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Why 9H is considered for second Marriage

Why 9H is considered for second Marriage ? [FAQ]
I have said many times, before venturing into any a yoga given in our classics, we must know our culture thoroughly.
In Hindu sastra their is NO OPTION for DIVORCE. The promise made in '7 phere' [सात फेरे ] is till death relationship, than getting divorce from court does not end once's promise; only acts as a betrayal of promise by both.
3H is younger ones, younger means 'Born after', therefore 9H is 3H to 7H is second marriage.
I hope it will help..
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  • Bhagavathi Hariharan In that case, 9H should represent younger sibling of spouse
  • Sachin Malhotra It is a very debatable subject as most of the astrologers don't take 9th house for second marriage. They give following reasoning's behind this..
    1. It is not necessary that the second wife or second relationship will be with the younger sister of firs
    t spouse/wife.
    2. If we take the ninth house for second marriage than how we can describe the qualities or attributes of second wife? Will she be just like the father of native as the 9th house also denote father?
    3. In case of children it seems logical that 7th house should be taken for the second child as he or she is the younger one of the first child which comes from the 5th house. The second child may get the attributes of spouse and likewise the third child may get the attributes of grandparents as it should be seen from the 9th house only.
  • Veejay Goel As soon i will get free, will reply
  • Udit Shrivastava the second wife or second relationship perhaps is spposed to be something similar to the younger sister for first spouse/wife.
    even if first spouse/wife does not treat the new-comer as a younger sibling, the husband [the native marrying for second time] or the society would have this feeling or treatment towards the second-spuse
  • Harshwardhan K Kulkarni goel ji you hv stated 3rd from 7th why not 7th from 7th.question is why 3 from why not 7 from 7
  • Veejay Goel Just one hypothetical question to Bhagavathi Hariharan Ji and Sachin Malhotra Ji,

    suppose a person due to demise of his spouse marries elder sibling of the spouse as second marriage. Than which house you will consider, how you will justify this situaton through houses..
  • Balram Kumar if we dont consider above.... whats the role of bhavat bhavam? it will loose its efficacy.....
  • Vidit Jain That is why in KP this is very simple. See it from 2nd house The end of 7th house is 8th from it and one end is another beginning ...
  • Veejay Goel Vidit Jain Ji, First shri KSK never meant as per your conclusion for 2H.... secondly let forget KP for a while here..
  • Vidit Jain Ok sir bhool gaye
  • Balram Kumar 5th house for progeny and also for grandfather.... then what about features of dada and pota ???? it may be or may not be same.... but bhavas remain the same for both.....
  • Veejay Goel Therefore both have immense love for each other
  • Balram Kumar 7th house for spouse and also grandmother.... on the similar lines.... we must not discard anything before giving serious and sincere deliberations on it..... unless we will find ourselves contradicting manhy ways...
  • BK Kumar Vijay Goyal Sahab, I must appreciate your deep understanding of the subject. Really, in the past there was no concept of divorce.
    The case of second marriage may be considered from one or many view points. In the past, usually people used to derive that the compulsion of second marriage arises after demise of first wife/ spouse. Now, scenario is different. People go for divorce and do one after another marriage. For me the case of more than one marriage seem to be a condition of plurality of sex or relationship or physical union. I do not discard those views which suggest considering 2nd house or 6th House or 5th House. They may have reasons based on past trends.

    For understanding the plurality of sex (within marriage or out of marriage), the role of Kaam Trikon of House of Union (7H) comes in play, if we want to consider house only. From 7H, its Kama trine is 9H (3rd), 1H (7th) and 5H (11th).

    However, planet or sign has also role. Secondly, some people believe that third position from a house is the house of plurality of the house. This concept is employed in assessing Progeny prospect and its plurality in the 7th House and 9th House. Likewise, some people suggest to consider first profession from 10th House and second from 12th House and so on.
  • Veejay Goel \\some people believe that third position from a house is the house of plurality of the house.\\

    Plurality of the house is considered from 3H as well as 11H.

    11H relates plurality in those matter before own existence (1H).
    3H relates plurality after existence and in term of human relations , 11H is elder siblings and 3H is younger siblings.
    But primarily house of siblings will be always 3H, the condition of 3H will tell the relations with all siblings, older or younger..
    similarly if 7H indicates more than one marriage [for whatever reasons] than 9H will represent the new coming (born) or second event of marriage, it will always younger to first marriage..

    I hope i am clear...

    Extending the same concept, 11H from 7H is 5H, which represent marriage of past that is before of present existence.. therefore Rishis clearly mentions that love affairs come from past birth relationships.

    This is what have able to understand through blessings of seniors and elders....
  • Balram Kumar i know a lady from bihar...she re-married to younger bro of his husband after the sudden demise of his husband.... but unfortunately i dont have her birth details... since she was working in my i know this fact.... last year she had a baby and now has gone on leave....
  • Sachin Malhotra Veejay Goel ji - I think we should look for the second marriage thing as per Hindu Astrology Classics. As far as i know there is no clear mention about it. Some astrologers take the 9th house and some take the 2nd house for second marriage. But is there any base of it in some Hindu Astrology classic be it Parasharia or Nadi ?
  • Veejay Goel 2H is extension of family member and 9H is second marriage...
    Even for First marriage 2H can be considered.

    Dear Sachin Malhotra Ji ..i hope i am clear..
  • Veejay Goel Without the consent of 9H, Dasa \ transit will not give second marriage.

    This i have observed in majority of cases..
    Rest all can test the rule...
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    • Krishna Kumar Bagri In Older days it was custom that if Ones Wife died due to any reasons, the younger sister was married to the Man, hence the 9th which is the 3rd from the 7th, was taken in considerations for the 2nd marriage. I may be wrong, but does not matter, I stick to my belief about this for the ancient times...Today however it is a different scenario.

    • BK Kumar Very Correct Sir.

    • Sanjeev Ranjan Mishra Traditionally 9th house is considered for second marriage –because there was a convention to marry the younger sister of wife.
      9th house is considered for second marriage when it takes place after the death of first wife [second wife is not enemy or competitor].
      But when one marriage second time leaving his first wife [after enmity or dispute]–2nd marriage is considered from 12th house –6th [enemy from seventh].
      But if one marriage to get progeny with the consent of wife and family –in this case also marriage is considered from 9th house.
      Further if in a society multiple marriage is allowed [is norm or legal] like in Muslims second marriage from 9th, 3ed from 11th [and so on] should be considered.


      Best Wishes
      Vijay Goel


Bala Krishna said...

Here are the details of a woman in our office who got maried to younger brother of husband after untimely demise of the husband. Date: 23-01-1986, time: 12:30 pm

Bala Krishna said...

place being sonipat

Bala Krishna said...


jyo astro said...

In days of multiple marriage, second wife was akin to younger sister of first wife so 3H from 7H was used for second marriage. In present day situation, when second marriage is done after loss of first wife, we need to take 8th house from 7th. This is given in Utter-Kalamrit by Kalidas.

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