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Kal Sarp Dosha Authentications or proofs

Astrologers keep on telling that their is no Kaal Sarp Yoga as it is not written in Vedic text. Here i am producing the text from Garuda Purana where name of all 6 types of Kal sarp dosha is mentioned and it is also written that, it is calculated from 'Sun rising and settings', ie some astronomical factor is their. Since this purana dealt with remedies hence, detail explained is given for remedies, and detail calculation for 'KSD' is left out as their are other text for it. We might have lost those text which dealt with exact calculation part, But Rishi Parashara mentions Sarp yoga under Nabhash Yoga (different from popular KSD).

Astrologer Mishrapuri of Haridwar has very very long lineage of doing astrology, that his great grandfather taught Muslim King Rahim Khankana ji astrology. He said that their are Mayur yoga, Garuda Yogas, etc calculation in his possession which counteract\cancellation of various sarp yogas including Kal-sarp yogas. 

I will try to get some from him. :)

  • Krishna Kumar Bagri Veejay Goel ji This is a wonderful reference.......You have provided which is a Slap on thoe Idiot Astrologers who always like to catch limelight by negating what their ancestors believed in.
  • Krishna Kumar Bagri I have read the Garud Puraana but never came across this. probably because I read the Sankshipt (Abridged Version) Version.
  • Krishna Kumar Bagri Please repost it as a Documented File in the Group for Permanenet Record...
  • Krishna Kumar Bagri Now some people will cast aspersions on the validity of Garud Puraana itself. Such people should be ignored and one must not waste time on such creatures on Earth...
  • Veejay Goel Thankyou.. It is due to blessing we are able to have this proof which were ignored by large number of astrologers.
  • Krishna Kumar Bagri All this Research and Documentations will help the Genuine Seekers and Believers of Vedic Astrology and our Culture, in time to come.


    I was having this proof from atleast two years back but today on Naraka Chaturdasi on the occasion of Diwali , i felt that it should be made public.

    Best Wishes,

    Vijay Goel
    Vedic astrologer and Vastu consultant

    Discussion on Kaal sarpha Yoga\dosha

    August 20, 2012 at 7:27pm
      • Discussion on Kaal sarpha Yoga\dosha : (Dated 20th Aug 12, Jyotish Ganga forum)

      • Veejay Goel यहाँ काल सर्प योग बहुत ही महत्पूर्ण गुण का उदय करता है ! इंसान जिस कि कुंडली में यहाँ होता है उस में "संगर्ष" कि शमता अपार होती है , वो जुजारु होता है , अपनी मेहनत से इच्छा पूर्ति करने में सक्षम होता है, चाहे कोई भी तरह का काल सर्प योग हो ! इसलिए बहुत से जातक जिन्होंने अपार उपलब्धि प्राप्त होती है उन के कुंडली में भी होता है , वो इंसान किसी के भरोसे जिंदगी नहीं जीते , अपने बल पर जीते है :))

      जीत या हार अलग बात है :)

    • Prafulla Gang
      Goel sahib - a fundamental question to which each astrologer differ. If destiny is so dreaded for KSY (person getting dreadful diseases - what can man's desire and hardwork do). So my rephrased query - what is parakram. if only hard work is
      parakram - then labor gets only 200 rs per day; or a person in job gets fixed income only irrespective of his hard work and determination. BTW - Free will is not parakram and also - please note that - rahu / ketu gripping chart (or afflicting a chart) denies any free will - native has strong predestined results. So I request you to help me in understanding Parakram and also how does rahu/ketu help in free will?
      51 minutes ago · Like

    • Prafulla Gang
      Aadmi ki shadi hogi ya nahi; baccha hoga ya nahi; kab bimari aayegi; kab thiq hogi; kab uska murder hoga ya maut hogi; kab naukri milegi ya jayegi and so on..for each houses one may refer and if any person can explain that how does hard wor
      k and determination to achieve desired results. I request learned members to read famous management story on Great scientist Einsten on destiny / free will. It is part of case studies in management school including Horward.
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    • Veejay Goel

      Prafulla Gang sir,
      Rahu is main Karaka for Prakrama as it gets exalted like status in Mithuna rasi which is 3H and Kanya (some text says) which is in 6H.
      Kumbha rasi is own Rasi which is 11H in Kalpurush Kundli.
      Rahu is the main karaka for free-will.
      Now in Kal Sarpa Yoga or Dosha, 'Parakrama' or i said "संगर्ष" is the main focus of the chart. संगर्ष करने कि समता कूट कूट कर भरी होगी !
      All other delineation from kaal Sarp Yoga is futile.
      The resultant effect of prakrama should be delineated from other factors of horoscope
    • Prafulla Gang
      many thanks. BUT what is parakram. is it just courage, determination, hardwork. I strongly differ on rahu as karaka for parakram in 3rd house. Rahu may be good in 3rd house, but if rahu / ketu are stronly gripping the chart - it afflcits -
      doesn't boost the chart - be any bhava or be with any planet. BTW Our famous mauni baba - Dr Man Mohan Sign has 3rd house rahu in kumbha (as per charts available on net - not sure as to if it is correct chart data though)
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    • Prafulla Gang If "संगर्ष" or in simple english - struggle is the destiny then we may perceive man having strength to struggle. Truth is that he struggles and success is delayed - if we translate into destiny. Though my comment may not be moral booster for the nativities.
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    • Veejay Goel Courage, entrepreneurship could be the most appropriate word.
      which gives birth to word 'struggle' to fulfill one wishes.32 minutes ago · Like

    • Veejay Goel3H = courage, 6H= struggle, 11H = desire fulfilled.
      This is where rahu dominates. :) We must note that Rahu is shadowy planets so roles of other planets are important.
    • Prafulla Gang ha ha sir ji - we are back to square. If struggle and then delayed results is the destiny - then how does it promote parakram. Parakram - astrologically speaking is different. it has much more attributes than simply courage. Entrepreneurshi
      p is very different term than parakram. A warrior working in King's army may be brave but it doesn't promote his self -'individuality' for Entrepreneurship. Astrologers may swear by his fortified 3rd house.

    • Veejay Goel

      ‎\\If struggle and then delayed results is the destiny - then how does it promote parakram. \\
      i am not saying this....
      Sir, Destiny is ruled by Jupiter and 9H.
      If these houses are strong person will have good destiny and further if there is also Kaal sarpha yoga than person will definitely succeed as he is courageous and has good risk taking capacity and further supported by good destiny.

      We cannot mix all together. :(
      thanks 25 minutes ago · Like · 3

    • Prafulla Gang
      Goel sahib - you mentioned "संगर्ष - connected with hard work and determination. If rahu / ketu in 3rd house then it can't influence 6th by aspect - or vice versa. Can it? we have moved from KSY - and influence of rahu/ketu by implication.
      Kisi bhi cheej ko kisi se bhi connect kardo - at least I do not concur with it. May be i am asking wrong questions or not understanding perhaps at some other time, when I am destined.
      23 minutes ago · Like

      Best Wishes,

      Vijay Goel
      Vedic astrologer and Vastu consultant


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