic world.

So for 2nd house matters, 6th house is future planning (i.e. 5th from 2H and 5H stands for future planning.),
For 3rd house matters, 7H is future planning and
For 4th house matters, 8th house is future planning.

If one maintains DHARMA (significator 9th house) than one safely comes back to its main purposes with right fruits.
That is from 6th house 9th house is 2H.  
Hence  2-->6-->2, 
4-->8-->4  is balanced by Dharma.

ADHI YOGA : If there is benefic planets in 6th,7th and 8th from moon, person rises like a king or minister. Since moon is Karak for Mann and in 6,7,8th  position Shubh and soft planets gives success, as planning is humane and safe.

Note :
2nd House signifies bank balance and food.
3rd House signifies physical strength and passion.
4th house signifies agriculture land and shelter.



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