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What is Bhava

What is 'Bhava'

September 14, 2012 at 1:06pm
'Bhava' means expressions, emotions..

I was having satsang with my spiritual master Swami Sri Madhavanand ji.
While having conversation on Muldhara and Swadisthan Chakra..
he said that Bhava is basically the energy between 'Mann' and 'Indriyas'. It is the energy which flows from Mann to Indriyas than vice versa.
Independently when that energy is in between the mann and indriyas.. that is bhava.... In that Bhava state person realises images of gods and lives with them.. This stage is impermanent and changes very fast but few sadhakas  are able to prolong this Bhava states. For eg Paramhansa RamKrishna use to move in Samadhi of Kali or in complete Bhava of mother for many many hours, ie neither in sense nor in mann but in pure bhava of mother.
[Mann \ मन = mind and indriyas \ इन्द्रिय  = senses.]


What i conclude that :
Astrologically Moon denotes Mind and Venus denotes Senses. Bhava is independent of these two identities although it is Jal tattva and has the properties of Moon and Venus.

This independent identity is shown by 'Bhava Chart'.

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