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Transit rule over 8L by Chandra Kala Nadi

Transit rule over 8L by Chandra Kala Nadi

February 27, 2013 at 8:53am
Chandra Kala Nadi.

S)…qyaeg< gte mNde tÄÑavivnaznm!
ÉavaiÉv&iÏmaßaeit yaejyet! kalivÄm>.  [font sanskrit99]

Meaning: Compute the Dreshkaana, Navamsa & Dwadasamsa position of the 8th lord from any bhava. When Saturn transits through these signs, the bhava shall be destroyed. When Jupiter transits through them, the bhava shall florish.


As paper shared by Ashutosh Kumar ji based on the teachings by local Pundit ji to him.

Step-1 takes 8th lord of D1
Step 2 8th lord of D1 where placed in D12
Step 3 when ever Rahu influences D12 where 8th lord of D1 is placed bad period of native has to face.

An exception should be noted here that if Saturn will be the lord of 8th from Lagna then one should see the position of it in D12. Whenever Rahu is placed 3rd or 10th from Saturn in D12, fatal the period will be for the native.

The same method is written in ancient text. It has been used extensively by few astrologers in D9. But here we have to consider transit of Rahu in D12 chart, which is right method.

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Vijay Goel
Vedic astrologer and Vastu consultant

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